The Transactions of the Provincial Medical and Surgical Association, Bind 1


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Side 438 - When the ear heard him, then it blessed him ; and when the eye saw him, it gave witness to him: because he delivered the poor that cried, and the fatherless, and him that had none to help him. The blessing of him that, was ready to perish came upon him ; and he caused the widow's heart to sing for joy.
Side 114 - There is a cast of thought in the complexion of an Englishman, which renders him the most unsuccessful rake in the world. He is (as Aristotle expresseth it) at variance with himself. He is neither brute enough to enjoy his appetites, nor man enough to govern them.
Side 8 - Investigations of the modifications of Endemic and Epidemic Diseases, in different situations, and at various periods, so as to trace, so...
Side 307 - ... became increased so as to press on the pharynx and prevent deglutition, and upon the larynx, so as to excite violent fits of coughing, and ultimately impede respiration.
Side 10 - A collection of reports, says Professor Whewell, concerning the present state of science, drawn up by competent persons, is on all accounts much wanted ; in order that scientific students may know where to begin their labours, and in order that those who pursue one branch of science may know how to communicate with the inquirer in another.
Side 274 - Mr. Toogood thinks that sufficient attention is not paid to fixing the scapula, and for many years past he has adopted a very simple method, which has never failed. It is this. Having seated the patient on a low chair or stool, firmly secured the body and fixed the pulley, I stand over him, and place the heel of my right hand on the acromion, leaning my weight on my hand : by this means the scapula is fixed and rendered immoveable, the extension is then made, and the reduction quickly completed....
Side 103 - Hall, little organic change was found after death. In some, there was a .turgid state of the cerebral vessels and of the lungs, apparently produced by the violence of the spasm and the struggle for breath. Dr. Walker has seen several cases of this affection. " One of the last examples of this spasmodic affection, which has fallen under my observation, occurred in an infant, whose health, in other respects, did not materially suffer. The attacks of crowing inspiration returned at intervals, sometimes...
Side 8 - Maintenance of the honour and respectability of the Profession, generally, in the Provinces, by promoting friendly intercourse and free communication of its Members, and by establishing among them the harmony and good feeling which ought ever to characterise a liberal profession.
Side 76 - Oil inquiry, I found that the child for several months had been troubled with an eruption which the mother called the itch, which had occupied not only the arms and thighs, but other parts of the body. The eruption not giving way to the internal exhibition of alteratives, the external application of an ointment, consisting of the unguentum sulphuris, with a little of the wig.
Side 62 - But, if we view it from without, we find that every particle of its surface is adapted to some purpose which it has to answer in combination with the soft parts with which it is in contact.

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