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Side 106 - without one exception, happen to be metaphysical, must and will victoriously return upon us. ' Of Providence, Foreknowledge, Will, and Fate, Fixed Fate, Free Will, Foreknowledge Absolute, 5
Side 39 - was prettily and fantastically troubled, who, having used to put his trust in dreams, one night dreamed that all dreams were vain ; for he considered, if so, then this was vain, and the dreams might be true for all this.' (For who pronounced them not true, except a vain dream
Side 305 - poetic being too frequently in his meaning nothing more than that which is clothed in a form of sensuous apprehensibility. The fact is, that no mere description, however visual and picturesque, is in any instance poetic per se, or except in and through the passion which presides. Among our own writers of eminent genius, who
Side 213 - wounds in his happiness — five worms that gnawed forever at his heart : he was unhappy in springtime, because that is a season of hope — and rich with phantoms of far happier days than any which this aceldama of earth can realize. He was unhappy at the sound of music, which dilates the heart of man into its whole capacity for the
Side 209 - Rest, rest : and lead me no farther : I am too solitary in the creation itself ; and in its deserts yet more so : the full world is great, but the empty world is greater ; and with the universe increase its Zaarahs.' Then the Form touched me like the flowing of a breath, and spoke more gently than before
Side 182 - secular,' as it is exhibited by Milton in the fine expression — ( A secular bird,' meaning the phoenix, I might have translated it — before the secular eye : but the vulgar théologie sense of the word in English would have led to a misinterpretation of the meaning. No other equivalent term occurs to me, except
Side 211 - Thus spoke the little warbler, and soon had learned the sweet airs that were sung to it with voice and instrument. That done, the curtain was raised ; for the darkness had been purposely contrived to assist in its instruction. Oh
Side 188 - as the death of a man, was, in the first place, to be described with pathos, and if with humor, no otherwise than as the one could be reconciled with the other : but, 2d, it was the death not only of a man, but also of a Falstaff; and we could not but require that the
Side 304 - in the British Museum, in which are united the expressions of ineffable benignity with infinite duration. But, to return from this illustration, if the sense of the enduring and the essential be thus predominant in sculpture, it then becomes plain why a thing so accidental and so frail as drapery should tend to disturb its highest
Side 200 - afternoon he spends delightfully ; for, having before him such perfect flower-stand of pleasures, he scarcely knows where he should settle. Supposing it to be Christmas-day, he preaches again : he preaches on a subject which calls up images of the beauteous eastern-land, or of eternity. ^ By this time, twilight and gloom prevailed through the church : only a couple of

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