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Finally, we have a book that adopts orphans and foster children into a family of love. This book is titled "Memories of a Cherry Blossom Tree" and it was written by Fletcher Johnson Jr. His book is based on fictional accounts of children who came from various backgrounds of abuse, neglect, abandonment and displacement. Readers will experience elements of love, joy, peace, and compassion. This book contains multiculturalism, drama, poetry, a recipe and a dinner theater menu. It is a book for all ages. This is a tribute to all social service agencies, educators, adoptive and foster parents around the world.

This story takes place during the year of 1908 in a city called, " Macon," which is located in the heart of Georgia. Some call it "Central Georgia". The events unfold in an orphanage home known to many as "Stillwater's." The name alone represents "Peace." The Lady in Pink established the home for those children who were abandoned, abused, neglected, or had no place to turn.

She had domestic and international ties to agencies that screened and listed prospective parents who were seeking to adopt children. While the children waited, she nurtured them with love, poetry, and plenty of care. After all of the children became adopted, the Lady in Pink passed away some years later. She was laid to rest underneath the Cherry Blossom Tree where the women once sang and played as orphan girls. The women built a new Orphanage and began having annual Cherry Blossom festivals as way of paying tribute to the Lady in Pink.

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