Making $ense Of Your Finances: 21 Weeks to a New Financial You

Lime Press LLC, 9. dec. 2020 - 206 sider
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This book is the only book looking at personal finances in this way. Get it quickly and become a new financial you in six months. Debts, lack, and want will be able to be reduced methodically, savings begun and your self-concept built up. With each section, you'll be saying, "I can do that."

Gaining a substantial financial bottom line means you will be learning new ways to handle your money. Twenty-one weeks of pondering one chapter each week will expose six problems. Then the process to follow solves the problem, and the next chapter will bring you to the potential provisions. They will revitalize your view of finances. An improved net worth will begin changing your life because you will begin Making $ense of Your Finances. Everyone can find fifteen minutes a day to get on their way to a great future.

Easy step by step style budges your money into the right categories and percents for your lifestyle. You'll be glad Making $ense of Your Finances. Here is help so you can begin today toward the new financial you.

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Om forfatteren (2020)

Dr. Myrna L. Goehri Etheridge has taught school kindergarten through college classes and has earned BSE, MSE, Ph.D., and D.D's. During her many years in ministry, she has taught and worked with teams in over 35 nations. Christian Television, TCT-TV, and TBN-TV have been an important part of her ministry life. She's comfortable on television and radio. You will not be surprised to note that she has been listed in thirteen Who's Who volumes and authored seventeen books. Her lifelong goal has been to learn one new fact each day. As a dyslexic child that finally read in third grade, that was quite a goal. She now writes books, which is a curiosity to her and perhaps to you. She is the eldest child in her farm family and has been in church since two weeks of age. She knows the peace and joy of having Jesus Christ as her management source. She loves helping people, the land, and probably you-if she gets to meet you.

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