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No homely morsels! and whatever thing 605 The (cithe of Time mowes down, devour un

spar'd: Till I in man residing, through the race, His thoughts, his looks, words, actions all

infect; And season him thy last and sweetest prey. This said, they both betook them leveral ways,

610 Both to destroy, or unimmortal make. All kinds; and for desiruction to mature Sooner or later: which th' Almighty seeing, From his transcendent seat the Saints among, To those bright Orders utter'd thus his


615 See, with what heat these dogs of hell

advance To waste and havock yonder world, which I So fair and good created; and had still Kept in that state, had not the folly of man Eet in these wasteful Furies; who impute 620 Folly to me: so doth the prince of Hell And his adherents, that with so much ease I suffer them to enter and possess A place so heav'nly, and conniving seem To gratify. my scornful enemies,

625 That laugh, as if, transported with some fit, Of passion, I to them had quitted all, At random yielded up to their misrule:

And know not, that I call’d and drew them

thither, My hell - hounds, to lick up the draff and


630 Which man's polluting lin with taint hath

shed On what was pure, till cramm’d and gorg'd,

nigh burst, With suck'd and glutted offal, at one sling Of thy victorious arm,' well-pleasing Son, Both Sin, and Death, and yawning Grave at


635 Throug Chaos hurl'd, obstruct tke mouth of

Hell For ever, and seal up

his ravenous jaws, Then hea'n and earth renew'd, shall be made

pure To fanctity, that shall receive no stain : Till then the curfe pronounc'd on both pre


640 He ended, and the heav'nly audience loud Sung Hallelujah, as the sound of feas, Through multitude that fung' „Just are thy

ways, ,, Righteous are thy decrees on all thy works; Who can extenuate Thee ? ' next,

to the Son,

645 „Destind restorer of mankind, by whom „New heav'n and earth shall to the ages rise,

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„Or down from Heav'n descend.“ Such was

their song, While the Creator calling forth by name His mighty Angels , gave them several


650 As forted best with present things. The Sun Had first his precept so to move, so Chine, As might affect the earth with cold, and heat, Scarce tolerable; and from the north to call Decrepit Winter; from the south to bring, 655 Solstitial summer's heat. To the blanc moon Her office they prescrib’d; to th’ other five Their planetary motions and aspects In Sextile, Square, and Trine, and Opposite Of noxious efficacy; and when to join 660 In fynod unbenign: and thaught the fix'd Their influence malignant when to show'r, Which of them rising with the Sun, or fal

ling, Should prove tempestuous. To, the winds

they set

Thcir corners;

when with bluster to con: found

663 Sea, air, and shore: the thunder when to

roll With terror through the dark aereal hall. Some say, he bid his Angels turn ascanse The Poles of earth twice ten degrees and



From the Sun's ax!c; they with labor

push'd Oblique the centric globe: some say, the Sun Was bid turn from th' equinoctial road Like distant breadth 10 Taurus with to sev'n Atlantic fisters; and the Spartan Twins Up to the Tropic Crab; thence down


675 By Leo and the Virgin and the Scales, As deep as Capricorn, to bring in change Of seasons to each clime: else had the spring Perpetual smild on earth with vernant

flowers, Equal in days and nights, except to those 630 Beyond the Polar circles : to them day Had unbenighted shone, while the low Sun To recompense his distance, in their fight Had rounded still th' horizon, and not known Or east or weft; which had forbid the snow 685 From cold Estotiland; and south as far Beneath Magellan. At that tasted fruit The sun, as from Thyestean banquet, turn'd His course intended; else how had the world Inhabited, though finless, more than now 690 Avoided pinching cold and scorching heat? These changes in the Heavn's, though flow,

produc'd Like change on sea and land; fideral blast, Vapor, and mist, and exhalation hot;

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Corrupt and pestilent ! Now from the


695 Of Norumbega, and the Samoed shore, Bursting their brazen dungeon, arm’d with ice And snow and hail and stormy gust and flaw, Boreas and Caecias and Argestes loud . And Thrascias rend the woods and seas up

turn :

700 With adverse blast upturns them from the

fouth Notus and Afer black with thundrous clouds From Sierra Liona: thwart of these as fierce Forth rush the Levant and the Ponent winds Eurus and Zephyr; with their lateral noise, 705 Sirocco, and Libecchio. Thus began Outrage from lifeless things: but Discord first, Daughter of Sin, among th’ irrational Death introduc'd through fierce antipathy: Beast now with beast 'gan war, and fowl with


710 And fish with filh:

to graze the herb all

leaving, • Devour'd each other; nor stood much in awe Of man, but fled him, or with count'nance

grim Glar'd on him pafling. These were from

without The growing miseries, which Adam saw: 715 Already in part, though hid in gloomiest shade,

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