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used to be that of getting up early in a a comfortable home. In London he morning to visit some of his houses in was certainly most uncomfortable : but Mary-le-Bone, which during the fum- ftill, with these temptations before and mer were repairing. As he was there behind him, a journey, with any exgenerally at four o'clock in a morning, pence annexed to it, was insurmount. he was of course on the spot before the ble. This, however, was luckily obworkmen ; and he used contentedly to viated by an offer from Mr. Partis, a fit down on the steps before the door, to gentleman of the law, to take him to scold them when they did come. The his ancient seat in Berkshire, with his neighbours who used to see him appear purse perfectly whole-a circumstance thus regular every morning, and who fo pleafing, that the general intelliconcluded, from his apparel, he was gence which renders this gentleman lo one of the workmen, observed, there entertaining, was not adequate to it never was so punctual a man as the old in the opinion of Mr. Elwes. Bụt carpenter.'

there was one circumstance ftill very • He rose upon money upon money distressing—the old gentleman had now he lay down to rest; and as his capa- nearly worn out his last coat, and he city funk away from him by degrees, would not buy a new one; his son, he dwindled from the real cares of his therefore, with a pious fraud that did property, into the puerile concealment him honour, contrived to get Mr. Parof a few guineas. This little store he tis to buy him a coat, and make him a would carefully

wrap up in various pa- present of it. Thus, formerly having pers, and depositing them in different had a good coat, then a bad one, and, at corners, would amuse himself with run- last no coat at all he was kind enough ning from one to the other, to see whe- to accept one from a neighbour. ther they were all fafe. Then forgetting, “ The first symptoms of more imperhaps, where he had concealed some mediate decay, was his inability to en. of them, he would become as seriously joy his rest at night. Frequently would afflicted as a man might be who had lost he be heard at midnight as if struggling all his property. Nor was the day alone with some one in his chamber, and thus speni-he would frequently rise crying out, I will keep my money, I in the middle of the night, and be heard will; nobody Mall rob ime of my prowalking about different parts of the perty.' On any one of the family gohouse, looking after what he had thus ing into his room, he would start from hidden and forgotten.

this fever of anxiety, and, as if waking The clole of Mr. Elwes's life was from a troubled dream, again hurry Atill reserved for one singularity more, into bed, and seem unconscious of what and which will not be held less fingular had happened. than all that has passed before it, when • For six weeks, previous to his his disposition and his advanced age death, he had got a custom of going to are considered. He gave away his af, rest in his cloaths, as perfectly dressed fe&tions: he conceived the tender pas as during the day. He was one mornfion.-In plain terms, having been ac. ing found fast alleep betwixt the sheets, customed for some time to pass' his with his Mhoes on his feet, his stick in hours, oụt of economy, with the two his hand, and an old torn hat


his maid servants in the kitchen-one of head. them had the art to induce him to fall " On this circumstance being discoin love with her; and it is matter of vered, a servant was set to watch, and doubt, had it not been discovered, take care that he undressed himself; whether he would not have had the yet, fo desirous was he of continuing power over him to have made him this custom, that he told the servant, marry her.

with his usual providence about mo" Mr. George Elwes, one of his ney, that if he would not take any no. natural children he had two sons tice of him, he would leave him some. having now settled at his feat at Mar- thing in his will." chain, in Berkshire, he was naturally We are informed by the editor, that desirous, that, in the assiduities of his this fingular man, fo fcrupulous of a wife, his father might, at length, find farthing, had, in the course of his life,


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often lent immense fums on ridiculous which often deceived him, unless when pretences, and on the lightest security. he had made any promise, of whatever He kept no written account, truiting nature, and then, it seems,' he was every pecuniary occurrence to memory, rigidly punctual.



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than its coincidence with probability:

A few days after the appearance of. HE Rover, or the Banished Ca- this piece, was performed, for Mrs.

valiers, written by Mrs. Behn, Jordan's benefit, the Spoil'D CHILD, was revived on the Sth of March at å farce, which was gratuitously preDrury Lane theatre, under the title of sented to her. Its naine is all that we Love in many Masks. But, though need record. the parts were strongly calt, the audi. No SONG NO SUPPER, for the ence were not unbounded in their marks benefit of Mi. Kelly, was the next of approbation.

new piece in succession; the chief The 18th of March, a new farce, merit of which is centered in the mu. called the ADVENTURERS, written sic, compiled by Storace, from the most by a young gentleman, was produced eminent composers. Nothing can be. at the fame theatre, and received with said in commendation of the language universal approbation. The Adven- of this trifle. turers are two tharpers, who get ad On the 22d of April, Mr. Boyes mission into a worthy baronet's family, (formerly a coachi-maker in Long-acre) the one as tutor to his lon; the other made his firtt appearance in the characas a lord, and luitor to the daughter. ter of Doyley in Who's the Dupe ? and The parents send their son, with his

was most favourally received. He is tutor, on their travels: the baronet, not an unlikely resemblance of Parlons llis wife and daughter, reside at Paris; in form, manner, and features. bur on account of the diftractions of that

Ar Covent Garden, theatre, on the city, they determine to return to their 8th, a new comicopera by Mr. O'Keeffe, own country; and for this purpose being called the Czar, was performed, for arrived at Dover, in company iviin their the benefit of Mrs. Billington. The intended noble fon-in-law, they meet visit of Peter the first of Russia to this Peregrine, their son, who had ill ful, country, to qualify himself in the art filled their instructions, Here the lord of thip-building, &c. is the circunand the tutor meet; and, knowing each france which gives this piece its title. other psrfectly weil, the former finds This great prince is also supposed to be little difrenity to get the latter to aid in pursuit of an officer who had insulted huim in his design upon Miss Harriet, him, and whom he determined to sacriHoe daughter. But young Peregrine fice to his resentment. Yet it appears having an attachment to Kitty, the that the czar is enainoured with the maid, the pretended lord meets her one fifter of this officer, whom he finally sight, when about to give her lover a raises to the Russian throne, and takes fecret meeting, and fuppofing her to his enemy, for her sake, into his favour be the baronet's daughter, instantly and protection *. --Though the opera marries her! This circumstance brings liad the fupport of some very excellent on an entire explanation; and the charp-music. partly compiled, and partly by ers quit the family.---The piece certainty Mr. Shields; its own merit was insufmuit owe its fuccess more to its bumoui ficient to drag it into notice.

* The author of this piece has here de a stable-box; bút, though he afterwards paricd from billorical exactuets; the birth enjoyed the favour of Peter, he held no of this wopian was to obícure, that the poil in the anny. See Vol. , p. 113, 1141 ad not know her own relations. It was, bideed, discovered, that she had a brother,





vent the irregularities complained of, S by the hands of the bularni menIR Joshua Reynolds has received, made the following orders on the 23d.

First, That no prisoner in the King's ballador, a gold box enriched with dia. Bench Prison, after the first day of next monds, and the portrait of the emprefs Trinity Term, shall have any rule, for in the lid. With these were fent a

being ablent from his confinement, for jetter, in her Imperial majesty's own

a lunger space than three days during handwriting, expressive of her satisface each term. tion on the receipt of a picture painted be within the rules of the King's

Secondly, That the New Prison shall for her bý fir Joshua, and of two sets

of his discourses to the Academy, in
French and English.

Thirdly, That the limits of the rules

fhall be circumscribed according to the ASSASSINATION.

limits mentioned in the order; and This month has given birth to a spe- particularly, that every public house cies of villainy never before, perhaps, locally situated within the rules, Mall practised, in any age or country. De- be considered as without the rules, lo Iperadoes, genteelly dressed, make it a that every prisoner who is seen at any practice to infult ladies in the street by public house within the rules, will renusing the most indelicate language; and, der the marlal liable to an action foc after they have indulged themselves in an escape. The Dog and Duck, the this way, draw a concealed knife or Circus, and the other places of public dagger, and wound the unfortunate entertainment in that neighbourhood, females in various parts of the body. are now without the rules, Great rewards have been offered, and great exertions made, to secure these miscreants ; bat, as yet, it has not

The inhabitants of the town of wholly proyed effe&tual. A man, in- Windsor have, during the course of deed, of the name of Tiffing, was on this month, been alarmed by several the 19th, taken to Bow-street, charged daring outrages committed by the fuby Mrs. Smyth, (lady of Dr. Smyth þalterns and privates of the seventeenth of Rathbone-place) with having af- regiment. The officers, during the saulted and wounded her in Johnson's. Easter fair, in a fit of intoxication, illcourt, Fleet-street, some time Gince. treated the town's-people, who resenting As the lady did not scruple to fivear to the insult, the soldiers had recourse to his person, he was ordered to find bail their fwords, and many have been in a heavy penalty.-Seven other ladies wounded, exclusive of other mischief. attended, who have been lately wound. The officers, however, much to their ed, but all declared that the prisoner honour, have reimbursed the losses oca was not the person who had insulted casioned by this tumult, them. Though some of them have Three Sheriff's officers going lately been dangerously liut, it does not ap- from Dublin to levy an execution at a pear that any life has yet been loit. factory near Luttrelítown, they were It is much to be feared that a horrid seized by a great number of workmen, combination of this kind is on foot : and thrown into a cistern of vitriolic but it is, on the other hand, to be water : here they remained till nearly kloped, that they will not long escape deprived of life; after which the insurthat punishment to which they are so gents destroyed the writ; and tying the eminently entitled,

bailiffs together with a wire, threw them

into the road. Fifteen of these ruffians KING'S BENCH.

have been committed.
The marshal of the King's Bench
Prison having complained of certain

AEROSTATION. Irregularities, which he had not power Mr. Murray, who fame weeks fipce to repress

, the court, in order to pre- de scended from Portlmouth church


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tower in a parachute, on the 34th came the mother, aunt, and other relations down from the bell tower of Chichester of the young lady, declared their readicathedral ; but not with the fame fuc- nefs to approve the gentleman's concess. When about fourteen feet from duct, on account of his good character, the top, a sudden gust of wind laid this his lordthip faid there could be no exbold aeroftatic adventurer and the ap- Gufe for a clergyman of the establifhed paratus in a horizontal position : when church adopting the degrading expeon a level with the gutter of the cathe- dient of being married by a Scotch dral, he righted; but an eddy wind blacksmith; and would not reverfe his threw hin a fecond time horizontally, order, at least for the present. in which fituation he fell to the ground with great force. The blood gushed

from his ears, nose, and mouth, most The revenue this month, has liad an - plentifully; and he was carried to the unexpected increase of three thoutand

Blue Anchor inn without any signs of one hundred and fixty pounds, fent to life. Four gentlemen of the faculty the commissioners of excise by an un, inftantly went to his assistance; and known hand; but whether the donain something more than four hours ani-, tion proceeded from liberality or commation returned, and in fix his speech punction, is not known. The latter, was restored.

moft probably.

The revenue, from the sth of April PHILANTHROPY.

1789, to the 5th of April 1790, bore The fubfcription-money for a mo

an increase on the former year of the muinent to the memory of the late Mr. amazing sum of nine hundred and thirHoward, unwithdrawn from the How. teen thousand two hundred and eighteen ardian fund, amounts to seven hundred pounds five shillings and seven-pence pounds. Some addition to this fum halfpenny. will defray the expences of raising a SCHEME OF THE NEW LOTTERY. fuitable monuinent to his memory.It is our intention, Morely, to give an

3 Prizes of 20,000

is accurate account of this gentleman's

60,000 life.

10,000 20,000


5,000 15,000 5

2,000 10,000 Friday the 16th, at the Old Bailey, 15


15,000 the three foreigners mentioned in our



15,000 lalt, (p. 78.) to have committed a

10,000 murder on their travelling companion,

50 7,509 were tried and convicted: and on the


25 125,000 fucceeding Monday, they were executed


180,500 before the debtor's door, amidst an immense concourse of spectators. One 14,333 Prizes. of the three-though by no means in 10,000 first-drawn Blanks, I nocent--appeared to be much less culpable than the others.-- A man, for the 25,667 Blanks. First-drawn murder of a child belonging to a wo


1,000 man with whom he cohabited, was ex.

50,000 Tickets. ecuted at the same time; and all their

500,000 bodies were delivered to the surgeons

NAVY. for public exhibition.

The 15th was launched, at Chatham, MATRIMONIAL OFFENCE.

the Queen Charlotte, a new ship of 110 The lord chancellor lately committed guns. The duke of Clarence was pre

fent. the Rev, Mr. Stevens to the Fleet Pri. fon, for taking a young lady of the INCREASE OF POPULATION. name of Jefferies to Gretna Green, In the year 1763, the fines paid to where he married her, she being a ward the kirk treasurer of Edinburgh, for of the court of Chancery. Although bastard children, amounted to one hun.


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10,000 firft-drawn Blanks,} 40,000


dred and fifty-four pounds; in 1783, Chelsea water-works, who appeared to át amounted to six hundred pounds. have been drowned for some time. In

one of his pockets was found a note, unCURIOUS DISCOVERY.

obliterated by the water, which briefly A respectable farmer in the neigh- ftated his name and residence, and that bourhood of Lewilham, rising fo:ne- the ill conduct of his wife was the cause what earlier than usual one morning of his committing suicide. latély, to his great surprise found his house had been broke open, and pro.

DUELLING. perty to a considerable amount carried A duel was fought the 14th inft. at off

. However, going to the window Muffelborough Links, near Edinburgh, by which the robber entered the house, the event of which was fatal. The he could perceive the footsteps of a mani parties were fir George Ráinsay and very plainly for some diftance, a white captain Macrae. A servant of fir George frost being then very strong upon the keeping à chair at the door of the Edizground. He immediately unkennelled, burgh iheatre, was ordered by captaia if it may be so called, two couple of Macrae to remove it; on his objectings fox hounds, and put them upon thé some words ensued, and the fracas con fcent of the supposed robbers when cluded in captain Macrae chastifing the they thtew off in a capital style, and servant very severely. Meeting on the after covering two miles and a half of next day with fir George Kamlay, he ground, came up with a man, who was infifted on his dismissing the man from immediately taken with the property his service. This was refused, on the about him, and was confined in the ground, that whatever was the misconcage at Lewisham till properly secured.' duct of the servant, he had already re

ceived a sufficient punishment. A chalMURDER. The humanity of the people

of Chep- of this refusal. The partieš met; sis

lenge was the immediate consequence ftow in Gloucestershire, was shocked á George Ramsay fired fift, but without few days ago, by seeing the body of a effect; captain Macrae returned the very fine child, about eighteen months fire, and lodged his ball so near the old, taken out of their river, with its heart of his antagonift, that every at throat cut.--The father is supposed to

to extract it was fruitlets. Sir George be the perpetrator of this act of unna. ianguished in much agony for two days, tural barbarity, as he abfconded upon when he expired. hearing the declaration of the coroner's

He was of the most amiable characinqueft.

ter and disposition, and had but lately SUSPICION OF MURDER. married a beautiful young lady, the In the beginning of this month, a sister of lord Saltoun. Captain Macrac man at Dover hired a boat for Calais; and his second immediately withdrew; but when the watermen had taken him and though mekengers were dispatched over, it appeared that he had only three in every direction, no intelligence was farthings in his pocket. On this, they received of them when this account left accused him of being a murderer, and Edinburgh. threatened to consign

him to the sea, if The poor fellow, on whose account
he did not confess. The man replied, this duel happened, no sooner heard of
that he was a murderer; on which he his master's fate, than he fell into strong
was taken back to Dover, and brought convulsions, and died in the course of
before a magiftrate. On being inter- a few hours.
rogated, however, he said he had only

agreed to the accusation to save his life;
and no evidence appearing, he was ac-

Frith, the maniac, whom we formerquitted, to the great disappointment of ly mentioned (pages 29 and 55) to have his too hafty accusers.

thrown a stone at the king, when going

to the House of Lords, was this montha SUICIDE.

brought before the court at the Old The 16th, the body of a genteel man Bailey; where he betrayed the most was taken from one of the dykes near evident marks of a distempered imagi


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