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17 Henry VIII. Henry Fitz-Roy, Duke of Richmond and So.

merset. 28 Henry VIII. William Fitz-William, Earl of Southampton. 32 Henry VIII. John, Lord Russel, Knight. 34 Henry VIII. John Dudley, Knight, Viscount Lisle, and Baron Malpas.

Admirals under Edward the Sixth. Thomas Seymour, Knight, Baron Sudeley, Lord High Admiral of

England, Ireland, Wales, Calais, and Bologne. 1 Edw. VI. John Dudley, Knight of the Garter, Earl of Warwick, Viscount

Lisle, Master of the King's Houshold, Admiral of England,
Ireland, Wales, Calais, Bologne, and their marches, as also

of Normandy, Gascoigne, and Aquitain. 3 Edw. VI. Edward Clinton, Knight, Baron Say and Seal. 4 Edw. VI.

Admirals created under Queen Mary. William Howard, Knight, Baron of Effingham. 1 Mariæ. Edward Clinton, Knight, Baron Say and Seal. 3 Mariæ.

Admirals created under Queen Elisabeth. Charles Howard, Baron of Effingham, after created Earl of Not.

tingham, and Knight of the Garter, Lord High Admiral of England, Ireland, Wales, Calais, and the adjacent marches, as likewise of Normandy, Gascoigne, and Aquitain. 27 Eli. sabeth.

Admirals created under King James.
George Villiers, then only Marquis of Buckingham, Viscount

Villiers, and Baron of Whaddon, was constituted Lord High
Admiral of England. 16 Jacob.

Admirals created under King Charles the First.
Robert Bartue, Earl of Lindsey, Lord High Chamberlain of

England. 4 Carol. I. Algernon Percy, Earl of Northumberland, Knight of the Garter.

Admirals under King Charles the Second. James, Duke of York and Albany, at this instant, Lord High

Admiral of England.

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A brief Martyrology and Catalogue of the learned, grave, religious, and pain

ful Ministers of the City of London, who have been imprisoned, plundered, and barbarously used, and deprived of all Livelihood for themselves and their Families, in the late Rebellion, for their Constancy in the Protestant Religion, established in this Kingdom, and their Loyalty to their King, under that grand Persecution.

London: Printed against St. Bartholomew-Day, 1661, Quarto, containing

six pages.

THE cathedral church of St. Paul's, the dean, residentiaries,

and other members of that church, sequestered, plundered, and turned out.

St. Allhallows, Wood-street, Dr. Watts, sequestered, plundered, his wife and children turned out of doors, and himself forced to fly.

St. Allhallows, Barking, Dr. Lafield, pursuivanted, imprisoned in Ely-house, and the ships ; sequestered and plundered, after. wards forced to fly

St. Allhallows, Lombard-street, Mr. Weston, sequestered.

St. Alphage's, Dr. Halsie, shamefully abused, his cap pulled off, to see if he were not a shaven priest, voted out, and dead with grief.

St. Andrew's, Hubbard, Dr. Chambers, sequestered.

St. Andrew's, Undershaft, 1. Mr. Mason, through vexation forced to resign. 2. Mr. Prichard, after that sequestered.

St. Andrew's, Wardrobe, Dr. Isaakson, sequestered.
St. Anne's, Aldersgate, Dr. Clewet, sequestered.

St. Austin's parish, Mr. Udall, sequestered, his bed-rid wife turned out of doors, and left in the streets.

St. Bartholomew's, Exchange, Dr. Grant, sequestered.
St. Bennet's, Finch, Mr. Warfield, sequestered.
St. Bennet's, Grace-church, Mr. Quelch, sequestered.
St. Bennet's, Paul's Wharf, Mr. Adams, sequestered.
St. Bennet's, Sherhog, Mr. Morgan, dead with grief.

St. Botolph's, Billingsgate, Mr. King, sequestered, and forced to fly. . Christ-church, Mr. Finch, turned out and dead.

St. Christopher's, Mr. Hanslow, forced to resign.

St. Clement's, East-cheap, Mr. Stone, shamefully abused, sequestered, sent prisoner to Plymouth, and plundered.

St. Dionis's, Back-church, Mr. Humes, sequestered and abused.

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St. Dunstan's, East, Mr. Childerly, reviled, abused, and dead.

St. Edmond's, Lombard-street, Mr. Pagit, molested, silenced, and dead.

St. Ethelburga's, Mr. Clark, sequestered, and imprisoned.
St. Faith's, Dr. Browne, sequestered and dead.

St. Vedast's, Foster-lane, Mr. Batty, sequestered, plundered, forced to fly, and dead.

St. Gabriel's, Fenchurch, Mr. Cook, sequestered.
St. George's, Botolph-lane Dr. Styles, forced to resign.
St. Gregory's, by St. Paul's
St. Hellen's, Mr. Milward, turned out and dead.
St. James's, Duke's-place, Mr. —, sequestered.

St. James's, Garlick-hith, 1. Mr. Freeman, plundered and sequestered. 2. Mr. Anthony, his curate, turned out.

St. John Baptist's, Mr. Weemsley, sequestered.

St. John Zachary's, Mr. Edlin, sequestered, forced to fly, and plundered.

St. Catharine's, Coleman-street, 1. Dr. Hill, forced to resign. 2. Mr. Kilbuts, sequestered.

St. Catharine's, Cree-church, Mr. Rush, turned out.
St. Laurence's, Jewry, Mr. Crane, sequestered.

St. Leonard's, East-cheap, Mr. Calf, forced to give up to Mr.
Roborow, scribe to the assembly.

St. Leonard's, Foster-lane, Mr. Ward, forced to fly, plunder. ed, sequestered, and dead for want of necessaries. ·

St. Margaret's, Lothbury, Mr. Tabor, plundered, imprisoned in the King's-Bench, his wife and children turned out of doors at midnight, and he sequestered.

St. Margaret's, New Fish-street, Mr. Porry, forced to fly, plundered, and sequestered.

St. Margaret's, Pattons, Mr. Meggs, plundered, imprisoned in Ely-house, and sequestered.

St. Mary's, Abchurch, Mr. Stone, plundered, sent prisoner by sea to Plymouth, and sequestered.

St. Mary's, Aldermary, Mr. Brown, forced to forsake it.
St. Mary le Bow's, Mr. Leech, sequestered, and dead with grief.

St. Mary's, Bothaw, Mr. Proctor, forced to fly, and sequestered.

St. Mary's Hill, 1. Dr. Baker, sequestered, pursuivanted, and imprisoned. 2. Mr. Woodcock, turned out and forced to fly.

St. Mary's, Mounthaw, Mr. Thrall, sequestered, and shame. fully abused.

St. Mary's, Somerset, Mr. Cook, sequestered.
St. Mary's, Wool-church, Mr. Tireman, forced to forsake it.

St. Mary's, Woolnoth, Mr. Shuite, molested and vexed to death, and denied a funeral sermon to be preached by Dr. Holdsworth, as he desired.

St. Martin's, Ironmonger-lane, Mr. Sparke, sequestered and plundered.

St. Martin's, Ludgate, Dr. Jermin, sequestered.

St. Martin's, Orgar's, Dr. Walton, assaulted, sequestered, plun. dered, and forced to fly; Mr. Mosse, his curate, turned out.

St. Martin's, Outwich, Dr. Pierce, sequestered and dead.

St. Martin's, Vintry, Dr. Ryves, sequestered, plundered, and forced to fly.

St. Matthew's, Friday-street, Mr. Chestlin, violently assaulted in his house, imprisoned in the Compter, thence sent to Colchester jail, in Essex, sequestered and plundered.

St. Maudlin's, Milk-street, Mr. Jones, sequestered.

St. Maudlin's, Old Fish-street, Dr. Griffith, sequestered, plun. dered, and imprisoned in Newgate, whence being let out, he was forced to fly, and since imprisoned again in Peter-house.

St. Michael's, Bassishaw, Dr. Gifford, sequestered.

St. Michael's, Cornhill, 1. Dr. Brough, sequestered, plunder. ed, wife and children turned out of doors, his wife dead with grief; 2. Mr. Weld, his curate, assaulted, beaten in the church, and turned out.

St. Michael's, Queen-hith, Mr. Hill, sequestered.
St. Michael's Quern, Mr. Launce, sequestered.
St. Michael's Royal, Mr. Proctor, sequestered, and forced to fly.
St. Mildred's, Bred-street, Mr. Bradshaw, sequestered.

St. Mildred's, Poultry; Mr. Maden, sequestered and gone be. yond sea.

St. Nicholas's Acons, Mr. Bennet, sequestered,
St. Nicholas's Cole-Abby, Mr. Chibald, sequestered.

St Nicholas Olave's, Dr. Cheshire, molested, and forced to resign. St. Olave's, Hart-street, Mr. Haines, sequestered.

St. Olave's, Jewry, Mr. Tuke, sequestered, plundered, and imprisoned.

St. Olave's, Silver-street, Dr. Boosie, abused and dead with grief.

St. Pancrass's, Soper-lane, Mr. Eccop, sequestered, plundered, forced to fly, his wife and children turned out of doors.

St. Peter's, Cheapside, Mr. Vocheir, sequestered and dead with grief.

St. Peter's, Cornhill, Dr. Fairfax, sequestered, plundered, imprisoned in Ély-house and the ships, his wife and children turned out of doors.

St. Peter's, Paul's Wharf, Mr. Marbury, sequestered.

St. Peter's Poor, Dr. Holdsworth, sequestered, plundered, im. prisoned in Ely-house, then in the Tower.

St. Stephen's, Walbrook, Dr. Howell, through rexation forced St. Swithin's, Mr. Owen, sequestered.

St. Thomas Apostle's, Mr. Cooper, sequestered, plundered, sent prisoner to Leeds-Castle, in Kent, is dead with grief.

Trinity parish, Mr. Harrison, sequestered.

N. B. In the ninety-seven parishes within the Walls, besides St. Paul's, outed eighty-five, and dead sixteen.

to fly,



Parishes without the Walls.
St. Andrew's, Holborn, Dr. Hacket, sequestered.

St. Bartholomew's Great, Bishop Westfield, abused in the street, sequestered, forced to fly, and is dead.

St. Bartholomew's Less, 1. Mr. Henshaw, 2. Mr. Hall.
St. Bride's parish, Mr. Palmer, sequestered.
Bridewell Precinct, Mr. Browne, turned out.

St. Botolph's, Aldersgate, Mr. Booth, sequestered and plun. dered.

St. Botolph's, Aldgate, Dr. Swadlin, sequestered, plundered, imprisoned at Gresham Colledge and Newgate, his wife and children turned out of doors.

St. Botolph's, Bishopsgate, Mr. Rogers, sequestered.

St. Dunstan's, West, Dr. Marsh, sequestered, and died in re. mote parts.

St. George's, Southwark, Dr. Hobson, sequestered.

St. Giles's, Cripplegate, 1. Dr. Fuller, sequestered, plundered, and imprisoned at Ely-house. 2. Mr. Hutton, his curate, as. saulted in the church and imprisoned.

St. Olave's, Southwark, Dr. Turner, sequestered, plundered, fetched up prisoner with a troop of soldiers, and after forced to fly.

St. Sepulchre's. parish, Mr. Pigot, the lecturer, turned out.

St. Thomas's, Southwark, Mr. Spencer, sequestered, and im. prisoned.

N. B. In the sixteen parishes without the Walls, outed four. teen, dead two.

In the ten Out-Parishes. St. Clement's Danes, Dr. Dukson, sequestered, plundered, and forced to fly.

Covent-garden, Mr. Hall, sequestered and forced to fly.

St. Giles's in the Fields, Dr. Heywood, sequestered, imprisoned in the Compter, Ely-house, and the ships, forced to fly, his wife and children turned out of doors.

St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, Mr. Squire, sequestered, imprisoned in Gresham College, Newgate, and the King's Bench, his wife and children plundered and turned out of doors.

St. Martin's in the Fields, Dr. Bray, sequestered, imprisoned, plundered, forced to fly, and dead in remote parts.

St. Mary's, White-chapel, Dr. Johnson, sequestered.
St. Magdalen's, Bermondsey, Dr. Paske, sequestered.

Savoy, 1. Dr. Balcanquell, sequestered, plundered, forced to fly,
and dead in remote parts. 2. Mr. Fuller, forced to tly.
N. B. In the ten out-parishes, outed nine, dead two.

In the adjacent Towns. The Dean and all the Prebends of the Abby-church, Westmin. ster, (but only Mr. Lambert Obaston) sequestered.

St. Margaret's, Westminster, Dr. Wimberly, sequestered.

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