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their acceptableness with him (Disc. xix ); and, lastly (Disc. xx.) the consequences of our present actions, as they will influence our future and eternal destiny. These Discourses are not, in general, upon difficult texts of Scripture, as Mr. Hulse seems to require, but they are certainly upon such as are "generally useful, and necessary to be explained ;" and as they were delivered during the vacation, when few who would have relished the thorny discussion of a disputed point, or doubtful meaning, were present, I trust I shall stand excused. I add further (speaking to those alone who heard the series) that the Discourses are not printed in the exact order in which they were preached. In fact, the twelfth Discourse was the last delivered; which I notice to account for the valedictory nature of its concluding paragraph.


Dec. 20, 1820.


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