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· He was about six feet high ; his tributed a smaller sum, and each of head was finall; and his hair, which the other members received one in was dark brown, he wore tied be- bronze. It contained on one fide, hind. His face was expressive; his the head of captain Cook in profile, nose well shaped ; and his eyes and round it, Jac. Cook, OCEANI quick and piercing, though finall;. INVESTIGATOR ACERRIMUS; and his eyebrows being prominent, his on the exergue, Reg. Soc. LOND. countenance indicated an air of Socio Suo. On the reverse is a austerity.

representation of Britannia holding We are inclined to consider the a globe, with this inscription : NIL murder of captain Cook as resulting INTENTATUM NOstri LIQUERE; from native barbarity : but Moni. and on the exergue, AUSPICIIS Vaillant, who is a warm advocate Georgi1 III. A gold medal was for the mildness of ali favages, when presented to his majesty, another to unprovoked, attributes the death of the queen, and a third to the prince this great navigator to the irregula- of Wales : two were sent abroad; sities of his men. “ To what im- one to the king of France, on ac. prudence,” says he, “may we attric count of the protection he had bute the death of that celebrated granted to the ships under the com. navigator, captain Cook! I am mand of captain Cook, and another pleased to find, that his bold and en to the emprefs of Russia, in whose terprising character, with the know- dominions the same thips had been ledge of the power he poflefled, never hofpitably received. Mrs. Cook carried him to the commission of also was afterwards very properly any culpable excesses, though in the presented with one ; besides which, end he became the victim of them, his majesty ordered her a pension of by the ardent defire that existed two hundred pounds a year, and among those islanders, to revenge twenty-five pounds a year upon each themselves on his undisciplined fol. of the captain's sons. Nor was this lowers.'

the only provifion made for them : 66 The failors on all occasions had the charts and plates of the voyage made too free with the women ; this to the Pacific Ocean having been was too great an outrage to remain provided at the expence of governlong unnoticed, nothing being more ment, and a large profit having likely to irritate these favages, and on that account accrued from its even through the smoak of their publication, half of it was concannon, while his thundering artil- ligned in trust to fir Hugh Palliser, lery founded in their ears, the chief and Mr. Stephens, to be applied to is known and massacred in the the use of Mrs. Cook, during her midst of his people, for not having natural life, and afterwards to be dis been able in time to suppress these vided between her children. disorders."

In all, captain Cook had lix chil. The Royal Society, of which cap- dren, of whom three died in their tain Cook was a member, desirous of infancy. The eldest, born at St. honouring his memory by some Paul's, Shadwell, on the 30th of signal mark of respect, resolved to do October 1763, is now a licutenant in it by a medal ; and for this pur-' the navy. The next, born at Mile pose" a voluntary subscription was End town, in 1764, was lost in the opened. Those fellows of the so- Thunderer man of war, in the hur. ciety who subscribed twenty guineas, ricane which happened in Jamaica, received a gold medal; silver me. in October 1780: and the younge dals were assigned to those who con- was born on the 22d of May 1776.




lecting for three and twenty weeks, and A NARRATIVE OF THE MUTINY

which were now in the highelt itate of WHICH TOOK PLACE ON BOARD


“ On the oth of April, I discovered LIEUTENANT BLIGH, 78. NICOLL.

an island in latitude 18 deg. 52 min. S. 1790

and longitude 200 deg. 19 min. E. by N order to gratify public curiosity, the natives called Whytootackee. On

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before us, commences his Narrative one of the Friendly Islands; from which,
with the seizure of the ship, and ends after completing our wood and water, I
it with his arrival at Portsmouth: pro- sailed on the 27th, having every reason
mising, however, another Part, which to expect, from the fine condition of
is to contain all the prior occurrences. the plants, that they would continue
The uncommon difficulties under which healthy.
lieutenant Bligh, and his companions “On the evening of the 28t11, owing
in adversity, laboured, were happily to light winds, we were not clear of the
surmounted by the wisdom of his regu- illands, and at night I directed my
lations, his experience, and his cou course towards Tofoa. The master had
sage. Considering with what ease the the first watch ; the gunner the middle
Pirates may be taken on the island of watch; and Mr. Christian, one of the
Otaheite, it was certainly their in- mates, the morning watch. This was
tention, by commiiting their com the turn of duty for the night.
mander to an open boat, with little pro “ Just before Sun-rising, Mr. Chris-
vifion, and without the means, as tian, with the master at arms, gunner's
they thought, of navigating her, to mate, and Thomas Burket, seaman,
prevent their ever reaching any civilized came into my cabin while I was asleep,
country. Had such an idea been within and seizing me, tied my hands with a
the verge of probability, murder would cord behind my back, and threatened
most probably have followed the seizure ine with instant death, if I spoke or
of the vefsel; and if we may be allowed made the least noise: I, however, called
to draw a conclufion from what passed so loud as to alarm every one; but they
among the Pirates previous to the de- had already secured the officers who
parture of the boat, it should seem that were not of their party, by placing cen-
fome of the crew were fearful that their tinels at their doors. There were three
precaution would not prove adequate to men at my cabin door, besides the four
secure their future safety.

within ; Christian had only a cutlass in The language of this Narrative ap. his hand, the others had muskets and pears to be the genuine effusions of bayonets. I was hauled out of bed, lieutenant Bligh's own pen; and, and forced on deck in my shirt, suffering though not abounding in elegance, is great pain from the tighiness with which well adapted to the nature of the sub- they had tied my hands. I demanded ject.

the reason of such violence, but received The object of this voyage, and some no oiher answer than threats of instant other particulars, may be feen in the death, if I did ‘not hold my tongue. preceding part of this Miscellany, p. 77; Mr. Elphinston, the matter's mate, was we shall therefore give such extracts kept in his birth; Mr. Nelion, botafrom lieutenant Bligh’s publication as nift, Mr. Peckover, gunner, Mr. Ledhave not yet appeared through any ward, surgeon, and the master, were other periodical channel.

confined to their cabins; and also the I failed from Otaheite on the 4th clerk, Mr. Samuel, but he foon obof April 1789, having on board one tained leave to come on deck. The fore thousand and fifteen fine bread-fruit, hatchway was guarded by centinels; plants, berides


other valuable the boatswain and carpinter were, howfruits of that country, which, with un ever, allowed to come on deck, where remitting attention, we had been coln they saw me ilanding abaft the mizenVOL. II.



mast, withi my hands tied behind my the recovery of the ship: there was no back, under a guard, with Christian at one to assist me, and every endeavour their head.

on my part was answered with threats " The boatfivain was now ordered to of death. hoist the launch out, with a threat, if " The officers were called, and forced he did not do it instantly, to take care over the fide into the boat, while I was of himself.

kept apart from every one, abaft the “ The boat being out, Mi.. Hayward mizen-mast; Christian, armed with a and Mr. Hallet, midshipmen, and Mr. bayonet, holding me by the bandage Samuil, were ordered into it; upon that fecured my hands. The guard which I demanded the cause of such an round me had their pieces cocked, but, order, and endeavoured to persuade on my daring the ungrateful wretches fome one to a sense of duty; but it was to fire, they uncocked them. to no effect :

• Hold your tongue, tir, " Isaac Martin, one of the guard or you are dead this infant,' was con over me, I saw, had an inclination to Atantly repeated to me.

aslist me, and, as he fed me with Brad“ The master, by this time, had sent dock, (my lips being quite parched to be allowed to come on deck, which with my endeavours to bring about a was permitted; but he was foon or- change). we explained our wilhes to each dered back again to his cabin.

other by our looks; but this being obI continued my endeavours to turn served, Martin was instantly removed the tide of affairs, when Christian from me; his inclination then was to changed the cutlass he had in his hand leave the ship, for which purpose he got for a bayonet, that was brought to him, into the boat; but with many threats and, holding me with a ftrong gripe by they obliged him to return. the cord that tied my hands, he with " The armourer, Joseph Coleman, many oaths threatened to kill me im- and the two carpenters, M’Intoh and mediately if I would not be quiet: the Norman, were also kept contrary to villains round me had their pieces their inclination ; and they begged of cocked and bayonets fixed. Particular me, after I was aftern in the boat, to people were now called on to go into remember that they declared they had the boat, and were hurried over the no hand in the transaction. Michael fide: whence I concluded that with Byrne, I am told, likewise wanted to these people I was to be set adrift.

leave the ship. " I therefore made another effort to " It is of no moment for me to rebring about a change, but with no other count my endeavours to bring back the effect than to be threatened with having offenders to a fense of their duty : all I my brains blown out.

could do was by speaking to them in " The boatlivain and seamen, who general; but my endeavours were of no were to go in the boat, were allowed to avail, for I was kept securely bound, collect twine, canvas, lines, fails, cord- and no one but the guard fuffered to age, an eight and twenty gallon cask of water, and the carpenter to take his " To Mr. Samuel I am indebted for tool chest. Mr. Samuel got one hun, securing my journals and commission, dred and fifty pounds of bread, with a with some material Mhip papers. Withsmall quantity of rum and wine. He out these I had nothing to certify what also got a quadrant and compass into I had done, and my honour and chathe boat; but was forbidden, on pain racter might have been suspected, withof death, to touch either map, ephe- out my poffefling a proper document to meris, book of astronomical observa- 'have defended them. All this he did tions, sextant, time-keeper, or any of with great resolution, though guarded my surveys or drawings.

and itrictly watched. He attempted « The mutineers now hurried those to save the time-keeper, and a box with they mcant to get rid of into the boat, all my surveys, drawings, and remarks When most of them were in, Christian for fifteen years past, which were nudirected a dram to be served to each of merous; when he was hurried away, his own crew. I now unhappily saw with · Damn your eyes, you are well off that nothing could be done to effect to get what you have.'


come near me.

* It appeared to me, that Christian While the ship was in sight me steered was some time in doubt whether he to the W. N. W. but I considered this thould keep the carpenter, or his mates; only as a feint; for when we were sent at length he determined on the latter, away~' Huzza for Otaheite,' was freand the carpenter was ordered into the quently heard among the mutineers. boat. He was permitted, but not with " The fecresy of this inutiny is beout some opposition, to take his tool yond all conception. Thirteen of the .chest.

party, who were with me, had always “ Much altercation took place among lived forward among the people ; yet the mutinous crew during the whole neither they, nor the messinates of businels : some swore ' I'll be damned Christian, Stewart, Haywood, and if he does not find his way home, if he Young, had ever observed any cirgets any thing with him,' (meaning cumstance to give them fufpicion of me); others, when the carpenter's what was going on. With such closechest was carrying away,

Damn my planned acts of villainy, and my mind eyes, he will have a vessel built in a free from any fufpicion, it is not wonmonth.' While others laughed at the derful that I have been got the better helpless situation of the boat, being very of. Perhaps, if I had had marines, a deep, and so little room for thoíe who centinel at my cabin-door might have were in her. As for Christian, he prevented it; for I slept with the door seemed meditating instant destruction always open, that the officer of the on himself and every one.

watch might have access to me on all “ I asked for arms, but they laughed occasions. at me, and said I was well acquainted

" It now remained with me to conwith the people where I was going, and sider what was best to be done. My therefore did not want them; four cut-' first determination was to seek a supply dasles, however, were thrown into the of bread-fruit and water at Tofoa, and boat, after we were veered aftern. afterwards to fail for Tongataboo, and

" When the officers and men, with there risk a solicitation to Poulaho, the whom I was suffered to have no com- king, to equip my boat, and grant a munication, were put into the boat, supply of water and provisions, so as to they only waited for me, and the master enable us to reach the East Indies. at arms informed Christian of it; who « The quantity of provisions I then said Come, captain Bligh, your found in the boat was one hundred officers and men are now in the boat, and fifty pounds of bread, , fixteen and you must go with them; if you at- pieces of pork, each piece weighing tempt to make the least resistance you two pounds, fix quarts of ruin, fix will instantly be put to death :' and, bottles of wine, with twenty-eight galwithout any

farther ceremony, holding tons of water, and four empty barme by the cord that tied my hands, recoes. with a tribe of armed ruffians about Arrived on the coast of Tofoa, they me, I was forced over the side, where landed with great difficulty; and made they untied my hands. Being in the several unsuccessful excursions into the boat, we were veered altern by a rope.. country.

" At dawn of day the party A few pieces of pork were then thrown set out again in a different route, to see to us, and some cloaths, also the cut what they could find; in the course of Jasses I have already mentioned ; and it which they suffered greatly for want of was now that the armourer and car water : they, however, met with two penters called out to me to remember men, a woman, and a child; the men that they had no hand in the transaction. came with them to the cove, and brought After having undergone a great deal of cocoa-nut Shells of water. I ridicule, and been kept fome time to immediately made friends with these make fport for these unfeeling wretches, people, and fent them away for bread. we were at length cast adrift in the open fruit, plantains, and water. Soon af.

ter other natives came to us; and by “ Having little or no wind, we noon I had thirty of them about me, rowed pretty fait towards Tofoa, which trading with the articles we were in bore N. Ę. about ten leagues from us. want of: but I could only afford one

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ounce of pork, and a quarter of a rences in the cave, and in fending it bread-fruit; to each man for dinner, down to the boat it was nearly snatched with half a pint of water; for I was away, but for the timely assistance of fixed in not using any of the bread or

the gunner: water in the boar.

“The sun was near fetting when I “ No particular chief was yet among gave the word, on which every person, the natives: they were, notwithitand- who was on shore with me, boldly took ing, tractable, and behaved honestly, up his proportion of things, and carried giving the provisions they brought for a them to the boat. The chiefs asked few buttons and beads. The party me if I would not stay with them all who had been out, informed me of hav- night; I said, 'No, I never sleep out of ing discovered leveral neat plantations; my boat; but in the morning we will fo that it became no longer a doubt of again trade with you, and I shall rethere being fettled inhabitants on the main until the weather is moderate, island;

and for that reason I determined that we may go, as we have agreed, to to get what I couli, and fail the first fee Poulaho, at Tongaraboo.' Macmoment the wind and weather would caackavow then got up, and said, “You allow me to put to sea.

will not sleep on fhore ? then Mattie,' “ It had 'hitherto been a weighty (which directly signifies we will kill consideration with me, how I was to you) and he left me. The onset was account to the natives for the loss of my now preparing; every one, as I have ship: I knew they had too much sense described before, kept knocking stones to be amufed with a story that die ship together, and Eefow quitted me. We was to join me, when she was not in had now all but two or three things in fight from the hills. I was at first the boat, when I took Nageete by the doubtful whether 1 Mould tell the real hand, and we walked down the beach, fact, or say that the ship had overset every one in a silent kind of horror. and funk, and that only we were saved : si'When I came to the boat, and was the latter appeared to me to be the most seeing the people embark, Nageete proper and advantageous to us, and I wanted me to stay to speak to Eefow; accordingly instructed my people, that but I found he was encouraging them we might all agree in one fory: As I to the attack, and I determined, had it expected, enquiries were made after the then begun, to have killed him for his thip, and they seemed readily satisfied treacherous behaviour. I ordered the with our account; but there did not ap- carpenter not to quit me until the other pear the lealt symptom of joy or forrow people were in the boat. Nageete, in their faces, although I fancied I dif- finding I would not stay, loosed himself covered some marks of surprise. Some from my hold and went off, and we all of the natives were coming and going got into the boat except one man, who, the whole afternoon, and we gor enough while I was getting on board, quitted of bread-fruit, plantains, and cocoa- it, and ran up the beach to cast the nuts for another day; but water they ttern fast off, notwithftanding the mafonly brought us about five pints. A ter and others called to him to return; canoe also came in with four men, and while they were hauling me out of the brought a few. cocoa-nuts and bread- water. fruit."

" I was no sooner in the boat than The natives continued to increase; the attack began by about two hundred and at length two chiefs arrived, and men; the unfortunate poor man who with them a young man called Nageete, had run up the beach was knocked whom lieutenant Bligh had formerly down, and the stone's flew like a seen at Annamooka. The crew, when shower of shot. Many Indians got on fhore, touk up their principal res- hold of the stern rope, and were near dence in a cave, at the head of a cove, hauling us on More, and would cerwhere they bartered with the inhabie tainly have done it if I had not had a tants, who for some time appeared knife in my pocket, with which I cut friendly; but at length manifested a the rope. We then hauled off to the contrary disposition. “ I had my jour- grapnel, every one being more or less nal on Thore with me, writing the occur- hurt. At this time I saw five of the


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