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C. G.

of the Lord against Socinians, Armi- the Holy Spirit, may find it equally
nians, Arians, and Puseyites, for they precious
all unite to fight against the King of

Dear Son in the Truth,
Dear Brethren-In following you

And longed-for, my joy, and the for four years in doctrine experience crown of my rejoicing, I wish above and practice, I am persuaded there is all things that thou mayest prosper not a magazine of so long standing in thy soul, and be kept stedfast in that has been conducted more to the the faith. To have Christ for our honour and glory of our precious Lord friend when temporal friends forsake Jesus, and my prayer is, that from us, is a blessing that cannot be estiyear to year abundant proof may be mated. To have Christ for our reshewn you that your work and labour fuge when every enemy to our comof love is not in vain in the Lord. fort is hotly pursuing us, is a favour

So prays your unknown, but well- that cannot be paralelled. To have known, brother in our precious Lord Christ as a rock, when our vessel is Jesus,

sinking, and to be enabled to enter

into the cleft thereof, is a matter of P.S.—The truth was sealed home everlasting thankfulness. To have to my soul under the ministry of Mr.

Christ for our portion, when

every Everett, an obscure but faithful ser.

earthly treasure is taken from us, is vant of our Lord Jesus Christ, in to be possessed of that which angels 1836, at Princes-street, White Chapel,

are i ot partakers of. Yes, to have now at Zoar Chapel, Somers'-town.

Christ within us, is to be filled with The curse of a broken law, and the what the Apostle calls increase of fear of hell and eternal banishment God. O, my brother, there is nothing from God, so got hold of me, that I

to be compared to an enjoyment of a opened my mind to no one in the feeling sense of Christ in the soul; it place, and could get no comfort under is sure evidence of the soul being in

Christ. his ministry ; I went to various places of worship, and when the Lord was

Yours in christian love, pleased, to set my soul at happy li. berty,, which was in about eighteen months, I went to look after the minister that was employed by my. covenant God and Father to cut me DEARLY beloved brethren in our down, but behold the chapel was most exalted Lord Jesus, grace, shut up, and no one could tell me mercy and peace be multiplied. I where he had gone; I did not even am still in the wilderness, and find know his name; I found him about that it is through much tribulation three months ago, after a lapse of five we must enter the kingdom, and this years; I sent him an account of my is not so much the external trials of experience, and in a swer received outward circumstances, as the internal the following note. You would do conflict of the soul with a body of me the greatest kindness if you would sin and death, which you know what publish it, for three reasons : Ist, it is to have to encounter with : moanbecause it came from my spiritual ing and groaning after our wellfather, I should wish it always by me; beloved-nights of darkness, through 2nd, because I never received a letter which we have to travel-no clear or note from any one that was so shining of day—this is the heartprecious to my soul; 3rd, as I found ache; thus crying why art thou cast it precious, some gleaner in your down, 0, my soul, and why art thou Magazine, through the teaching of disquieted within me? Hope thou



in God. Well, we go hoping all our come, as in former days, and shine days for a clearer manifestation of forth from himself, who is our life, the Lord's presence; this is some of our light, our joy, our all in all. my experience. Oh! bless his dear Well, bless his dear name, he does name, he doth appear, and causeth

come at times, and gives us his love his face to shine : then I can rejoice visits, and speaks comfortably unto in his dear name, and trample the us that remain in the wilderness. world beneath my feet.

Oh, for more real' union of soul I well remember the blessed time, amongst God's saints, instead of that I think it was in the year 1810, when churlish bickering of spirit. Love as the dear Lord shone powerfully into brethren, we shall all see eye to eye my soul, under the ministry of that ere long; for we shall see him withever beloved man of God, Dr. Hawker, out a veil: no clouds of darkness, no at the Old Broadway church ; when wintry seasons, no dark nights; but I walked in light, and rejoiced in the all will be bright and open vision. God of my salvation ; I thought then How sweet is that promise to my I should never more know what soul. I will water it every moment ; darkness was, and for some years I I will keep it night and day; nu did have much of the Lord's refresh- state that you and I may be brought ing presence; before this I had heard into but our God and Father will Mr. Gunn and Mr. Saunders, and keep us from all evil unto the day of occasionally enjoyed Jesus, and •aw our final redemption. The Lord some beauties in him, but not so bless thee and keep thee stedfast in clearly as when the set time was the truth, You see I am hobbling come to hear and know the joyful along through the wilderness; I walk sound for myself. Bless the Lord, by faith now, once in my younger O my soul, for visiting my soul when days I walked in enjoyments and love in darkness and in the shadow of tokens; but now I am coming up out death.

of the wilderness, leaning upon the Dear Sirs, I find by your address arm of our beloved. I wish you all to us in the last number, you have the happiness that a covenant God had much to encounter with like can bestow; and remain yours to myself; but cheer up, the prize is serve in the gospel of Christ, good, the victory is sure, the inheritance is certain, and we shall reach , the land safe at last. May the dear Lord strengthen your hands.

I am an old soldier, but hitherto the Lord The ordination of Mr. Charles has helped me; our fathers are gone Merrett, of Cheltenham, over the home-those that I have mentioned Particular Baptist Church, assem--they fought a good fight, and have bling in Park-street, Gloucester, took now entered into rest, where I hope place October 18, 1841; when Mr. you and I shall also be indulged with Hawkins of

Painswick gave the the same blessed portion. The Lord charge, from Eph. iv. 12 verse; and is good unto Zion, and will be so Mr. Leader, of Cheltenham, preached unto the end. He will keep the feet to the church and congregation, from of his saints.

Phil. i. 27. Oh, the many blessed seasons at The day was spent very happily, the Old Broadway church, and at and we douht not the opportunity Charles, Plymouth, where Jesus alone will long be remembered by the was exalted, and the souls of God's Lord's blood-redeemed people with saints refreshed, built up and estab- feelings of gratitude and thanksgiving lished. Oh, that the dear Lord would to a covenant God for the same.







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No. 3.--To be Continued.

up, but

I know him (said he) to be a bad fellow : when I worked with him at Tiverton he killed a man by a foul blow in fighting, was taken

got over it.' Then rushed upon me Dear Brother,

the fear I felt in seeing him through I CONCLUDED my last with an the bush with his stick lifted up to account of the favour bestowed on strike at me if I came round tome in Kingsland road that evening wards him. I arrived at Hertford. No door There being work for one only at was opened for work in that town: Royston, I accepted it. Here this but there I overtook a person of hardened sinner and I parted, never the same trade, seeking work. We again to meet. At Royston I atset off early the next morning for tended the ministry of Mr. Towne, Ware; staid a while, then to Bishop and was soon noticed by the church, Stortford at noon; arrived at Saffron who sent two elders to enquire resWalden, and slept there. The next pecting me. My landlıdy being day we set off for Royston. This ignorant of God, could not satisfy day the Lord manifested his care them. I attended constantly all over me, for I believe that if Satan the cold and wet season at the and sinful man could have had their meeting ; but as soon as the spring wills, I should that day have been came, I spent most of my sabbaths murdered in a wood, into which I in visiting the neighbouring villages, was enticed by this person who per- and to hear different ministers. I sisted in it that we could soon fill our also got acquainted with a young pockets with nuts; true it was full of man who, line myself, was a stranger bushes. but the nuts were gathered. and who came there a few months

I had not been five minutes in the before me: he was sober, chaste in wood before I lost sight of this man, his conduct and conversation, no I shouted three times, the last time swearer, nor sung obscene songs. very loud, but received no

I approved of his life, and we were on turning I saw him through a generally in each other's company, bush with his large stick lifted up when not at work; he was one after ready to strike me if I came round my own heart; I believe he is now in the bush. The Satanic look which glory. We spent sixteen months I saw in his face did so frighten me, at Royston ; and a few weeks afthat I flew like the wind to the spot ter I left, he left also, and came we entered, and then into the road, to work and reside first at Camand went at a quick pace until I berwell and then at Clapham : here

to Royston, when he he married his master's neice. His overtook me. His agitated manner master regularly attended the mishowed how strong the temptation nistry of Mr. Huntington, both on for murder and robbery had posses.

the sabbath and week days. He sed him. We scarcely spake the rest felt desirous to accompany his mas. of the way, On our calling at the ter: the word eitectual, he shops to ask for work, in the shop sunk very low, and laboured under of Mr. Wells worked a young man deep conviction, which continued who kindly asked me to take tea three or four years; but in the with him at his lodgings ; but how Lord's time he became as a city set great was my surprise, when he told on a hill. It so pleased God that me, that he would rather entertain my soul was first wounded, on which me a week at his own expense, than account I slighted him by not acI should travel with this man, “ For quainting him with my removals ;

January, 1842.)









but one night being rather late at place until I became so composed as Monkwell Street Chapel, I was under to be fit to return home. This was the necessity to stand in the aisle, the third time the Lord in a soveand on looking up into the opposite reign way opened my understanding, gallery, to my suprise I saw my old and revealed his anger against sin, acquaintance S. Brown; I waited his and showed me my need of salvation. coming down, but our feelings were After this I did more earnestly seek such that we could not

the Lord by prayer ; but as the young much that night, we wept for joy man, the member of the church at over each other. He lived a life of Ware, slept in the same room, saw faith, and died in our Lord. He me kneel in prayer before I went to passed through great, very great bed, be took the opportunity to uptribulation, before he passed into the braid me before my companion and world of glorified spirits.

some others, much to the joy of SaS. Brown did not lodge in the tan and three of the party, and to same house with me, but the two my grief; but I was dumb before young men that did, were obnoxious them. After that day before I reto us, as they did not approve of tired to rest I did walk out and lean our life ; yet I heard from Mr. Towne

over a gate, or go into the churchin October, 1826, that they were yard and lean on a tomb stone, and two pious souls, one a member of there pray; for I felt I was his church, and the other a member so strong as to be able at home to of the church at Ware. Mr. Towne's kneel before God in prayer. ministry was searching; often made Under great burden and me afraid and tremble; but that ser- of mind one evening, as I was walkmon which affected me the most was ing along the Needsworth road, my

prayer: after speaking of the thoughts of my future life and necessity and the effects of prayer, death were distressing I felt an inhe was led to reflect on the present ward groaning and sorrow because and future state of a prayerless sin- I had not died in my infancy, or bener; he opened up and described my cause I was born into such a misercase so truly and powerfully, that I able world. This was the cause of knew not how I contained myself in often and deep reflection; and I rethe Chapel; I feared I should have membered when young to have often bruke out in lamentation and weep- heard my father say · Why was I ing, and thereby disturbed

the born ?' But I knew not then why people. It came to me, in demon- he so expressed himself. But as I stration of the Spirit and with power, was bewailing myself, I looked tothat I was the man. The minute wards the sky, and was struck with Mr. Towne finished, I hasted out of its grandeur ; the sun was descenthe Chapel, ran on the road towards ding below the horizon; the whole Needsworth, turned to the left and creation around me seemed to reran up between the hills, where no sound with praise to their great eye could see me; here I fell on the Creator, it all appeared to be full of ground in the greatest agony of mind, his glory : I stood and wondered, rolling first on one side and then on and bursting into a flow of tears, on the other, until I gave vent I joined to praise the wisdom, power to my feelings by tears and lamen- goodness, majesty and compassion tation. It burst forth in such a man- of God to sintul man, which I then ner, that my eyes, and ears were felt,

but cannot express now.

I affected by it. I wept bitterly, and felt an unusal flow of words in condo believe they were tears of repen- fession of sin, and sorrow to think, tance. I remained in this solitary notwithstanding all his goodness,


mine had been a life of continual gone to this place, and another to sinning against him. That wretched that; my brother gone into Surrey ; feeling was by this removed for a and as for the scenes of a Theatre, season, and instead of hardness of such was truly obnoxious, flat and heart I found melting of spirit. tedious to me, I could see its emptiThis was the fourth time I was visi. ness, wickedness, its delusion, and ted; but I soon returned to my that a curse rested on it. I went place.

only thrice, and after I got into the The fifth visit was in Royston street the last time, I looked up to Church-yard, late one cold, frosty heaven and solemnly vowed that I night, whilst leaning on a tomb

never would enter a play-house again. stone, and groaning out a prayer; I know now I vowed in my own it was showed me that I must love strength that night; yet to this day, the Lord God with all my heart, through grace, I have kept it: yet with all my mind, and with all my before this I delighted to see and strength"; this my soul desired to hear these soul-destroying vanities. do, and then it was for the first time I was five weeks without work, showed me that this love and affec- unwilling to return to my trade; tion must center in our Lord Jesus went after several places, and got Christ. I saw clearly that he must one in Portland Place, but gave it up have the pre-eminence in my affec- through hearing an unfavourable actions and from that hour í besought count of it. I seemed at my witts’ the Lord for this love. The neces. end. Money nearly all spent, no sity of this was powerfully forced access to God, no weeping, no melon me: and of this I was convinced ting of heart, full of fury from dis. that I had never yet thought on the appointment, was so hedged up, that subject, much less was in possession at last I could see no other ineans of this love. I knew myself to be to live by, but my trade. But the empty

and barren, and without Lord's thoughts either love or knowledge of our Lord thoughts; I had five weeks severe Jesus; but my cry was, that I might discipline. Adieu. know and feel the love of Christ, which I believed exceeded all earthly affections. This was a night parti

SONS OF CHICHESTER, TO A FRIEND. cularly to be remembered, and was the last visit during my stay in Rny

No 10.-To be continued. ston. After this I was beset by the world, who seemed to hate me; by My dearly beloved Sister in the Lord, my own heart and flesh and by the May the light of David, the temptations of Satan, with a witness. hope of Jacob, the love of Paul, and It injured my health, disturbed my the sword of Gideon be sweetly put natural rest, affected my appetite, on by you, through faith in Christ made me disrelish my work, my Jesus. Amen. friend, and the place also; therefore As I have an opportunity of send. I came to this conclusion to leave ing you a few lines by our dear Mrs. Royston, and in about six days after H-,and as I am still under her I was in London, I said, and thought roof this morning, (having preached that by so doing I should lose all yesterday in town) she has had the those malancholy thoughts, either in goodness to furnish me with pen, ink, company, or in the play-house, or in and paper; the good Lord reward a fresh situation : but in all this the her for her kindness to me his poor Lord disappointed me. First all my despised servant; surely it will not acquaint ances were scattered, one be forgotten by Him that is all love,


not my


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