Tales of Wonder, Bind 2

R. Sammer, bookseller, 1805 - 283 sider

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Side 31 - Oh! hush these suspicions," Fair Imogine said, "Offensive to love and to me! For, if you be living, or if you be dead, I swear by the Virgin, that none in your stead Shall husband of Imogine be.
Side 35 - Imogine suffers the pain of her crime, And mourns her deplorable doom. At midnight, four times in each year, does her sprite, When mortals in slumber are bound...
Side 223 - Now hail, now hail, thou Lady bright!" — "Now hail, thou Baron true! What news, what news, from Ancram fight? What news from the bold Buccleuch?" — "The Ancram Moor is red with gore, For many a Southern fell; And Buccleuch has charged us, evermore, To watch our beacons well.
Side 195 - Sight is an impression made either by the mind upon the eye, or by the eye upon the mind, by which things distant or future are perceived, and seen as if they were present.
Side 220 - Then changed, I trow, was that bold baron's brow From the dark to the blood-red high; "Now, tell me the mien of the knight thou hast seen, For, by Mary, he shall die!
Side 226 - Dryburgh bower, Ne'er looks upon the sun ; There is a monk in Melrose tower, He speaketh word to none. That nun, who ne'er beholds the day, That monk, who speaks to none — That nun was Smaylho'me's Lady gay, That monk the bold Baron.
Side 218 - John I must wander alone : In thy bower I may not be.' " ' Now, out on thee, faint-hearted knight ! Thou shouldst not say me nay ; For the eve is sweet, and when lovers meet, Is worth the whole summer's day.
Side 225 - At our trysting-place, for a certain space, I must wander to and fro; But I had not had power to come to thy bower Hadst thou not conjured me so.
Side 226 - How, Richard, hast thou sped? And art thou saved, or art thou lost?' The vision shook his head ! ' Who spilleth life shall forfeit life ; So bid thy lord believe ; That lawless love is guilt above, This awful sign receive.
Side 31 - Alonzo the Brave, God grant that, to punish my falsehood and pride, Your ghost at the marriage may sit by my side, May tax me with perjury, claim me as bride, And bear me away to the grave...

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