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did not deny being in the place menti- that none might be used, or fent upon oned, and said the accident might have service, whole quality and goodness had happened from something in his pocket. not previously been ascertained. Among

A washerwoman swore positively, that the number collected on this occafion, The had been cut, some time since, in were some old foreign guns, so exceedHolborn, by the prisoner; the had re- ingly rough and uneven in the bore, ceived two wounds, one in the thigh, from the great length of time they had and the other across the breast. She remained out of ule, as to render it imwas positive in identifying him, as he practicable to introduce the powder knocked a balket off her head, and stood without a ladle ; and the same obstacle with the utmost composure to look at occurred with respect to several of the her, which gave her an opportunity of fhot, which could only be driven close examining his person. Mrs. Foster to the powder with considerable exertion gave a very strong and circumftantial and difficulty. The gun (a French testimony again the prisoner ; fke lwore twenty pounder) from which the accir positively to his person, and that he had dent took place was of this description. stabbed her in the thigh. Miss Wheeler The men stationed at it had made every faid, she had often seen the prisoner, effort in vain to get the shot down, when and had been grossly insulted by him captain Willison, who was confpicu at Ranelagh lalt summer, whilft

waiting oudy exact in seeing that every gun to be for a carriage. A servant girl depoled, proved was properly loaded, urged them that, some time since, a man prelented to a second attempi, himself aslifting in to her an artificial nosegay, and desired guiding the rammer, while the men her to smell to it; which having re- were employed in forcing down the fused, he presented it to her again, thot. Unluckily, this last effort in part and, with a harp instrument which succeeded, and the shot in its progress was confined in it, gave her a violent struck against fome inflammable subcut under one of her eyes. This woman fance, which produced fire by the colwas shockingly

disfigured. She thought lilion, that communicated to the charge, he was the perfon, but would not swear though apparently secured against sucha pofitively to him, as three other fellows

an accident, from having over it a were in the company of the villain who thick clofe wad. The explosion which had wounded her.

immediately followed, threw captain The prisoner was, after another ex- Willison to the distance of about twelve amination, finally committed to New- yards, dreadfully burnt and mangled, gate.

and also wounded the four mon at the NATURAL HISTORY.

rammer, who were all so scorched, as to At Amesbury, lately, á game hen, add greatly to the horror of the scene, having thirteen chickens, about fix The captain bore his fate with astonishdays old, by striking at a dog, killed ing composure, and, to the moment of herself. The chickens were immedin his diffolution, shewed a magnanimity ately put to another hen, who had seven and firmness of mind that did honour of her own about the same age, and the to his character. He died about two consequence was, that the beat them all o'clock the same day, greatly regretted off; upon which a game cock gene by his corps. roully took the whole twenty under his care, and calls, feeds, and hives them

Monday the 7th, the parishioners of with the utmost attention.

Epworth, near Thorne, were much ACCIDENT.

alarmed by the death of a boy about fix A most melancholy accident hapo years of age, happening in the poorpened at Madras, on the 11th of Janu- house; seven of a family in the house ary last, at the proof of cannon on the being all affected in the same manner, inland, by which captain Willison, a with a violent vomiting, attended with very respectable officer of the first bat. a heat in the stomach. A surgeon betalion of artillery, lost his life, and four ing fent for, suspected that some poison Europeans of the same corps were le had been mixed with their food, as they verely wounded. It had been recom- were taken ill after eating some cake the mended to government to have all the preceding Saturday: and the circuina guns in the garrison of every kind proved, Itance of a cock which run in the poor


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house yard that morning being found her body. The remainder of the people poisoned, increased the fulpicion. Mon- who had partaken of the poison, are day night another of the family (Jane likely to recover, Storr) died; and on Tuesday morning

DEATHS OF EMINENT MEN. the coroner held an inquisition over the two bodies, which were opened by two The 28th of May, at his house in turgeons: in the stomach of the boy Privy-gardens, George Montagu, duke nothing was found sufficient to lub- of Montagu; marquis Monthermer, ftantiate the suspicion of his being earl of Cardigan, baron Brudenell of poisoned; but in that of Jane Stori Stanton Wivil, and baron Montagu of were observed fmall bits of white Boughton, master of the horse to the arsenic, and the stomach was corroded king, governor and captain of Windsor and much inflamed. The jury brought Castle, lord-lieutenant of the county of in a verdict of natural death of the boy; Huntingdon, president of St. Luke's and the woman dying by means of poi- Hospital, vice-president of St. George's son adminiltered by a person or persons Holpital, and president of the society unknown. In the course of the ex- for the encouragement of arts, F.R.S. amination of witnesses, a woman de baronet, and knight of the most noble posed that one Mary Pilsworth, one of orders of the Garter and Bath. the family in the poor-house, had de- On the 17th of April the great Dr. fired her about a fortnight before to Franklin closed his earthly career, at procure her some white arsenic, but eighty-four and three months, at Phithat the refused. On examining Mary ladelphia. Every possible mark of rePilsworth, Me declared, ne had been so spect has been paid to his memory by frequently ill-treated by the mistress of his grateful and affectionate fellow cia the poor- house, that if Mhe could have got tizens. poifon, she would have poisoned herfcif; His will has been opened. He has for that he was tired of living, Thurs- lefų two handsome legacies to the cities day morning Robert Storr died; and on of Boston and Philadelphia, and the rest Friday an inquisition was taken on his of his estate to his daughter and grand. body, which being opened, his stomach daughter. was found nearly in the same state as Three days before he died, he begged that of his wife, containing also a small that his bed might be made, that he quantity of white arsenic. On further might die in a decent manner. His examination, a young woman deposed daughter told him, the hoped he would that, a few days before, Mary Pilsworth recover, and live many years longer. persuaded her to get a pennyworth of He replied, “ he hoped not. white arsenic; who now confessed the The stone, with which he had been receiving of it, that she had taken about afflicted for several years, had for the a thinibleful the night before, and the lat twelve months confined him chiefly reinainder she had thrown into the to his bed : and during the extreme yard : during her examination, the ap- painful paroxysms, he was obliged to peared very ill, and was sent back to the take large doses of laudanum to mitipoor-houfé; where she confessed she did gate his

tortures-fill, in the intervals not take the poison the night before, of pain, he not only amused himself but on that morning; and thinking the with reading and conversing cheerfully 'had not sivallowed fufficient, took some with his family and a few friends, who more about noon: she continued in the visited him, but was often employed in greatest agonies, and died early the next doing business of a public as well as morning. Thus ended the life of this private nature, with various persons, wretched woman, greatly fufpected of who waited on him for that purpose ; having poisoned to many innocent per- and in every instance displayed the sons, arid at last herself, to prevent the fullest and clearest poffeffion of his execution of the law. An inquisition mental abilities, and not upfrequently being taken on her body, the jury indulged in the jeux d'esprit and enterbrought in a verdiét felo de se. She taining anecdote. was drawn on a sledge, buried in the The Congress have ordered a general highway, and a fake drove through mourning for one month.

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CAPITAL PUNISHMÉNts have been stoned to death, and their

bodies lie still in the streets of Gondar, in the squares or waste places,

covered with the heaps of stone [By Mr. Bruce.]

which occasioned their death by beN Abyffinia, when the prisoner is ing thrown of them. There are

condemned in capital cases, he is three of these heaps at the church not again remitted to prison, which of Abbo, all covering Franciscaa is thought cruel, but he is immedi- friars; and, besides them, a small ately carried

away, and the sentence pyramid over a boy, who was stoned executed upon him.

to death with them, about the first The capital punishments in Abys- year of the reign of David IV. In finia are the cross. Socinios first Persia we find, that Pagorasus (acordered Arzo, his competitor, who cording to Ctefias) was stoned to had fled for assistance and refuge to death by the order of the king; and Phineas king of the Falafha, to be the same author fays, that Pharcrucified without the camp.

We nåcyas, one of the murderers of find the same punishment inflicted by Xerxes, was stoned to death likeArtaxerxes upon Haman, who was wise, ordered to be affixed to the cross Among capital punishments may till he died.

be reckoned likewise the plucking The next capital punishment is out of the eyes; a cruelty which Mr. flaying alive. That this barbarous Bruce had but too often seen comexecution still prevails in Abyssinia -mitted in the Mort stay he made in is proved by the fate of the unfor- Abyffinia. This is generally intunate Woofheka, taken prisoner in ficted upon rebels. After the the campaign of 1769, while Mr. Naughter of the battle of Fagitta, Bruce was in Abyssioia; a sacrifice twelve chiefs of the Pagan Galla, made to the vengeance of the beau- taken prisoners by Ras Michael, had tiful Ozoro Esther, who, kind and their eyes torn out, and were after. humane as she was in other respects, wards abandoned to starve in the could receive no atonement for the valleys below the town.

Several death of her husband.

prisoners of another rank, noblemen Lapidation, or stoning to death, of Tigré, underwent the same mise is the next capital punishment in fortune; and, what is wonderAbyflinia. This is chiefly inflicted ful, not one of them died in the upon ftrangers called Franks, for operation, nor its consequences, religious causes. The Catholic though performed in the coarsett priests in Abyllinia that have been manner with an iron forceps, of detected there, in these larter days, pincers. VOL. II.




The dead bodies of criminals flain age and infirmities, had not been for treason, murder, and violence, able to attend this pious ceremony; on the highway at certain times, that this omifsion gave her the most are seldom buried in Abyssinia. The lively forrow, not so much on ac. streets of Gondar are firewed with count of the honour the empress did pieces of their carcases, which bring her, as that she was not able to come the wild beasts in multitudes into and fee a sovereign whom alt her the city as soon as it becomes dark, subjects adored. The princess, afso that it is scarcely safe for any one fected by this address, went herself to walk in the night. The dogs to the village where the old woman used to bring pieces of human bo- lived, and entered her miserable cadies into the house, and court-yard, bin, where she lay on a bed of straw, to eat them in greater security. confined by the maladies of age.

“ You have been unhappy that you A NECDOTES.

could not see me," said the benig, [Transmitted by our old and good Cor.

nant empress; “ comfort yourself, re!pondent at Faversham.] my good fitter; I am come to see

The poor old creature,

surprized at the presence of her love. PARENTAL EXULTATION.

reign, and overcome with the bencCORNELIA, the daughter of volence of her address, wept aloud; the great Scipio, and wife of the and could scarce be prevented, fee. consul Sempronius, was one day in ble as Me was, froin rifing, and the company of fome Roman ladies, throwing herself at the empress's who were flewing their trinkets, feet. This truly great princess, and admiring their jewels, and whose however, appeased her overflowing minds seemed wholly occupied about passions, confoled, and conversed their dress. At lait, obferving that with her for a confiderable time; Cornelia fat filent among them, and, when she retired, left a sum of they asked her to fhew them her money, that enabled her to live jewels. Upon which, with a true with comfort, and to die with dematernal pleasure, the called her cency. children to her, and, presenting them to the company, said, “These, ANECDOTE OF COLUMBUS. ladies, these are my ornaments ; there are my jewels, whom I have THIS celebrated navigator, afendeavoured to educate for the good ter having discovered the western and glory of their country.' hemifphere, was, by order of the

Spanith king, brought from Ame

rica in chains. The captain of the SOVEREIGN CONDESCENSION.

ship, however, who well knew his MARIA Theresa, the late famous true character, and the value of his empress of Germany, being at Lux- abilities, offered to take off his ferembourg, received a message from ters, in order to render his paffage an old woman, aged one hundred the more agreeable. But Columand eight years, who had never bus, to the great surprize of the cap. mifred, on Good-Friday, to present tain, firmly answered -- Sir, 'I herself among the poor people, thank you, though I cannot accept whose feet, on that day, this august your offer. These chains are my princess used to wafh. The meflage honours and rewards, from a king imporred, that for two years past whom I have faithfully served ; 1 the poor old woman, worn out with cannot, therefore, part with them,



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they shall accompany me, even to pearance of his antagonist, seized the grave!”

him by the arms, to the great

altonishment of the spectators, and MUSIC.

threw hin, with the same ease as if THAT cruel prince, the sultan he had been a truss of straw, into Amurath, ordered thirty thousand his own cart, where he struggled Persians to be put to deach, after for some time, and narrowly escaped the capture of Bagdad, notwith being stified with the mud; while standing they had submitted. In the marshal walked off with the most the melancholy lift, was a mug. perfect composure. cian, who earnestly begged that bis execution might be deferred till he

ANECDOTES had spoken to the emperor. The OF THE LATE KING OF PRUSSIA. officer granted his request, and in

[Transmitted by a Correspondent.] troduced him to the sultan ; when his only prayer was, that he might be permitted to thew a specimen difficult march, Frederic generally

DURING war, when on any of his art, in the royal presence. went a foot-pace in the midst of his This also being granted, he took a pfaltery, which fomewhat resembles soldiers, whom he encouraged by a lyre; on this he played, finging entering into familiar conversation at the same time, a song expreflive with them. Once, when the army of the recent victory. This, added were greatly fatigued, he made them to the pathetic tones, and exulting continue their march early in the sounds, of the instrument, softened morning, in a heavy rain mixed the native kerceness of Amurath ; molt impassable

. Discovering, by

with snow, and through roads al. and, contrary to his first intention, the faces and the filence of the folhe soffered the musicia) to proceed. Thus encouraged, he redoubled his diers, that they were not too well exertions to please ; and that hare satisfied with him, he put himself at mony which at first suspended, now

their head, and proceeded at the overcame, the wrath of the fultan;

same pace with them. After marchhe not only pardoned the musician: ing thus in silence for a few mi. but the whole of that valt number nutes, he suddenly turned about to which he had devoted to his cruel his soldiers, and exclaimed, “Come sengeance...

along, my friends; march! If we

were a set of effeminate miscreants, ANECDOTE

we might now be fitting in our night gowns by a warm stove ; but, re

member that we are men, we are WHEN this celebrated com. soldiers. March!". mander was in London, he hap.. pened one day to offend a scaven. A major-general in the Prullian ger, who was cleaning the streets fervice, of the greatest talents and near Charing.cross, and who chalmerit, was constantly talking of lenged the marshal to box with liberty and the humiliating chains him. The count, relying on bis of despotism, The king wrote to own uncommon strength, accepted him, " Monsieur the major-general, the proposal, and the scavenger I beg you will no longer act Brutus began to strip; but he had scarce in my states, otherwile I shall be taken off his shirt, when the mar- obliged to conípire against your Hal, perhaps despising the puny ap-' liberty."




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