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Will contain, besides one hundred pages of original matter and beautiful half tone engravings, an alphabetical list of the manufacturing and importing houses of America, devoted to the interests of the physician and surgeon. In order to make this complete, we have mailed a reply postal card to every important house in the country, requesting the necessary information. Below we print a fac simile of this postal, and anyone not having received one, or neglecting to reply, can fill up the blanks below, tear it out and mail to this office. Advertisers desiring space in this number, or extra copies, should send in their request at once, as the forms will positively close December 1st. :


Costs both time and money - your time and our money. We desire to save both – that's the reason we submit our proposition per Uncle Sam's twin-postal. We are collecting information for our ANNUAL CHRISTMAS NUMBER - you've seen one, no doubt. One hundred pages of original reading matter, beautiful half-tone illustrations, and a handsome cover. We issue it every year, and take a few select advertisements to help pay the expenses. This year we will insert a special form of eight pages devoted to New Advertisements, printed on a heavy super-calendared paper, causing the book to naturally open at that place. Space in this form will sell at $25.00 per page while it lasts, and $15.00 for half page, refunded if you continue the adv. through 1895. We will get you up a special design for an engraved adv. if you will send the matter in time and charge you very reasonably for the service. Kindly fill up the attached card carefully, and return at once.

Yours very truly . MEDICAL HERALD CO.

No. of Hands.

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Medical Herald Co., St. Joseph, Mo.

Below find information desired for Christmas Number :


Year establish d.

......advertisement for..
in your Illustrated Christmas Number, at rate quoted, to
be refunded if advertisement is continued during 1895.
Copy will be sent you on demand.

Principal products.

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Put your Ad. in the Christmas Herald:
Read and Preserved by twelve thousand physicians.


As a

Successful.-I will unhesitatingly say that I consider Peacock's Bromides much superior to the ordinary bromides, and the Chionia I believe to be an extremley successful preparation or a very valuable therapeutic agent. I have used both with excellent success.

John J. Shaw, M. D.,

Plymouth, Mass. Dr. I, B. Gilbert, of Philadelphia, writing for Medical Summary for June says: “I consider Sanmetto as a remedy for prostate derangements eminently useful. After two years use of it in my practice I have become very favorably impressed as to its merits. Its action upon the prostate gland comes nearer a specific than any other remedy with which I am familiar; it relieves cases of irritable bladder and difficult micturition in old men so as to make life much more comfortable. I am now using it in gonorrhea after the inflamatory stage has passed, with good results."

Rubber-Tissue Gloves for Protecting the Hands During Operations, etc.-Dr. T. S. K. Morton called the attention of the surgicial section of the College of Physicians to thin rubber gloves, which have been in the market for some time and are coming into use for general surgical purposes and for handling strong solutions. "I have found these rubber-tissue gloves extremely useful in handling offensive cases. With them it becomes a pleasure to make rectal examinations, because the skin of the hands does not become saturated with fetor, and it is wonderful how many more examinations one makes. Also in handling strong solutions, or even in operating upon septic cases they have an excellent field. The rubber is so very thin that it interferes very little with the tactile sense. rule, they go on with greater ease and come off readily. The dealer said he was not sure that they would last very long in handling instruments, but thus far I have used them considerably, and they are still practically in perfect order. But if they could be used only a few times, the price, $2.50, with 40 per cent discount to hospitals, is not excessive. I think them of great value when handling morbid growths or making post-mortems, where it is possible to be inoculated. They bear steam sterilization and soaking in strong solution of carbolic acid or bichloride."Times and Register.

Aristol in Operations for Appendicitis. There has been a tendency of late to avoid the use of chemical antisepties in the peritoneal cavity in laparotomy

Some operators discountenance even irrigation with sterilized water and confine themselves to dry sponging. In cases where extensive adhesions are, however, present, there is great danger that the separated peritoneal surfaces may reunite and secondary adhesions again be formed, necessitatins a subsequent operation. It is therefore highly desirable to interpose between the separated peritoneal surfaces an adhesive and innocuous antiseptic which will form a film with exudates and act as an obstacle to adhesions until the danger of their formation is past. In operations for appendicitis it is quite common to encounter numerous adhesions which after separation are apt to reunite unless proper preventive measures are adopted. Dr. Robert T. Morris, Medical News, April 7, 1894, in an interesting clinical lecture at the New York Post Graduate School on "The-Inch-and-a-HalfIncision in Appendicitis," highly extols Aristol for that purpose after an experience of three years with that substance. His remarks on this are as follows: “The large ragged portion of cecum that was involved in adhesions in this case to-day is covered thickly with Aristol, and after waiting a full minute to allow a lymphcoagulum to form with part of the Aristol, the surplus powder is blown away. Aristol used in this way prevents re-union of adhesions. It is one of the most practical of resources. I have separated oid adhesions a great many times in former patients whose peritoneal surfaces had been injured by the routine technique of the day, and have relieved them completely with the aristol film." The simplicity and safety of Dr. Morris' method and the success attending its employment in his practice warrant its general adoption in abdominal surgery.




We hope that our readers will take special interest in this department of THE HERALD. We solicit practitioners to furnish us for publication, with one or more of their favorite prescriptions. Only such as your personal experience has convinced you to be of practical use should be submitted.

Formule plainly written on a postal card is a convenient way for sending. Always give them in this order, please 1 Name of the disease. 2. The formula and directions. 3. Your name, town and state.

Doctor, let us hear from you in time for the next issue of THE HERALD.

onere 101


For Eczema.

Asthma. B Salicylic acid.....

31 The following will be found most useful Zinc oxide...


in this distressing complaint:
Powdered starch..

R Chloralis .....
Wool-fat cerate....


Potassii iodidi, of each.. -3ss Make ointment and apply.

Syrup of oranges.. ..13 vj The Practitioner (London)


.13 vj Eau de Quinine.

2 to 5 tablespoontuls a day.
R Quinine muriate......... 1 gramme
Tincture catharides..... 10 grammes

Chronic Alcoholism.

75 grammes R Tinct. capsici........
.500 grammes
Tinct, zingib...

aa f5j
Tincture of rbatany.... 20 grammes

Tinct. valerian. ammo....... Spirit of lavender........ 50 grammes Tinct. gent. comp..........aa f. 3 ij Mix.

M. Sig:- Take a dessertspoonful in a

teacupful of hop tea three or four times a For Removal of Freckles,

day.-Gerhard, R White precipitate......... Subnitrate of bismuth..

} aa 31

Bronchial and Pulmonary Troubles. Glycerin ointment...... M. Apply every other day.

The following formulæ are said to be of -American Doctor. great service in all bronchial and pul.

monary troubles: For Continued Syphilis.

R Terraline ....
R Red iodide of mercury.. 4 grains

Creasoti (beechwood) .... . 3 ss
lodide of potassium... 4 drachms M. S. Take a teaspoonful every four
Tincture of iodine...... .2 drachms hours.
Distilled water, to make 8 ounces.

R Terraline.....

3 iij A teapoonful in a wineglass of water

Vin. verici.....

. ij three times a day, one hour after each meal. M. S. Take a teaspoonful every four - Doctor Joseph Jones.

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hours. Incontinence of Urine.

Cardiac Stimulant.
R Tincture of belladonnae........

Tinct. strophanthi.
Tincture cubebae..............aa 15ij

Tinct. zingib..........

5) Tincture nucis vomicae.........

Syr. simp...

3 iss Tincture rhois aromaticae,

Aq. chlorof..... ...q. s. ad A 3 jij of each.........


M. S. Two tablespoonfuls three times Tincture cascarillae.. .31 a day. 12 drops at bed-time for a child from

Tonsilitis. se ven to ten years.

R O1. eucalyptus glob..

Spir. camphor. Kava-kava, fuid extract, thirty to Tincl. guaiac... sixty mimims every four hours, controls Glycerin...

...q. s. ad žj and effectually relieves gonorrhea in from Ten drops on sugar to dissolve in the fifteen to thirty days.- American Doctor. mouth, every hour or two.

m 10

m XV

5 iss .3 iiiss

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Owing to the great diastasic strength of Maltine, there will be found in a dose of “Maltine with Coca Wine" (notwithstanding that it contains only 40"6 of Maltine), diastase enough to convert' more starch than can be converted by a dose of any unattenuated extract of malt now made, whether dry or semi-liquid. It should be borne in mind that the employment of wheat and oats, in addition to malted barley in its preparation, has raised Maltine far above the level of a mere extract of malt, and has placed it, in the almost unanimous estimation of the medical profession, in the front rank of food products as well as digestive agents.

We will send to any physician, who will pay expressage, an eight-ounce bottle of Maltine with Coca Wine" and an eight-ounce bottle of any other preparation selected from our list.

Please mention this Journal.

168 Duane Street, New York City.

Doctors Must Have

Casualty Company




62 and 64 William St., issues a policy for PHYSICIANS and

SURGEONS Covering BLOOD POISONING and pays indemnity for


Is the exact reproduction of one set up nearly a half century ago by the JESUIT Missionaries to the FLATHEAD INDIANS in Montana. It is upright in the ground in front of an old church in which these Indians have knelt and worshiped for Lo, all these years.

The history of this old Indian Mission of ST. IGNATIUS is very interesting. Send CHAS. S. FEE, Gen. Pass. Agent, Northern Pacific R. R., at St. Paul, Minn., six cents in postage and your address and he will send you a beautiful booklet, with colored illustrations, telling all about this and other old Indian Missions in Montana and Idaho.

No Assessments: No Annual Dues.

For circulars and application blanks, address,

General Agent,
No. 411 Francis St., ST. JOSEPH, MO.

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Over 25,000 Physicians are pleased

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with our double morocco, 24.vial, medicine case. They are a continuous advertisement for us. One physician writes: The 24-vial case is far beyond my expecta

tions, and like your Tablets and Triturates All vials in this

Elegant, Reliable and Incomparable case are fitted with screw-caps,

The spring metal clips that and are held in place by our pat

hold the vials are a success ent metal clasps.

and a much-needed improvement, and will be appreciated by every physician who is fortunate

enough to possess one of these ele gant cases."

The case contains:

TABLETS : AntiAsthmatic (Prof.

Hare), Expector: Siz.

ant, Acetanilid 172x34x7

Comp. (Migraine),

Anti-Constipation, inches

Chlorodyne (Rep. 10 m. of f'd), Quinine Sulph.-2 grs, S, C., Viburnum Comp. (Uterine Tonic).

TRITURATES: Bismuth & Cerium Oxalate (Sick Stom. ach), Bronchitis. Cathartic-Active, Ergotin, :g, Tr. Veratrum Viride-3 min, Fever (Davis), Kermes Mineral Comp. (Croup), Calomel Sacch. 1.10 gr. for children), Corros. Sublimate, 1 gr. (colored blue), Tonsil. litis, Tinct. Aconite 1 min., Cold, No. 2, Pulv. Ipecac et Opii-22 grs., Morphine Sulph.-/ gr., Neuralgic (Kenyon), Calomel-Ipecac and Soda - No: 1., Nitro-Glycerin Comp. (Heart Tonic).

The price is $3.00 to Physicians, delivered. May be returned if not satisfactory. H. K. MULFORD COMPANY, 2132 Market St., Philadelphia.

Chicago Depot: 112-114 Dearborn Street.


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