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at any time Thou dash Thy foot against a stone. Jesus answered and said unto him, It is said, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God. Then the devil departed from Him, and behold angels came and ministered unto Him.".

CHAP. VII. Jesus commenceth his ministry, and chooseth the twelve Apostles. Luke vi. Mark iii. vi. Matt. x.



temptation Jesus returned to Nazareth, and began his ministry, to which He had now been publickly called by a voice from heaven. "He went about all the cities and villages of Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the Gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness, and

every disease people."

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And out of the disciples which followed Him, "He chose twelve, whom also He named apostles; Simon, (whom He also named Peter,) and Andrew his brother, James, and John, Philip and Bartholomew, Matthew and Thomas, James the Son of Alpheus, and Simon called Zelotes, and Judas the brother of James, and Judas Iscariot, which also was the traitor. These He ordained "that they should be with Hin, and that He might send them forth to preach, and to have power to 'heal sicknesses, and to cast out devils." And

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ministry, they went out and preached that men should repent. And having cast out many devils, and healed many that were sick; they returned unto Jesus, and told Him all things, both what they had done, and what they had taught.'

CHAP. VIII. Of the transfiguration of Jesus. Matt. xvii,

IN the course of His ministry 'Jesus taketh Peter, and James, and John his brother, and bringeth them up into an high mountain apart, and was transfigured before them; and His face did shine as the sun, and His rainent was white as the light. And behold, there appeared unto them, Moses and Elias talking with Him. And behold a bright cloud

overshadowed them, and behold a voice out of the cloud, which said, This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye Him. And when the disciples heard it, they fell on their faces, and were sore afraid. And Jesus came and touched them, and said, Arise, and be not afraid, And when they had lifted up their eyes, they saw no man save Jesus only. And while they abode in Galilee, Jesus said unto His disciples, the Son of man shall be betrayed into the hands of men; and they shall kill Him, and the third day He shall be raised again. And His disciples were exceeding sorry.' CHAP. IX. Of the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. Matt. xxi

AFTER these things Jesus,

passing through Jerico, went up to Jerusalem with His disciples; and when they drew nigh unto Jerusalem, and were come to Bethphage, unto the Mount of Olives, then sent Jesus two disciples, saying unto them, Go into the village over against you, and straightway ye shall find an ass tied, and a colt with her; loose them, and bring them unto Me. And if any man say ought unto you, ye shall say, The Lord hath need of them, and straightway he will send them. And the disciples went, and did as Jesus commanded them, and brought the ass and the colt, and put on them their clothes, and they set Him thereon. And a very great multitude spread their garments in the

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