An Historical View of the Negotiations Between the Courts of England, France, and Brussels, from the Year 1592 to 1617: Extracted Chiefly from the Ms. State-papers of Sir Thomas Edmondes ... and of Anthony Bacon ... : to which is Added, A Relation of the State of France, with the Characters of Henry IV. and the Principal Persons of that Court, Drawn Up by Sir George Carew, Upon His Return from His Embassy There in 1609, and Addressed to King James I. : Never Before Printed

A. Millar, 1749 - 528 sider

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Side 203 - Then, upon my knowledge, she shed many tears and sighs manifesting her innocence that she never gave consent to the death of that Queen. ' I used the best words I could to persuade her from this melancholy humour ; but I found by her it was too deep-rooted in her heart, and hardly to be removed.
Side 206 - I went to my lodging, and left word with one in the Cofferer's chamber to call me, if that night it was thought she would die, and gave the porter an angel to let me in at any time when I called. Between one and two of the clock on Thursday morning, he that I left in the Cofferer's chamber brought me word the Queen was dead.
Side 204 - I did assure myself it was neither unjust nor unhonest for me to do for myself, if God at that time should call her to His Mercy. Hereupon I wrote to the King of Scots (knowing him to be the right heir to the crown of England) and certified him in what state Her Majesty was. I desired him not to stir from Edinburgh ; if of that sickness she should die, I would be the first man that should bring him news of it.
Side 205 - Wednesday, the 23rd of March, she grew speechless. That afternoon, by signs, she called for her council, and by putting her hand to her head, when the King of Scots was named to succeed her, they all knew he was the man she desired should reign after her.
Side 205 - After he had continued long in prayer, 'till the old man's knees were weary, he blessed her, and meant to rise and leave her.
Side 206 - I rose and made all the haste to the gate to get in. There I was answered, I could not enter; the lords of the council having been with him, and commanded him that none should go in or out, but by warrant from them. At the very instant, one of the council (the comptroller) asked whether I was at the gate. I said, yes.
Side 206 - This that I heard with my ears, and did see with my eyes, I thought it my duty to set down, and to affirm it for a truth, upon the faith of a Christian ; because I know there have been many false lies reported of the end and death of that good lady.
Side 207 - I was not gone: and desired the Marshal to send for me; and I should, with all speed, be despatched for Scotland. The Marshal believed them; and sent Sir Arthur Savage for me. I made haste to them. One of the Council, my Lord of Banbury that now is, whispered...
Side 205 - Bishop kneeled down by her, and examined her first of her faith, and she so punctually answered all his several questions, by lifting up her eyes and holding up her hand, as it was a comfort to all the beholders.

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