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feel an



dews of thy grace, that I may
increase of love to thee, to thy ways,
to thy gospel, to thy house, and to
thy people; and feel Jesus increas- Dear Sir.
ingly precious to my soul, as my

A sermon has been put shield, my hiding-place, my sun, my into


hands from which allow me daily bread, my Saviour, Prophet,

to make a short extract, which has Priest, and King I hope I do love

much distressed many of the Lord's thee, O dear Redeemer, dying Lamb,

dear children, constant readers of but I want to love thee more. Come,

your little periodical; and for their thou celestial Spirit, so shed abroad

comfort and consolation I desire to the Saviour's love in thy poor worm, make a few brief remarks, not to tresthat I may feel it kindling upon the altar of my heart. Thus do thou en

pass upou your valuable pages, to the

exclusion of other important matter. large my heart, expand my desires, and give me a deep experience of thy He that is our God is the God of salelecting love, redeeming blood, and vation.—Psalm lxviii. v. 20. sanctifying grace, that I may


prepared for the exercises of the closet, The preacher proceeds, and says, the family altar, the pulpit, the Lord's 'I wonder how many of this congretable, the social prayer-meeting, and gation can positively and confidently the society of the saints with whom adopt this language?

There are I love to dwell: so that wherever thou peradventure some among you who shouldest call thy dust to labour, he

would put in “ a hope and a trust," may, in all his public ministrations, and be ready to exclaim in language lay proud nature low, and exalt the more modern, but not more scriptusin-atoning Lamb of God. And when ral, “ We hope and trust He is our he shall have done and suffered thy

God ; we hope and trust we have an righteous will on earth, may hệ, ar

interest in Christ; we hope and trust rayed in the Saviour's perfect robe of that there is something in our assurrighteousness, be presented before

ance that testifies to the work of the the throne of thy glory, and live and Holy Ghost.” I do not know where reign with thee and thine for ever. this hope and trust was invented, but Amen.

I rather should suspect that it was

born in the habitation of Arminianism. Most glorious Lord of life and love,

I do not know where the ScripI bless thee for thy constant care ; ture warrant for it is, but I can find Oh let me still thy goodness prove, And hail with joy the opening year.

many a Scripture warrant for such

language as my text contains, which, Oh let my mind on thee be stayed,

taking God at his word, and recogAnd make me in thy cause sincere; nizing God's work in the soul, urges While sovereign goodness is displayed, at once its believing claim : 'It is To bear me through another year.

só.' There is a fine specimen of this Then

in the 12th chapter of Isaiah's promay my soul, on Jordan's shore, Praise and adore thy wondrous love; phecy : Behold God is my salvaThen fly to dwell for evermore,

Mark the unhesitating confiIn the bright world of endless love.

dence, the bold assertion, the believBayshot.

ing claim, the sacred relationship

that is there so positively set down Some Account of the Life and Last Days then follow on with the prophecies,

If you look through the Psalms, and of William Morris Verrall. Enlarged from the pages of the Spiritual Magazine. 18mo. particularly of Isaiah and Jeremiah, will be ready in a few days.

you will find this mode of addressing



Jehovah, and of speaking of the Jesus Christ from the dead, quickthings of salvation, commonly and ened into newness of life; their poor constantly employed; and if you fol- blind eyes opened to see their own low on to New Testament language, real state and condition in the sight you will find such phrases as these of of God; poor souls who are plagued the apostle Paul, “ I know whom I sore from day to day by the world, have believed ; (no hope and trust the flesh, and the devil; who have felt there) I know that He is able to keep some blessed sweetness and union to that which I have committed unto the dear Lord in bygone days, but Him ;” (no peradventure, no halfway are now walking in darkness, and expression there). Let us have no have no light. Now what saith Isaiah halting between two opinions; no for the comfort of such a soul? or hesitation, no indecision ; come to rather, what says the Holy Ghost by the point.'

the prophet to these of the hope and Now, dear Editor, I wish no hesi- trust school?

Who is among you tation, no indecision, but at once that walketh in darkness, and bath come to the point concerning the no light; let him trust in the name aforesaid extract; and first speak of of the Lord, and stay upon his God.” the habitation of Arminianism; then This is one scripture warrant, poor the birthplace of hope and trust; soul, thou mayst find for thy hope negatively, and positively; and then and trust; and the word of God its age : marking a few scripture abounds with such, issued from the warrants as I go on. And I feel only truly wise council that ever sat, assured I shall have every living soul, even Jehovah in the counsels of eterquiekened by God the Holy Ghost, nity; all sealed by the blood of Christ, with me, and I want no other com- ratified and signed by God the Holy pany. “The habitation of Arminian. Ghost. ism,' where is it? I reply, the heart

“ The Father sent the Son to die, of every unregenerate son and daughter of Adam, who is not born again

The willing Son obeyed ;

The Holy Ghost to ratify of God, and quickened by the blessed

The purchase Christ has made.” Spirit; for out of the heart poceedeth all manner of abomination, everything But as Jeremiah, David, and Paul that setteth itself up against God, are also mentioned, dear servants of and is contrary to the truth of God. the Lord who fled for refuge to lay Think you hope and trust were born hold upon the nope set before them in such a place ? I trow not. " For in the Gospel, and who had a good the carnal mind is enmity to God;" hope through grace, and are now in " the heart of man is evil, and that glory, singing the praises of Him who continually;" furthermore, " the na- led them through the wilderness, tural inan knoweth not the things of sustained them by that good hope, God, neither can he know them, for and blessed assurauce, in caves, dens, they spiritnally discerned.” dungeons, and prisons of various Again, I read concerning the wicked, kinds literally ; and spiritually when . God is not in all their thoughts ;" they were sinking in deep waters. which proves to a demonstration that One exclaims, Why art thou cast such have a trust in God, but are down, O my soul, and why art thou without God and without hope in the disquieted within me? Hope thou world. Now positively to be brief, in God, (scripture language) for I the birth-place of hope and trust, shall yet praise Him, who is the where is it? I answer, in that soul health of my countenance, and my that is begotten again of God, unto God;” and if the psalmist, and the a lively hope, by the resurrection of prophets, and the apostles, had no



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hope and tru: t, why this blessed lan. ber this is no new doctrine ; this is guage :

“ Wherein God, willing more no modern language; this is no new abundantly, to show unto the heirs of invention of a blind Arminian, or a promise the immutability of his self-righteous pharisee; but it is as counsel, confirmed it by an oath: old as the Bible itself, and you, who that by two immutable things, in are real children of God, cannot which it was impossible for God to come with this bold language at all lie, we might have strong consolation, times (that often bespeaks an hypowho have fled for refuge 10 lay hold crite), and confidently and positively upon the hope (Blessed Jesus ! Thou adopt the language of the text, and who art the hope of Israel, and the take God at his word. I know it is Saviour thereof in time of trouble) fashionable, and much reckoned upon set before us; which hope we have, by many ministers of the present day, as an anchor of the soul, hoth sure in having large congregations; I and stedfast, (mark that) and which know it is thought much of, and the entereth into that within the veil, devil knows too, by modern whither the forerunner is for us en- preachers having so many members tered, even Jesus.” . But further

But further- belonging to their churches; but more, mark the language of the woe to that preacher, he he where he psalmist, where he says, Trust in may or who he may, that preaches a Him at all times, ye people.” Again, gospel that brings numbers of hypo« Blessed is the man who trusteth in crites into a profession of the gospel, the Lord, and whose hope the Lord and then into their churches, to eat is.” Again, “Be of good courage, and drink damnation to their souls. and He shall strengthen your hearts, But some may say. Could, or did not all that hope in the Lord,” the psalmist, Isaiah, and the apos. Again, "The eye of the Lord is upon tles, frequentiy adopt the language of them that fear him, that hope in his the text, without any halfway exmercy."

pressions ? I know the psalmist, And Jeremiah speaking, says, “O patriarchs, prophets, and apostles Lord, the Hope of Israel, all that for- knew what it was to taste sometimes sake thee shall be ashamed. But be the sweetness of walking in the light not a terror unto me; Thou art my of God's countenance; and so do the hope in the day of evil.” Yes, poor Lord's dear people now and then ; soul, in the day of the evil one, trust they also can adopt the language of in the Lord. If thou art sinking in the text, and also say, deep waters of soul trouble, remem

“ When Jesus with his mighty love, ber David, remember Jeremiah. Ah !

Visits my troubled breast, says the devil, to distress you, These

My doubts and fears are all remov’d, were the Lord's anointed ones.

And I'm completely bless'd.” Well, then, remember another servant, one who was very much like Some preachers I know tell their Arminian, one who was very much hearers they should believe and act like you and me, wanted his

own way.

faith : but true faith is the gift of The Lord permitted him to have it, God; and however dead, dry Calvinbut sent him to the bottom of the ists, and empty professors may talk mountains, where the weeds were about believing, and acting faith ; wrapped about his head, mark his the poor sensible sinner knows it is language, does it mean anything, not in man that walketh to direct think ye?

Had he no hope and his steps, neither is it of him that trust, when he said, “I will look willeth, nor of him that runneth, but again, salvation is of the Lord.” of God, that sheweth mercy. ThereTherefore be not cast down; remem- fore, poor child of God, I would you


with grace.

my blind

were less like those of Thessalonica, by a decree that all our cavilling reaand more like those of Berea. I son cannot alter: this defeats all our know you, many of you, are led worldly policy

" In the world ye about by divers and strange doc- shall have tribulation.” Thus the trines, and take for granted this and decree went forth: and it has been that thing is so, because Mr. this, or realized and confirmed in the experiMr. that, may have said so; but it is ences of multitudes, in both heaven good for the heart to be established and earth, and will be down to the

May the Lord bless end of time, I would better underthese few remarks to your souls, and stand the word, which says, “ that ye cause you, like the Bereans of old, to be not unwise, but understanding what search the scriptures for yourselves, the will of the Lord is.” This shews to see if these things are so; and the that we had need continually to pray whole tenor of scripture is on your for a spirit of right judgment, that side, whose experience leads you to we may be able, therely, to draw hope and trust you have an interest right conclusions from trying dispenin Christ, because you find a law in sations, both for our own comfort and your members warring against the for the glory of God. But here I law in your minds, and bringing you discover


mistakes in myself, into captivity to the law of sin, which continually; for I am prone to judge is in your members, So, therefore, of things as I feel, or as I see, or as you find “the flesh striving against things appear to the eyes

of the spirit, and the spirit against the reason, and that brings barrenness flesh, so that you cannot do the and leanness into my soul. Unbelief, things that you would, and how to I judge, is the root of this evil, and perform that which is good you find a most bitter root it is—full of deadly not.” But God is nigh unto all that poison, and a right down plague of call upon him; that call upon him in leprosy. It is this that poisons our sincerity and truth : and the blessed comforts, and poisons all the sweetest Spirit has promised to help thy infir- blessings we have, as to our sense and mities, if thou sendest forth but a feeling. It was this that made Jacob sigh or a groan that cannot be ut- say

All these things are against tered.

me;" and David, “ I shall one day

fall by the hand of Saul;” and the 'Tis Jesus the first and the last,


“ The Lord hath forsaken me, Whose Spirit shall guide :-s safe home;

and We'll praise him for all that is past,

my God hath forgotten me;" and And trust him for all that's to come,

the disciples on the sea,

“ Carest thou not that we perish.” This wretched unbelief is a kind of narcotic, it stupifies the senses, and makes us forgetful of past mercies, past deliverances,

and the years of the right hand of the Addressed to a Deacon of Gower-st. Chapel. cannot look through, so as to see the

Most High. It is a thick veil that we (Never before Published.)

image of Christ in our hearts, without No.5.-To be Continued.

the special power of the most Holy My Dear Friend and Brother,

Spirit. And, oh, what a valley of I HAVE a willing heart to say dry bones we are until Jesus, who something to you, but what to say I has the residue of the Spirit, yea the know not. I would fill my paper with fulness of the Spirit, breathes upon complaints, but what would it avail ? us :-how dry in all our prayers, conAll the children of God are born to versations, hearings, and readings. trouble, and ordained to tribulation, But if we gain nothing else by this






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ded my

sad trade, we gain this a deeper sense of our completely helpless condition, so as not to be able to think a

Dear Messrs. E.litors, good thought, no, nor able even to I WARMLY congratulate you, at the believe God's good thoughts and close of another year's labour; your good words, wherein he declares that December number adds the fourth he is our Father, and will remain such volume of your Magazine to my little for ever; for he is not a man that library, and in following you four he should lie, nor the son of man that years successively, I can close in with he should repent.”

you in your preface, that in reading I have laboured but little since I the self-told tale of my brethren of the have been here. Preached but once work of God upon their souls, I on the first Sunday, and not in the have been comforted, instructed, and week. Heard Mr. Turner of Sun- edified, and can bless my covenant derland twice, and with much satis. God and Father through our Lord faction. Mr. T. will be about Lewes Jesus Christ for the privileges we and Brighton until Mr. Gadsby has now enjoy, in publishing the expedone at our place, and then I have rience of the tried ones in Zion for requested him to supply a Lord's-day the comfort of the weak, ard strengthat Gower Street, the Lord's-day after ening of the feeble. But, alas ! we Mr. Gadshy leaves, for I am persua- may truly fear that the time may not

friends will like to hear Mr. be far distant when such a publication Turner, but I have received no an

as yours may he silenced, when we swer from Mr. T. as yet, though you witness the wide spread of infidelity shall have it in due time, and either on the one hiind, and on the other he or myself will follow Mr. Gadsby. hand, the rapid strides of that mother I hope the Lord is among you, and of harlots, that always has feasted that he crowns his gospel with suc- upon the very vitals of the saints of cess, and is graciously going before the Most High God. you: you have my pour prayers and pears under the disguised name of best desires for these things.

Puseyism, and surely. the words of I am certainly much better since I our Lord Jesus Christ are applicable used the warm bath, but particularly to us now, “ What I say unto you I so since I have used the cold bath; say unto all, watch.” Mark xiii. but my nerves are still weak, so that 37. O, that the servants of our God my greatest task is to write; I can- would take the alarm, and that both not stay the pen without guiding my the silver trumpet and the ram's horn right hand with my left, and van might be heard from one end of Zion barely write legible with that. This to the other; we know not how soon frets and teases me not a little, for the night will close in upon us, and one and another is continually pray- perbaps the prison, the dungeon, the ing for letters, which quite torments scaffold, or, the rack, may be messen.. my shattered mind, and would lay gers to take us to glory. me quite aside if attended to.

The watchmen in Zion have as My kind love to all the friends, much need of the sword in the one and to my fellow-labourer, Mr. Cow- hand, and the trowel in the other, as per. My son will be sending to me they had of old on the walls of Jeruin a few days, and if you have an op- salem, and that it may be our prayer portunity you will give it to him to that the Holy Ghost should visit the enclose. Grace and peace be with heralds of salvation, and spread abroad you all. So prays your most un- into their hearts a holy zeal for the worthy servant,

honour of our triune Jehovah, so that they may be able to fight the battles

She now ap


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