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tower in a parachute, on the 34th came the mother, aunt, and other relations down front the bell tower of Chichester of the young lady, declared their readicathedral ; but not with the same fuc- nefs to approve the gentleman's concefs. When about fourteen feet from duct, on account of his good character, the top, a fudden gust of wind laid this his lordship faid there could be no exbold aeroftatic adventurer and the ap- Gufe for a clergyman of the established paratus in a horizontal position : when church adopting the degrading expeon a level with the gutter of the cathe- dient of being married by a Scotch dral, he righted; but an eddy wind blacksmith; and would not reverfe his threw hin a fecond time horizontally, order, at least for the present. in which fituation he fell to the ground with great force. The blood gushed from his ears, nose, and mouth, most The revenue this month, has liad an - plentifully; and he was carried to the unexpected increase of three thoufand Blue Anchor inn without any signs of one hundred and fixty pounds, fent to life. Four gentlemen of the faculty the commissioners of excise by an uns inftantly went to his assistance; and known hand; but whether the donain fomething more than four hours ani-, tion proceeded from liberality or commation returned, and in fix his speech punction, is not known. The latter, was restored.

moft probably.

The revenue, from the sth of April PHILANTHROPY.

1789, to the 5th of April 1790, bore The fubfcription-money for a mo- an increase on the former year of the pument to the memory of the late Mr. amazing sum of nine hundred and thirHoward, unwithdrawn from the How, teen thousand two hundred and eighteen ardian fund, amounts to seven hundred pounds five shillings and seven-pence pounds. Some addition to this fuin halfpenny. will defray the expences of raising a SCHEME OF THE NEW LOTTERY, fuitable monuinent to his memory.It is our intention, shortly, to give an


k. accurate account of this gentleman's

3 Prizes of 20,000 is 60,000 hife.

10,000 20,000 JUSTICE.


15,000 5

2,000 10,000 Friday the 16th, at the Old Bailey, 15

1,000 15,000 the three foreigners mentioned in our



15,000 Jalt, (p. 78.) to have committed a

10,000 murder on their travelling companion, 150


7,509 were tried and convicted : and on the


125,000 fucceeding Monday, they were executed


180,500 before the debtor's door, amidst an im menfe concourse of spectators. One 14,333 Prizes. of the three-though by no means in- 10,000 first-drawn Blanks, nocent--appeared to be much less cul

41. each

40,000 pable than the others.-- A man, for the 25,667 Blanks. First-drawn

1,000 murder of a child belonging to a wo


1,000 man with whom he cohabited, was ex.

50,000 Tickets. ecuted at the same time, and all their

500,000 bodies were delivered to the surgeons

NAVY. for public exhibition.

The 15th was launched, at Chatham, MATRIMONIAL OFFENCE. the Queen Charlotte, a new ship of 110 The lord chancellor lately committed guns. The duke of Clarence was prethe Rev. Mr. Stevens to the Fleet Pri

tent. fon, for taking a young lady of the INCREASE OF POPULATION. name of Jefferies to Gretna Green, In the year 1763, the fines paid to where he married her, she being a ward the kirk treasurer of Edinburgh, for of the court of Chancery. Although bastard children, amounted to one hun.


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dred and fifty-four pounds; in 1783, Chelsea water-works, who appeared to át amounted to fix hundred pounds. have been drowned for fome time. In

one of his pockets was found a note, unCURIOUS DISCOVERY.

obliterated by the water, which briefly A respectable farmer in the neigh- stated his name and residence, and that bourhood of Lewisham, rising forne- the ill conduct of his wife was the caufe what earlier than usual one morning of his committing suicide. latély, to his great surprise found his house had been broke open, and pro

DUELLING. perty to a considerable amount carried A duel was fought the 14th inft. at off. However, going to the tvindow Musselborough Links, near Edinburgh, by which the robber entered the house, the event of which was fatal. The he could perceive the footsteps of a man parties were fir George Ránlay and very plainly for some diftance, a white captain Macrae. A servant of fir George frost being then very strong upon the keeping à chair at the door of the Edizground. He immediately unkennelled, burgh iheatre, was ordered by captain if it may be so called, two couple of Macrae to remove it ; on his objectings fox hou and put them upon the fome words ensued, and the fracas con fcent of the supposed robber; when cluded in captain Macrae chastiling the they threw off in a capital style, and servant very feverely. Meeting on the after covering two miles and a half of next day with fir George Kamlay, he ġround, came up with a man, who was insisted on his dismissing the man from immediately taken with the property his service. This was refused, on the about him, and was confined in the ground, that whatever was the misconcage at Lewisham till properly secured. duct of the servant, he had already re

ceived a sufficient punishment. A chalThe humanity of the people of Chep. of this refusal. The parties met; sis

lenge was the immediate consequence flow in Gloucestershire, was shocked a George Ramsay fired fift, but without few days ago, by seeing the body of a éffect; captain Macrae returned the very fine child, about eighteen months fire, and lodged his ball fo near the old, taken out of their river, with its heart of his antagonist, that every at throat cut.-The father is supposed to

to extract it was fruitlets. Sir George be the perpetrator of this act of unna. tural barbarity, as he abfconded upon when he expired.

languished in much agony for two days, hearing the declaration of the coroner's

He was of the most amiable characinqueft.

ter and disposition, and had but lately
SUSPICION OF MURDER. married a beautiful young lady, the
In the beginning of this month, a sister of lord Saltoun. Captain Macræc
man at Dover hired a boat for Calais; and his second immediately withdrew;
but when the watermen had taken him and though messengers were difparched
over, it appeared that he had only three in every direction, no intelligence was
farthings in his pocket. On this, they received of them when this account left
accused him of being a murderer, and Edinburgh,
threatened to consign him to the sea, if The poor fellow, on whose account
he did not confess. The man replied, this duel happened, no sooner heard of
that he was a murderer; on which he his master's fate, than he fell into strong
was taken back to Dover, and brought convulsions, and died in the course of
before a magiftrate. On being intera a few hours.
rogated, however, he said he had only

agreed to the accusation to save his life;
and no evidence appearing, he was ac-

Frith, the maniac, whom we formerquitted, to the great disappointment of ly mentioned (pages 29 and 55) to have his too hafty accusers.

thrown a stone at the king, when going

to the House of Lords, was this montha SUICIDE.

brought before the court at the Old The 16th, the body of a genteel man Bailey; where he betrayed the mott was taken from one of the dykes near evident marks of a distempered imagi


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nation. He pretended to be inspired master; Mr. Wadman, master's mate; by heavenly visions, which he affirmed Mr. Sommerville, the gunner; Mi: were then present to him. He alto com- Trimlett, one of the midthipmen, and plained of the power of witchcraft, fix feamen, ten days after the left the with which he faid he was tormented. Guardian, providentially met with a On this account, he could not take his French merchantman, eighty leagues trial; but is committed to close cuf- from Cape Natal, who carried then tody till he either recovers, or is con- into the Cape of Good Hope; from figned to a permanent place of safety. whence they were conveyed to St. He

lena in a French frigate called the FORTUNE,

Driade. There is great reason to fear A gentleman lately having occasion the other three boats were lost, as they to call in the neighbourhood of Caven- have not since been heard of. dish-square, took coach; on being ask- The loss of the Guardian is of the ed by the coachman' what he deemed highelt detriment to the settlement at an unrealonable fare, he flew into a Botany Bay, as almost their existence passion, and, by an involuntary act, depended on the arrival of this hip, drew out of his waistcoat pocket a bit which had on board all the stores, of paper, which after having twisted cattle, provisions, and plants, intended about his finger, he threw into the for the relief of that place. It is fup: kennel, fwearing he would not give posed, that only about thirteen out of him the value of that bit of paper near three hundred, were saved of this more than the usual fare. On his re- unfortunate crew. Among those loft, turn home, he milled a bank note of was Mr. Pitt, only son of lord Camelconsiderable value, which he recollected ford. having put into his waistcoat pocket;

ACCIDENT. on inentioning the matter to his. servant, he called to mind the above cir- A letter received from on board the cumstance, and, on going to the place, General Goddard, at Diamond Hare actually found the note in the kennel bour, dated 6th November 1789, has where he had thrown it.

the following particulars. The tygers

have been numerous about the thores SHIPWRECK.

here for several days paft; and much The Middlesex East Indiaman, just mischief is to be apprehended from arrived from China, brings the melan. them: one of the men belonging to choly news of the loss of his majesty's our lip was very near being killed fhip Guardian, of forty-four guns, on yesterday noon, by one of these ani, her voyage to Botany Bay. She struck mals. A boat was dispatched with a on an island of ice on the 23d of De. fufficient number of men on board to cember laft, in latitude 44 fouth, and get wood; and while the people were longitude 41{ east of London; and al- working on fhore, one of them was though every exertion was used on the seized by a tyger, so very ferocious, part of the officers and seamen to save that he carried off the back part of the the ship, it was found impracticable. poor man's head and neck in an instant, On Christmas-day four boats, contain- besides making several large wounds in ing the greatest part of the crew, left his body with his teeth and claws: and the thip; but the commander, captain it is expected that he cannot furvive Riou, rejected the entreaties of the rest this dreadful misfortune. When the of the officers, and insisted on remain- tyger was running off with this unforing on board to the last moment. It is tunate man, he stretched out his hand, feared, that this gallant man has fallen and laid hold of a tree, which he held a facrifice to too nice a sense of his faft, while his companions fired at him; duty. One of the four boats, in which on which he immediately quitted his were the Rev. Mr. Crowther, the chap- prey: they were no sooner got into lain ; Mr. Richard Farquharson, the the boat, than two other tygers apo purfer; Mi, Thomas Clements, the peared.




National Occurrences of the Year 1789,



Written purposely for this Wcik, by a great literary Character,

Relative State of the Belligerent Powers- which skirt the dominions of the

Campaigns of Eighty-Nine-Views of emperor, have long been regarded Prullia—Affairs of Liege-Revolution in by that monarch,,as an enviable ob Brabant-Revolution in France.

ject of acquisition, both from the EFORE we enter on the po- augmentation of revenue which they thousand seven hundred and eighty- the effectual barrier which their nine, it will be necessary to take a towns and forts would afford against review of the fituation of foreign the dangerous incursions of such powers; as well from the evident formidable neighbours. The eminfluence of the politics of the con- press, also, experienced an equal tinent over those of our own coun- anxiety, not only to secure to try, as from the potent confidera-herself the quiet poffefsion of the tion, that some of the European Crimea, the resignation of which Itates have experienced a revolution she obtained at her last peace with fo rapid and extraordinary, as to the Turks, but to acquire a farther excite the wonder of the present extension of domain, on the fide of age, and to form a distinguished Tartary. This inordinate desire of æra in the annals of general hif- the haughty "Catharine to extend tory.

her territories, by means fo fatal to It is not our intention to trace, population, when her kingdom afwith the precision of a journalist, fords such a scanty supply of inha'the progressive operations of the bel- bitants, must be considered as the ligerent powers, but inerely to notice ne plus ultra of political madness: the leading points, in such a man- but ambition, like avarice, is infaner, as to afford a clear and com- tiate ;-its eagerness to accumulate, prehensive idea of the advantages increases in proportion to the mage or disadvantages acquired or fuf- nitude of its pofleffions. tained by the respective parties. The

The efforts of thele united

powers, motives which urged the Imperial during the campaign of eighty-eight, allies to engage in a war with the were greatly inadequate to the exo Turks, are too well known to re- penceof equipment. The Turks, with quire much expatiation. Those fer a greater portion of success, indeed, tile plains of European Turkey, than the vigour of their exertions VOL. II,



entitled them to expect, impeded the fand feven hundred and eighty-four, progress of the Imperial arms; the by the grand vizier, Hamid Chalib emperor was foiled in all his at• Pacha, aided by two French engitempts; and the campaign must have neers; which itill continues to flouproved equally pregnant with loss rifh. But the Turks have not yet and difhonour, but for the inter- derived fufficient knowledge, from vention of one fortunate occurrence, these wise institutions, to dilplay solely to be ascribed to chance : we any visible symptoms of improvemean, the capture of Oczakow, onment in Dautical affairs. the seventeenth of December, occa- Such was the relative situation of fioned by the fall of a bomb on the the belligerent powers at the coinpowder magazine, which caused such mencement of the present year: duan explofion as effected a practicable ring the winter, the most formidable breach in the walls, and gave the preparations were made on all sides besiegers an opportunity, they had for renewing the contest with addilong sought for in vain, to take the tional vigour ; the army of Ruflia place by affault. This event was was designed to be augmented to the more important, as it exposed the five hundred thousand men ; that Euxine to the naval power of Ruffia, of the emperor amounted to near which the Ottoman Aeet was wholly two-thirds of the number; the unable to oppose. For though the Turks received an immense accefignorance of the Turks has, in many fion of force from the inexhaustible refpects, been greatly exaggerated, hordes of Alia ; and Sweden---their as well by the baron de Tott, as by only ally-exerted her utmost faculM. Savary proofs of which have ties, to render her alliance effectual. been exhibited by M. de Peyffonel Thus prepared, it was natural to and the abbé Toderini; yet their suppose the ensuing campaign would ignorance of military and naval be obstinate and bloody at least, if tactics, is a matter of tuch notoriety not decisive ; and the eyes of all Euas not to admit of a doubt. Father rope were fixed on that theatre of Boscovich tells us, that in fome voy, war, in which more than a million of ages which he made in Ottoman vef- men were expected to be employed. fels, in the year one thousand seven The Turks had ever displayed a perhundred and feventy-two, he per- tinacity of courage, which had someceived the most incredible faults in times supplied the place of inilitary their navigation; which occasioned skill, and had always rendered them the annual loss of feveral hundreds formidable adversaries;while the fupeof ships in the Black Sea ; and therior discipline of the Gerinan troops, baron de Toit remarks, that many inspired them with that confidence, of the Turks were, during his reli- which is fo essential to the attain. dence among them, even ignorantment of victory. The Ruffians, darof the use of ballaft. An academy, ing and robuft, inured by the rigours indeed, for navigation, called Muo of their native climate, to the patient bendis Khane, or the Chamber of endurance of hardships, which the Geometry, was instituted in the year troops of the south are unable to one thousand seven hundred and se- support, regarded their Afiatic foes venty-three, by Gafi Affam, high with a degree of contempt, which, admiral, under the auspices of the though fometimes dangerous, is ge. fultan Mustapha the Third, and af- nerally beneficial : and the king of listed by M. de Tots; and another Sweden prepared to animate his fol. academy was erected for experimen- diers to uncommon exertion, as well tal navigation, in the year one thou- by the force of exhortation, as the


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