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List of Mr. Wakefield's Works in the Order of their Publication.

POEMATA Latine partim scripta, partim reddita: quibus accedunt quædam in Q. Horatium Flaccum observationes criticæ.

Cantab. 1776. 4to.

A plain and short Account of the Nature of Baptism according to the New Testament: with a cursory Remark on Confirmation and the Lord's Supper.

Warrington, 1781. 12mo.

An Essay on Inspiration: considered chiefly with respect to the Evangelists.

Warrington, 1781. 8vo.

A new Translation of the First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Thessalonians, offered to the Public as a Specimen of an intended Version of the whole New Testament: with a Preface containing a brief Account of the Author's Plan.


Warrington, 1781. 8vo.

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A new Translation of the Gospel of St. Matthew; with Notes critical, philological and explanatory.

Warrington, 1782. 4to.

Directions for the Student in Theology.
London, 1784. 12mo.

A Sermon preached at Richmond, in Surry, on July 29, 1784; the Day appointed for a general Thanksgiving on Account of the Peace.

London, 1784. 8vo.

An Enquiry into the Opinions of the Christian Writers of the three first Centuries concerning the Person of Jesus Christ.

London, 1784. 8vo.

The Poems of Mr. Gray; with Notes.
London, 1786. 8vo.

Virgilii Maronis Georgicôn libri IV.
Cantab. 1788. 8vo.

Remarks on Dr. Horsley's Ordination-Sermon: in a Letter to the Lord Bishop of Glow


London, 1788. 12mo.

Four Marks of Antichrist: or a Supplement to the Warburtonian Lecture.

London, 1788. 8vo.

A new Translation of those Parts only of the New Testament, which are wrongly translated in our common Version.

London, 1789. 8vo.

An Address to the Inhabitants of Nottingham, occasioned by a Letter lately sent to the Mayor, and some other Members of the Corporation of that Town. With an Appendix on the Subject of the Test-Laws.

London, 1789. 8vo.

Remarks on the internal Evidence of the Christian Religion.

London, 1789. 8vo.

Silva Critica: sive in Auctores sacros profanosque Commentarius Philologus. Pars Prima.

Cantab. 1789. 8vo.

An Address to the Right Reverend Dr. Samuel Horsley, Bishop of St. David's, on the Subject of an Apology for the Liturgy and Clergy of the Church of England. Birmingham, 1790. Svo.

Silva Critica, &c. Pars Secunda.
Cantab. 1790. 8vo.

Cursory Reflections, occasioned by the present Meetings in opposition to the Claims of the Dissenters and the Repeal of the Corporation and Test Acts.

Birmingham, 1790. 8vo.

An Enquiry into the Expediency and Propriety of public, or social, Worship.

London, 1791. 8vo.

[A third edition appeared in 1792.]

Memoirs of the Life of Gilbert Wakefield, B. A. late Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge. Written by himself.

London, 1792. 8vo.

Silva Critica, &c. Pars Tertia.

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Cantab. 1792, 8vo.

A Translation of the New Testament: with Notes critical and explanatory.

London, 1792, S vol. 8vo.

[A second Edition appeared in 1795 in 2 vol. 8vo.]

Short Strictures on Dr. Priestley's Letter to a young Man concerning Mr. Wakefield's Treatise on public Worship.

London, 1792. 8vo.

A general Reply to the Arguments against the Enquiry into public Worship.

London, 1792. 8vo.

Evidences of Christianity: or a Collection of Remarks intended to display the Excellence, recommend the Purity, illustrate the Character and evince the Authenticity of the Christian Religion.

London, 1793. 8vo.

Silva Critica, &c. Quibus accedant Tres Hymni Orphici, e codicibus MSS. Pars Quarta.

Londini, 1793. 8vo.

The Spirit of Christianity compared with the Spirit of the Times in Great Britain. London, 1794. 8vo.

[A third edition appeared in the same year.]

An Examination of the Age of Reason, by Thomas Paine.

London, 1794. 8vo.

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