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and Will Dry

477. Letter on Gardening .
478, Proposal for a Repository of Fashions steele
479. Causes of Unhappiness in the mar-

ried Life

480. Letters from a country Gentleman to

Pharamond ..

From a Lawyer's Clerk .
481. Opinions on the Dispute between

Count Rechteren and M. Mesnager ADDISON
482. Letters from Hen-peckt Husbands-

from a Woman married to a Cot-

483. On attributing our Neighbours' Mis-

fortunes to Judgements.
484. Letter and Reflexions on Modesty · STEELE
485. On the Power of insignificant Objects

- Character of a Templar in Love

-Equestrian Lady

486. Letter on Hen-peckt Keepers .

487. Essay on Dreams

488. On the Price and Success of the Spec-

tator . .

Epigram on the same

489. Meditations on the Wonders of the

Deep, with a Hymn


490. On Marriage-excessive Fondness . STEELE

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491. Story of Rhynsault and Sapphira . . STEELE
492. Advantages of Levity over grave Be-

haviour in young Ladies

493. On giving false Characters of Servants

Letter from Horace to Claudius


494. On Religious Melancholy.

495. On the Number, Dispersion, and

Religion of the Jews .

496. Letters on the Conduct of


foppish Fathers-on Swinging .
497. On bestowing Favours on the deser-

ving Anecdote of a Portuguese Mi-

nister of Pope Leo X.
498. Letter on young Templars turning

499. Will Huneycomb's Account of the

Siege of Hersberg, and his Dream . ADDISON
500. Defence and Happiness of a married

50). Patience, an Allegory
502. On the Taste of a Roman and English

theatrical Audience ...

503. Ralph Wonder's Account of the Phan-

tom at Church .

504. Substitutes for Conversation ---Trick

of Biting


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505. On Conjurors and Revealers of Dreams AdDISON
506. Reflexions on Errors in Marriage---

Characters of Erastus, Letitia, Taw-

dry, and Flavilla
507. On party Lies .
508. Description of a Tavern-tyrant--Com-

plaint against a Coxcomb

509. On abuses at the Royal Exchange---

Maxims of Thrift

510. On the irresistible Power of Beauty

511. Will Honeycomb's Proposal of a Fair

for Marriage---Sale of unmarried

Women .


512. On giving Advice

513. Meditation on Death, a Hymn

514. Vision of Mount Parnassus

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