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officer directly took off his girdle, power, or to revenge their disgrace, and advancing towards the rebel it was resolved to folicit the Baharwith it in his right hand, whilit nagash (John Akay, then in rebelhe held out to him his left, said, lion) to take them under his pro“ Fellow soldier, give me your te&tion. This man approving the weapon, and follow me!" which scheme, they eluded their guards in he immediately did, without any the night, and made their escape to reply, and with an air of the moit Addicota. It was not, however, humble submission.

long before he found how little de

pendence there was upon this new INSTANCE

protector; for, in the midft of all his schemes, he received orders to

remove from Addicota, under preWHEN Pyrrhus, king of Epirus, tence that they were not there was on his march towards Rome, enough in safety; and Akay transambassadors were sent to him to ferred them vexatiously from place treat about the ransom or exchange to place, into hot and unwholesome of prisoners; and the virtuous Fa- fituations, always under the same bricius, still poor, though placed in pretence, till he had destroyed their the highest rank, was one of the healths, and exhausted their Itrength embassy. The money which was and patience. offered him by Pyrrhus, only served There is but one way of disposing to thew his contempt for riches. such people to grant a favour, and Cyneas was one day explaining to it was surprising the patriarch did him the principles of the fect of not find this out sooner. Jerome the Epicureans, which he professed, Lobo was sent with a small present when the Roman exclaimed “0 in gold, defiring they might have ye Gods, may such be the doctrine leave to continue in their old habifollowed by our enemies, while they tation, Addicota. Lobo found John are at war with Rome!"

Akay very much taken up in a purIt is also added, that when Pyrrhus fuit that some ignorant monks had invited him to come and settle in his put into his head. They had made court, where he promised to raise him believe that there was a treasure him to the highest honours-“ Į hid under a certain mountain which would by no means recommend it they had fhewn him, but that the to you,”? replied he; “ for when devil, who guarded it, had conftantyour subjects know me, they will ly hindered his predecessors from prefer me for their king!"

acquiring it. At present they had

found out, that this devil had gone ACCOUNT

a journey far off, was become blind and lame, and was, besides, in very

great affliction for the death of a sion, TO DISCOVER A HIDDEN

fin, the only hopes of his devilship’s

family, having now only a daughter [From Bruce's Annals of Abyssinia.]

remaining, very ugly, lame, fquintTHE Alexandrian faith being ing, and lickly, and that all these restored about the commencement reasons would hinder him from of the reign of Facilidas, the fuc- being very anxious about his treaceffor of Socinios, the Romish pa- fure. But, even fuppofing he did triarch and his priests were banished come, they had an old monk that to Fremona; where, after various would exorcise him, a man as emipriestly plots either to regain their nent for wisdom as for fanctity.




In short, they produced a monk, permitted by an inhuman judge, to one of their brethren, above a hun- use a pen or pencil on the occasion, dred years old, whom they mounted And many years after, when she was upon a horse, then tied him to the in a very advanced age, her two animal, wrapping him round with daughters, the duchesses of Bedford black wool, which, it seems, was the and Devonshire, happening to lie in conjuring habit. He was followed just at the same time, one of them by a black cow and some monks, died in child-bed ; and the afflicted who carried beer, hydromel, and mother being a few days afterwards roasted wheat, which was neceflary, with her only surviving daughter, it seemed, to refresh the devil after was strictly questioned by her as to his long journey and great affliction, the health of her lifter, of whose and put him in good homour, if he fate the had fome fufpicion; when fhould appear.

this venerable and heroic woman, The old monk fung without calling forth all her strength of ceasing, the workmen wrought vi- mind, to prevent the shock which gorously, and much earth and stones must have been particularly dan. were removed ; at last they disco. gerous at such a period, assumed a vered some rat, mice, or mole holes, imile, and said, “Make yourself at the fight of which a cry of joy was easy, my dear, I have kifled your heard from all the parties present. fifter, out of bed to day.” This was

The old monk sings again ; the literally true, for she had kissed her cow is brought in great hurry, and in her coffin. facrificed, and pieces of it thrown to the rats and mice: again they fall to THE TRIUMPH OF ECONOMY: work with double keenness, the mole

[Sent by J, S. a new Correspondent.] holes vanish, and a hard rock appears. This being the last obstacle,

WHEN the collection was making they fall keenly upon the rock, and to build Bethlem Hospital, those who the old monk chants till he is hoarfe were employed to gather donations with singing; the heat of the sun is for that purpose, went to a small exceffive; no gold appears ; John house, the door of which being half Akay loses his patience, and asks open, they overheard an old man, when it may be feen? The monks the master, scolding his servant lay the whole blame upon him, be- maid, for having thrown away a cause, they say, he had not enough match without using its both ends, of faith. They give over work, After diverting themselves some with one consent fall to eating the time with the dispute, they precow, and then disperse.

sented theinselves before the old gentleman, and explained the cause

of their coming; though, from ANECDOTE

what had just passed, they enter,

tained very little, if any, hopes of NO woman ever united more real success. The supposed Gripe, how. fortitude with so much tenderness ever, no sooner understood the busiand feeling, as this illustrious cha- ness, than he stept into a closet, racter.

from whence he brought a bag, and She was the most affectionate of counted out four hundred guineas, stives; and had fufficient strength which he generously gave them. of mind to take the proceedings at No astonishment could exceed that the trial of her illustrious husband, of the collectors, at this unexpected lord Ruffel; no other person being reverse of their expectations ; they




loudly testified their furprise ; and ried him off. The next day the scrupled not to inform the old man captain made his report to the king that they had overheard his quarrel of the escape, and Frederic, who with the girl. “Gentlemen,” said pretended to be greatly incensed he," your furprise is occasioned by against him, ordered him to be a thing of very little consequence. put under arreft during four and I keep house, and save or spend twenty hours. money my own way; the first fur. nilhes me with the means of doing BRITISH INTREPIDITY. the other. With regard to bene. factions, and donations, you may the harbour of Alexandria, in the

SOME English sailors being in always expect most from prudent Mediterranean, formed a strange people, who keep their own ace counts.” When he had thus spoken, design of drinking a can of grog on


top he begged they would quit his house

of the column, called Pomwithout the smallest ceremony; to pey's Pillar, which is a fea mark to prevent which, he fut the door; that harbour, in the manner of the not thinking half so much of the Eddistone on the coait of Devonfour hundred guineas, which he had shire, but vastly higher, and with

out any access whatever. The boat just given away, as of the match which had been carelessly thrown

was got out, and with proper impleinto the fire.

ments for the attempt, they pushed

to the shore. When arrived at the ANECDOTE

spot, many contrivances were made ule of, but in vain, and they began

to despair of success. The tar who A CAPTAIN, named So, hav- propoled the frolic, ran to the city, ing unfortunately killed another offi- from whence he brought a boy's cer in a duel, was taken and carried paper kite, which was fown directto the main guard. Frederic could ly over the pillar, and by means of not prevent his trial according to which a cord was carried quite over the laws; and, therefore, he was the top. This accomplished, a rope condemned to die. This prince, was then drawn over, and one of who liked the captain because he the seamen from thence ascended to was a brave man, wished to save the top, where being arrived, others him, and secretly infinuated to the were handed to him by the same officers, his friends, that he should conveyance, and in little more than not be forry to see the prisoner an hour a regular set of shrouds was escape. Every thing was prepared erected, by which the whole comaccordingly for the flight; and, to pany went up, and drank their facilitate it, Frederic fent for the beverage, amidít the shouts of fecaptain that day on guard, and said veral thousand people collected to unto him, " ID


luffer S to see what they termed a miracle, as escape to-night, rest aflured that you no one had before been known to Thall be put under an arreit for four have seen the top of that stupendous and twenty hours." The officer un edifice, which overtops the highest derstood the king's meaning, and, buildings of the city, and is estie towards midnight, invited the pri- mated at from forty to fifty yards foner to take the air before the height. This circumstance occurred guard-house. His friends, who were about ten years fince; and the at a little distance with a chaise, Turks to this day have a record of approached, told him of the pre- it, which, translated into English, parations they had inade, and care fignifies the Mad-cap Experiment.





This kingdom is hereditary in one family, but does not descend in course to the eldest son, the election of the particular prince being in the

[From Bruce's Travels.]



conducted by magic; and we leems to resemble that of their may see to what point the human neighbours in Abyssinia. understanding is debased in the dis- When the king of Gingiro dies, tance of a few leagues. Let no man the body of the deceased is wrapped say that ignorance is the cause, or in a fine cloth, and a cow is killed. heat of climate, which is the unin- They then put the body fo wrapped telligible observation generally made up into the cow's skin. As soon as on these occasions. For why should this is over, all the princes of the heat of climate addict a people to royal family fly and hide themi selves magic more than cold ? or, why in the bushes; while others, infhould ignorance enlarge a man's trusted with the election, enter into powers, so that, overleaping the the thickets, beating every where bounds of common intelligence, it about as if looking for game. should extend his faculty of con- last a bird of prey, called in their versing with a new set of beings in country Liber, appears, and hovers another world ? The Ethiopians, over the person destined to be king, who nearly surround Abyssinia, are crying and making a great noise blacker than those of Gingiro, their without quitting his station. By country hotter, and are, like them, this means the person destined to be an indigenous people that have been, elected is found, surrounded, as is from the beginning, in the same reported, by tigers, lions, panthers, part where they now inhabit. Yet and such like wild beasts. This is the former neither adore the devil, imagined to be done by magic, or nor pretend to have a communi. the devil, else there are every where cation with him : they have no hu- enough of these beasts lying in the man facrifices, nor are there any cover to furnish materials for such a traces of such enormities having pre- tale, without having recourse to the vailed among them. A communi- power of magic to assemble them. cation with the sea has been always As they find their king, then, like open, and the slave-trade prevalent a wild beast, so his behaviour contifrom the earliest times ; while the nucs the same after he is found. He king of Gingiro, fhut up in the flies upon them with great rage, heart of the continent, facrifices resisting to the last, wounding and 'those Naves to the devil which he killing all he can reach without has no opportunity to fell to man, any consideration, till, overcome by For at Gingiro begins that accursed force, he is dragged to a throne, custom of making the shedding of which he fills in a manner perfectly human blood a necessary part in all corresponding to the rationality of solemnities. How far to the south- the ceremonies of his inftalment. ward this reaches I do not know; Although there are many that but I look upon this to be the geo- have a right to feek after this king, graphical bounds of the reign of the yet, when he is discovered, it does devil on the north side of the equator not follow, that the same person who in the peninfula of Africa. finds him fhould carry hiin to his



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Coronation ; for there is a family footmen and dogs, they all fingly,
who have a right to dispute this or several together, according to the
honour with the first poffeffor ; and, size of the beast, or as strength and
therefore, in his way from the wood, ability in managing their horses ad-
they set upon the people in whose mit, attack the animal upon the
hands he is, and a battle ensues, plain with long pikes or spears, or
where several are killed or wounded; two javelins in their hands. The
and if these last, by force, can take king, unless very young, fits
him out of the hands of the first horieback on a rising ground, sur-
finder, they enjoy all the honours rounded by the graver fort, who
due to him that made him king. point out to him the names of those

Before he enters his palace two of the nobility that are happy enough
men are to be flain ; one at the foot to distinguish themselves in his fight.
of the tree by which his house is The merit of others is known by re-
chiefly supported ; the other at the port.
threshold of his door, which is Each young man brings before
besmeared with the blood of the the king's tent, as a trophy, a part
victim. And, it is said, (I have of the beast he has slain; the head
heard this often in Abyssinia from and skin of a lion or leopard ; the
people coming from that country) scalp or horns of a deer ; the private
that the particular family, whose parts of an elephant; the tail of a
privilege it is to be flaughtered, fo buffalo, or the horn of a rhinoceros.
far from avoiding it, glory in the The great trouble, force, and time
occasion, and offer themselves will. necessary to take out the teeth of the
ingly to meet it.

elephant, feldom make them ready

to be presented with the rest of the AMUSEMENTS OF THE ABYSSINIAI

spoils ; fire, too, is necessary for KINGS, ON THEIR FIRST ACCES

loosing them from the jaw. The head of a boar is brought stuck upon

a lance; but is not touched, as be. [From the same Work.]

ing unclean. IT has been a constant practice The elephant's teeth are the king's with the kings of Abytiinia to make perquifites. Of these round ivory a public hunting-match the first ex- rings are turned for bracelets, and a pedition of their reign. On these quantity of them always brought by occasions, the king, attended by all him to be distributed among the most the great officers of state, whose me- deserving in the field, and kept ever rit and capacity are already acknow. afier as certificates of gallant behaledged, reviews his young nobility, viour. Nor is this mark attended who all appear to the best advantage with honour alone. Any man who as to arms, horses, and equipage, fhall from the king, queen-regent, with the greatest number of servants or governor of a province, receive and attendants. The scene of this so many of these rings as shall cover hunting is always in the Kolia, his arm down to his wrist, appears crowded with an immense num- before the twelve judges on a cere ber of the largest and fiercest wild tain day, and there, laying down beasts, elephants, rhinoceros, lions, his arm with these rings upon it, the leopards, panthers, and buffaloes king's cook breaks every one in its fiercer than thein all, wild boars, turn with a kind of kitchen-cleaver, wild asses, and many varieties of the whereupon the judges give him a deer kind.

certificate, which proves that he is As soon as the game is roured, entitled to a territory, whose reveand forced out of the wood by the nue muft exceed twenty ounces of VOL. II.




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