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at the river side where they were, that liveth shall be meat for you;
they had prepared a cataplasm of even as the green herb have I given
clay, with which they covered the you all things."
wound ; they then forced the ani- In the capital, where one is safe
mal to ritë, and drove it on before from surprize at all times, or in the
them, to furnish thein with a fuller country or villages, when the raius
meal when they should meet their have become so constant that the
companions in the evening.

valleys will not bear a horse to pass It must be from prejudice alone, them, or that men cannot venture says Mi, Bruce, that we condemn far from home, through fear of be. the eating of raw flesh; no precept, ing surrounded and swept away by divine or human, forbids it; and if temporary torrents, occasioned by it be true, as later travellers have sudden showers on the mountains; discovered, that there are nations in a word, when a man can say he ignorant of the use of fire, any law is safe at hume, and the spear and against eating raw flesh could never field are hung up in the hall, a have been intended by God as ob- number of people of the best fashion ligatory upon mankind in general. in the villages, of both sexes, courAt any rate, it is certainly not clear- tiers in the palace, or citizens in the ly known, whether the eating raw town, meet together to dine between, flesh was not an earlier and more twelve and one o'clock. A long general practice than by preparing table is set in the middle of a large it with fire ; many wise and learned room, and benches beside it for a men have doubled, whether it was number of guests who are invited. at firit permitted to man to eat ani- Tables and benches the Portugueze mal food at all. God, the author introduced amongst them; but bulle of life, and the best judge of what hides, spread upon the ground, was proper to maintain it, gave this served them before, as they now do regimen to our first parents—“ Be. in the camp and country. A cow hold, I have given you every herb or bull, one or more, as the combearing seed, which is upon the face pany is numerous, is brought close of all the earth, and every tree, in to the door, and his feet strongly the which is the fruit of a tree tied. The skin that hangs down yielding seed: to you it shall be under his chin and throat is cut only for meat,

And though, immedi. so deep as to arrive at the fat, of ately after, he inentions both beaits which it totally 'confiits, and, by and fowls, and every thing that the feparation of a few small bloodcreepeth upon the earth, he does veffels, fix or seven drops of blood not lay that he has designed any of only fall upon the ground. They these as meat for man. On the have no stone, bench, nor altar upon contrary, he seems to have intended which these cruel affalsins lay the the vegetable creation as food for animal's head in this operation. Mr. both man and beast- ." And to every Bruce begs his pardon indeed for beast of the earth, and to every fowl calling him an aflaflin, as he is not of the air, and to every thing that fo merciful as to aiin at the life, creepeth upon the earth, wherein bur, on the contrary, to keep the there is life, I have given every green béait alive till he be nearly eaten herb for meat: and it was fo. Af- up. ITaving satisfied the Mofaical ter the flood, when mankind began law, according to his conception, by to repossess the earth, God gave pouring these fix or seven drops Noah a much more extensive per- upon the ground, two or more of miffion.

Every moving thing them fall to work on the back of VOL. II.



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the beast, and on each side of the beef-steak in England, while you see spine they cut skin-deep; then put- the motion of the fibres yet perfectting their fingers between the Aesh ly distinct and alive in the flesh. and the skin, they begin to strip the No man in Abyffinia, of any fafhion hide of the animal half way down whatever, feeds himself, or touches his ribs, and so on to the buttock, his own meat. The women take cutting the skin wherever it hinders the steak and cut it length-ways like them commodiously to strip the poor strings, about the thickness of a animal bare. All the flesh on the little finger, then cross-ways into buttocks is then cut off, and in solid square pieces, fomewhất smaller square pieces, without bones, or than dice. This they lay upon a much effufion of blood; and the piece of the teff bread, strongly prodigious noise the animal makes powdered with black pepper, or is a signal for the company to fit Cayenne pepper, and foffile-falt; down to table.

they then wrap it up in teff bread There are then laid before every like a cartridge. guest, instead of plates, round cakes, In the mean time, the man hav. if they may be so called, about ing put up his knife, with each hand twice as big as a pancake, and some resting upon his neighbour's knee, what thicker and tougher. It is his body stooping, his head low and unleavened bread, of a fourish taste, forward, and mouth open very like far from being disagreeable, and an idiot, he turns to the one whofc very easily digested, made of a grain cartridge is first ready, who stuffs the *called teff. It is of different colours, whole of it into his mouth, which from black to the colour of the is so full, that hè is in constant danwhitest wheat-bread, Three or four ger of being choaked. This is a of these cakes are generally put up- mark of grandeur. The greater the permoft, for the food of the person man would seem to be, the larger opposite to whose seat they are piece he takes in his mouth; and placed. Beneath these are four or the more noise he makes in chewing five of ordinary bread, and of a it, the more polite he is thought to blackish kind. These serve the ma- be. They have, indeed, a proverb fter 'to wipe his fingers upon, and that says, “ Beggars and thieves afterwards the servant for bread to only cat finall pieces, or without his dinner. Two or three servants making a noise." Having dispatchthen come, each with a square piece ed this morsel,, which he does very of beef in their bare hands, laying expeditiously, his next female neighit upon the cakes of teff, placed like bour holds forth another cartridge, dishes down the table, without cloth which goes the same way, and so on or any thing else beneath them. till he is satisfied. He never drinks By this time all the guests have till he has finished eating; and, be. knives in their hands, and their men fore he begins, in gratitude to the have the large crooked ones, which fair ones that fed him, he makes up they pút to all sorts of uses during two finall rolls of the same kind and the time of war. The women have form; each of his neighbours open small clasped knives, such as the their mouths at the same time, 'worst of the kind made at Birming, while with each hand he put their ham, sold for a penny each. The portion into their mouths. He then company are so ranged that one man falls to drinking out of a large hand. fits between two women; the man some born; the ladies eat till they with his long knife cuts a thin piece, are fatisfied, and then all drink towhich would be thought a good gether. A great deal of mirth and


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