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A small, well-fitting pad, which the proper
adjustment of the truss will allow to be retained
over the exit from the abdomen, is the end to
be obtained.
This is sound doctrine; close the INTERNAL RING,
compress the entire length of the inguinal canal,
avoid pressing the spermatic cord, then keep
the truss in place and you have the ideal truss.
There is but one instrument that accomplishes
this and accomplishes it all, and that is The
Drs. Smiths' “Honest John” Truss, The Smith
Co., Manufacturers, Topeka.

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Sold only by one firm in each town.

Time-tried and Approved

Animal Extracts

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Fairchild's Essence of Pepsine-made by direct maceration from

the fresh lining glands of the calf rennet and pig stomach, in
an aromatic, antiseptic solvent, especially devised for the ex-
traction and preservation of all the soluble gastric principles.
It is immensely superior to elixirs and cordials of pepsin, made

by dissolving precipitated or peptone pepsins in elixirs. Glycerinum Pepticum -a pure glycerin extract from the fresh

glands of the pig stomach, free from acid, alcohol or sugar. Extractum Pancreatis-containing all the active principles and

constituents of the fresh gland; will digest every form of
alimentary substance.

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“As if increase of appetite had grown by what it fed on.”


This quotation aptly illustrates one of the most valuable therapeutic properties of Liquid Peptonoids, viz.: its Peptogenic Power. When an augmentation of nutritive force is most imperatively demanded, the patient's appetite is usually impaired. A concentrated food is therefore indispensable.

Liquid Peptonoids is not only concentrated and palatable, but it exerts, also, an actual peptogenic or digestion-stimulating effect. The appetite improves coincidently with the digestion and the patient can soon resume his ordinary diet. We refrain from mentioning other advantages, in order to emphasize the one referred to above.

The Arlington Chemical Co..


Send 2 ct stamp for Series 3 "AMERICAN MEN OF EMINENCE."



DYSMENORRHEA.-The experience of the profession demonstrates that ALETRIS

CORDIAL (Rio) given in teaspoonful doses, three times a day, not only relieves dysmenorrhea, but taken continuously, usually effects a permanent cure. It is also of the utmost value in prolapsus uteri and all derangements of the uterus. Being strictly a uterine tonic, it has a direct affinity for the reproductive organs, and exercises a healthy tonicity over their functional activity. It is the female tonic par excellence.

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I used Aletris CORDIAL with very good results, in the case of Mrs. aged 23. Since the birth of her child five years ago, she has been in a very poor state of health. At the time I saw her she was very much reduced. She also, since the birth of her child, had suffered with dysmenorrhea of a most severe type, the pain usually beginning three or four days before the appearance of the menstrual flow, and lasting until one or two days after, its appearance being so severe as to confine her to her bed. She was also very nervous, had not much appetite, and did not sleep well. I ordered one teaspoonful of ALETRIS CORDIAL, three times daily, beginning one week before the appearance of the menstrual flow, and continued for two weeks, then to discontinue its use until a week before the next period. In conjunction, she also took one teaspoonful of CELERINA one hour after each meal, as I thought it would be beneficial, on account of her nervous condition. I began to notice improvement in a short time, and at the next menstrual period there was but little pain. From that time on there was marked improvement, until at the end of two months she was free from pain at the catamenial periods. The nervous phenomena improved, as did also her appetite, until she is now, according to statement made to me yesterday, in better health than she has been for six years.

J. A. MCMURRAY, M.D., Marion, Ohio.

I have found ALETRIS CORDIAL to be invaluable in cases of amenorrhea and in dysmenorrhea, and I prescribe it very often. JOHN CALDWELL, M.D.,

Shott's Iron Works, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

After having made due trial, I found that ALETRIS Cordial is a powerful regulator of uterine circulation. It is as efficacious in cases of dysmenorrhea as in those of metrorrhagia.

DR. J. ZABE, Paris, France.

I have found Aletris Cordial to give great relief in dysmenorrhea. In fact it has succeeded where most of the well-known remedies have failed.


The Terrace, West Bromwich, London, England.

After having given Aletris CORDIAL a trial, I am glad to say I can speak highly of it, on account of the results I obtained from its use in a case of dysmenorrhea. I shall certainly continue to prescribe it.

T. D. WHITE, M.D., 40 Elgin Ave., Paddington, London, W., England.

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