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Side 217 - Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shall be saved
Side 47 - The consequence was that these gentle natures had no continuance, and thus, by a policy so singularly unwise and suicidal that I am hardly able to speak of it without impatience, the Church brutalized the breed of our forefathers. She acted precisely as if she had aimed at selecting the rudest portion of the community to be, alone, the parents of future generations. She practised the arts which breeders would use, who aimed at creating ferocious, currish, and stupid natures.
Side 304 - ... we have a foreboding that Clough, imperfect as he was in many respects, and dying before he had subdued his sensitive temperament to the sterner requirements of his art, will be thought a hundred years hence to have been the truest expression in verse of the moral and intellectual tendencies, the doubt and struggle towards settled convictions, of the period in which he lived.
Side 55 - I attacked was the plaintiff who had sued me ; and one evening I wounded him in the legs and arms so severely, taking care, however, not to kill him, that I deprived him of the use of both his legs.
Side 194 - He shall not be called upon to perform any ceremony derogatory to him as representing the Sovereign of an independent nation on a footing of equality with that of China.
Side 136 - Success returned to the British arms. French armies were beaten everywhere by Britain and her allies — in India, in Africa, in Canada, on the Rhine — and British fleets drove the few French ships they did not capture or destroy from almost every sea. But the prime mover of all these brilliant victories found himself compelled to 'resign (1761), when...
Side 357 - In 1886 a fresh constitution was adopted for the new Republic of Colombia, placing the central authority in the strengthened hands of the federal government, and reducing the nine former self-governing states of Antioquia, Bolivar, Boyaca, Cauca, Cundinamarca, Magdalena, Panama, Santander, and Tolima to subordinate departments, which still, however, retain the management of their own finances.
Side 274 - And in like manner a further addition to the annual allowance of one-sixtieth in respect of each additional year of such service, until the completion of a period of service of forty years, when the annual allowance of fortysixtieths may be granted ; and no addition shall be made in respect of any service beyond forty years...
Side 139 - Meanwhile in 1374 he was appointed comptroller of the Customs and Subsidy of Wools, Skins, and Tanned Hides...
Side 300 - India were in 1772 made the subject of animadversion in parliament, and next year matter for the inquiry of a select committee. He was examined and cross-examined more like a sheepstealer than the Baron of Plassey.

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