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Nám, 2002

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Side 59 - I'm sorry said Peter I won't be able to do that. c Why is that the teacher asked. d Well Peter replied I don't know the first thing about pollution.
Side 49 - The ferry leaves at ten. The next train to London is at 8 am tomorrow. The party starts at seven.
Side 19 - However, most coffee we drink in England is poor stuff. i Can you buy the painting back from the man to you sold it?
Side 50 - Framtid vid be about to verdur nytt um tad, sum just er / var um at henda I was about to leave when the phone rang.
Side 19 - I ate this morning was not good. g We often spoke of the places we had visited together.
Side 48 - The car is going to break down if we don't have it repaired.

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