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(Anoient Villa Mirabeau). First-class Hotel, with a vast Garden and beautiful Shades. Baths,

H. ROY, Proprietor.


OTEL DE BELLE VUE.---MR. M. HOCHE, Proprietor. - This favourite

, incorporated, is pleasantly situate, close to the landing-place of the steam-boats, facing the Rhine, and commanding a most beautiful view of the Castle of Ehrenbreitstein. This magnificent establishment is fitted up in a very superior style, and conducted in a manner to deserve the patronage it enjoys among the English nobility and gentry, who will find it a most desirable residence for comfort and accommodation--which nothing can surpass - and for civility and attention.

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OTEL DU GEANT.-Messrs. EISENMANN, Proprietors. This well

known and favourite first-class hotel is delightfully situated opposite the castle of Ehrenbreitstein; it is the nearest to the landing-place of the Steamers, and commands a most beautiful view of the Rhine and surrounding country. This highly-recommended establishment combines superior accommodation with moderate prices.

THE ANCHOR HOTEL.-Mr. W. Prang, Proprietor.


superior comfort and first-class accommodation, with careful attendance and moderate charges, is situated just opposite the landing place of the steamers, and commands a magnificent view of the Rhine and the Castle of Ehrenbreitstein. It is conducted in a manner to be found well worthy of the patronage it enjoys of English and American families and travellers. Excellent cooking. Choice wines. Foreign papers. Cold aud Warm Baths, and elegant carriages in the hotel. Omnibnses at the Station.


Proprietor, Mr. F. MAAS.
Opposite to the Palace of the Empress. First-class accommodation.


most centrally situated, close to the Cathedral, the Central Railway Station for Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Calais, and Bonn Railways, the Quay of the Rhine Steamers, the new Tubular Bridge over the Rhine, &c. Superior accommodation and comfort will be found here for Families, Tourists, and Gentlemen passing through Cologne, en route to or returning from the Rhine, the North of Germany, &c. Messrs. Disch & CAPELLAN keep a large assortment of the best stock of Rhine and Moselle wines for wholesale. The Hotel Omnibus conveys passengers to and from the Railway Stations.

HOTEL DU NORD :-. The only first-class Hotel contiguous to the Central

Station, the Cathedral, and the Rhine. 200 Rooms and Saloons. Fine view over the Rhine. Garden and Baths. French Cook. Omnibuses at every train. Sale of choice Rhine Wines for er. portation, &0. English spoken. Tariffs in every room

COLOGNE-Continued. HE HOTEL DE HOLLANDE is delightfully situated opposite the starting Railway and Cathedral. The apartments are furnished with English comfort, being carpeted throughout, and suited to large families, as well as single gentlemen. It offers, from its Belvedere, built in the veranda style, as well as from its windows, the finest view of the Rhine, and a panorama of Cologne. The accommodation will be found to combine comfort and cleanliness, a perfect cuisine and exquisite wines-attentive servants—and moderate charges.-Omnibuses and private carriages attached to the Hotel.

RAND HOTEL VICTORIA, COLOGNE.—This first-class Hotel is, with

it was opened it has been patronised by the Reigning Sovereigns who have passed through Cologne. It is situated on the “Heumarkt," near the landing-place of the Rhine Steamers, the new Bridges, the Cathedral, and Railway Stations. Excellent Cuisine. Table d'Hôte; choice Wines; Carriages and Omnibuses at the Hotel. Fixed and moderate prices.

F. W. LUGENBUAL, Proprietor.

HOTEL DE DOME: More comfortable than luxurious.

Well situated in the finest and best part of the town, with a frontage of 200 feet, giving a fine view of the Cathedral, only a few minutes from the central; opposite the new bridge over the Rhine. Fixed but moderate charges. Perfect Cuisine. Choice wines, and good beds. Reading Room, with 65 journals. English and French spoken. Th. METZ, Proprietor.



OTEL VOLTA.- Mr. C. GALLI, formerly proprietor of the Hotel d’Italie,

has just opened this first-class Establishment, which affords every comfort to families and single gentlemen. It is adapted after the English style, beautifully situated on the Landing-place, and commands the most splendid view of the Lake and the surrounding country. English, French, and German papers. Baths in the house. Omnibuses at the station. Several languages spoken.

CONSTANCE. (of ) on the 1st of June, 1875. This first-class Establishment is replete with all the improvements of modern times. Beautiful and healthy situation on the banks of Lake Constance. Splendid view of the Swiss Alps and the "Voralberg. The Hotel is surrounded by a large and magnificent Park, and contains 150 Bed-rooms, besides Salons, large Tablo d'Hote, and Restaurant, Ladies' Drawing-room, Reading-room containing a Library, and a large number of newspapers of all countries ; Salon de Conversation, Billiard-room, and “Café." THE BATHING ESTABLISHMENT, attached to the Hotel, is fitted with all descriptions of baths; Lake-water Baths. The HOTEL DES BAINS is open all the year round; favourable arrangements made with visitors making a lengthened stay. English Chapel.

A. SPRINGER, Director.

OTEL DU BROCHET (HECHT HOTEL).-First-class Establishment,

Excellent Pension. Table d'Hote at 1 and 5 o'clock. Spacious house, exceedingly clean, quiet, and newly re-farnished with great comfort. The Proprletor has the sole right of fishing in the Rhine and Lake. Boats and all appliances in the house. Prices very moderate. French and English papers.


, situated close to the Royal Palace and overlooking the King's Newmarket. It contains 100 hewly-furnished bed-rooms and saloons. Reading-room. Hot Bath-room. Smoking-room, &c. Table d'Hote. Privat inners. English and American Newspapers. All languages spoken, Splendid Lift, Deservedly recommended. Moderate Charges,



HOTEL ST. GEORGE. CHIS FIRST-CLASS HOTEL is very well situated, on the north corner of

the Esplanade, and close to the Royal Palace. It is fitted up after the English style, and is one of the most comfortable Hotels, affording first-rate accommodation for Families and Single Gentlemen. Splendid furnished Apartments, with Pianoforte. Hot Bath-room. Table d'Hôte; Private Dinners. English and Foreign Newspapers. Reading-room, Smoking-room, and Billiard

Magnificent Carriages and Horses. Everything neat, elegant, and at moderate charges. English, French, and German spoken. Under the patronage of King George the First, the Emperor of Austria, and the Grand Duke of Mecklenburgh. Pension at the Branch House newly added to the Hotel.



Kept by Messrs. GAZZI BROTHERS. TNDER the patronage of H.I.H. the Grand Duke Constantine of Russia, Splendid Situation, near the Royal Palace. Large and small Apartments, and single Bed-rooms for Gentlemen. Excellent table d'Hote. Reading Saloon. Smoking and Billiard-rooms. Pianoforte. Well appointed Carriages. Very moderate terms. English, French, and Italian spoken.


PRIVATE HOTEL DHEIL SCHMIDT. А. VERY highly recommended Family Hotel, newly furnished with elegance

and comfort. The house is entirely surrounded by a large and beautiful Garden, and is situated close to the Kurhaus, Telegraph, and Railway Stations. Excellent Cuisine. Good Wines. Moderate Charges. Table d'Hôte. Private Dinners. Restaurant à la Carte. Reduced Charges in

the Winter.

dation, at very moderate charges, to families and single gentlemen, and is situated in the finest and healthiest part of the town, near the Kurhaus, the Railway Station, and opposite the Telegraph Office. It is surrounded by a beautiful Garden. Splendid large new Dining Saloon. 100 well-furnished and clean Bed-rooms and Sitting-rooms (some with balconies). Excellent Baths. Good Table d'Hôte; Private Dinners at any hour. Pension in winter. English and French spoken. Omnibuses at the Station.

C. CLAUER, Proprietor.

HOTEL ORANIENHOF, first-class Hotel, very well situated in one of the

most healthy parts of the town, and close to the Kurhaus; it comprises, in addition to wellfurnished apartments, a newly fitted up Conversation Saloon and a fine Billiard Room. Baths. Large Garden. Moderate charges. Th. PiTian, Proprietor.


HOTEL DES BAINS DE MER DU CROTOY. THIS beautiful First-class Hotel has just been re-opened by the new Pro

prietors, Messrs. DELANT and SAVOURNÍN, who spared no pains to make it worthy, in every respect, of the patronage of English and American travellers. Its beautiful situation on the border of the sea, its Casino, and Bath Establishment, “ Restaurant," and general comfort make it a very desirablc residence for families and single gentlemen as well in summer as in winter,


CULOZ. HOTEL FOLLIET. Just opposite the Station. JOSEPH FOLLIET, Proprietor. SEWLY built, and fitted up in a way to insure every desirable comfort. and great cleanliness. The proprietor is very civil and attentive.

NOTA BENE.- Travellers are respectfully recommended not to allow themselves to be misled by commissioners, &c., and to ask for the New Hotel Folliet.


Langenmarkt, No. 19, Close to Railway Stations, in centre of business quarter, and opposite the Exchange. Highly recommended by English Travellers. English Spoken,




DARMSTADT, OTEL DARMSTAEDTER HOF-A first-rate Hotel of old standing,

superior accommodation for Gentlemen or Families. Two Coffee Rooms, excellent Table d'Hôte; Suites of Apartments, with every comfort in the English style, at moderate charges. L. WIENER, Proprietor.

N.B.—This Hotel has been established more than half a century ago by the father of the present Proprietor. A lengthened residence in England enables Mr. WIENER to givé especial satisfaction to English travellers,



This Hotel offers a most agreeable residence.




sor to Mr. LAFOSSE, Senior—the Bathing Establishment and the Parade, is one of the most pleasantly situated Hotels in Dieppe, commanding a beautiful and extensive view of the sea. Families and gentlemen visiting Dieppe will find at this establishment elegant, large, and small apartments, and the best of accommodation at very reasonable prices; the refreshments, &c., are of the best quality. Table d'Hôte and private Dinners. Open all the year.

G RAND HOTEL DES BAINS, fronting the Sea, the Bath Establishment,

and close to the Custom House, is unrivalled for its situation and its excellent accommodation. For many years this favourite Hotel has been patronised by the majority of English visitors to this fashionable watering-place of "La Belle Normandie." The Proprietor, MR. MORGAN, is most obliging. Prices will be found very moderate.



Delightfully situated directly facing the Sea, and close to the Baths. Madame J. B. Corgne is unremitting in her attention to the comfort of her visitors. Elegantly-furnished lofty apartments for large and small families. Old Wines and first-rate Cuisine, with very moderate charges. French and English spoken. Terms made for the Winter season.

DIJON HOTEL DE LA CLOCHE, MR. Goisset, Proprietor. This Hotel continues

to enjoy its old-established reputation, and offers English visitors all the accommodation they can desire. It is situated close to the Railway Station, and the objects of attraction in the town. Suites of Apartments. Good Table d'Hôte. Carriages for drives. Omnibuses at the Station. English and German spoken. Large assortment of Burgundy Wines for wholesale.

OTEL DU JURA.-M. David, Proprietor.—This first-rate Hotel again greatly improved,

is the nearest to the Railway Station, the Cathedral, and the Public Garden Saloons, Apartments and Rooms for Families. Table d'Hôte. Private Carriages for Hire by the hour. English Newspapers. Omnibuses to convey Passengers to and from cach Train. English spoken. The greatest attention is paid to English Visitors. Divine Service celebrated in the Hotel from the lat of May to the end of November, by a Minister supplied by the Evangelical Society. Burgundy Wines for wholesale exported to all parts.


HOTEL DE BOURGOGNE, near the Station; Benoit, proprietor.—This

Hotel has been lately enlarged, and contains now 70 well-furnished apartments for families. Saloons and rooms. It is situated near the Cathedral and the Bishop's Palace, and commands a view of the Botanical Gardens. "Table d'Hôte." Carriages; Omnibuses at the Station. Moderat charges.


Hotel, situated on the right bank of the Meuse, near to the Bridge, and opposite the Cathedral, contains 35 rooms, several elegantly-furnished saloons, Reading and Smoking Rooms, and offers every desirable comfort and cleanliness. Excellent dinners, good attendance, and moderate prices.

N.B.-From the 1st of October, Pension at 7 frs. 50 cents. per day, Apartment, Breakfast, Dinner and Supper at Table d'Hôte, light and service included.

OTEL DE LA TETE D'OR.–Proprietor, ALEXIS DISIERE LAVIOLETTE. the ancient church. Charming Garden, with path leading to the ruins of the Citadel on the tops of the Cliffs, from where a delightful view of Dinant and the picturesque Valley of the Meuse is to be had. Arrangements made with Families and Single Gentlemen, at moderate charges, for protracted stay. Carriages to visit the Grottoes of Ham and Rochefort, &c. Trout and Pike Fishing Sailing Boat on the Meuse.

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Kept by Mr. LOPPIN, successor to Wr. FLUTSCH. YOMFORTABLE and WELL-SITUATED HOTEL, with large Apartments, modation, and moderate terms. Table d'Hôte. English spoken.

DRESDEN. GR (RAND UNION HOTEL –This handsome first-rate Hotel, which has been

recently built and decorated in the newest style, was opened on the 1st April. It is situated on the Bismarckplatz, in the English quarter, close to the Central Railway Station of the Leipsic, Dresden, Berlin, Munich, and Vienna Line. Large Dining and Breakfast Saloons. Billiard, Drawing, and Reading Rooms. A large Garden. Two superior Tables d'Hôtes daily. During the Winter Board and Lodging at moderate prices.


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