Handbook of Fibre Rope Technology

Elsevier, 22. apr. 2004 - 432 sider
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The field of fibre rope technology has witnessed incredible change and technological advance over the last few decades. At the forefront of this change has been the development of synthetic fibres and modern types of rope construction. This handbook updates the history and structural mechanics of fibre rope technology and describes the types and properties of modern rope-making materials and constructions.

Following an introduction to fibre ropes, the Handbook of fibre rope technology takes a comprehensive look at rope-making materials, rope structures, properties and mechanics and covers rope production, focusing on laid strand, braided, low-twist and parallel yarn ropes. Terminations are also introduced and the many uses of rope are illustrated. The key issues surrounding the inspection and retirement of rope are identified and rope testing is thoroughly examined. The final two chapters review rope markets, distribution and liability and provide case studies from the many environments in which fibre rope is used.

The Handbook of fibre rope technology is an essential reference for everyone assisting in the design, selection, use, inspection and testing of fibre rope.
  • A comprehensive look at rope-making materials and structures, properties and mechanics
  • Covers rope production including laid strand, braided, low-twist and parallel yarn ropes and rope terminations
  • Rope testing is examined in depth, as well as the key issues surrounding rope retirement

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Chapter 1 Introduction to fibre ropes
Chapter 2 Ropemaking materials
Chapter 3 Rope structures
Chapter 4 Properties of rope
Chapter 5 Rope mechanics
Chapter 6 Rope production
Chapter 7 Terminations
Chapter 8 Use of rope
Chapter 11 Consumption markets and liability
Chapter 12 Case studies
Quantities and units
Braid and plait terminology
UK trade data
The theory of backtwist

Chapter 9 Inspection and retirement
Chapter 10 Testing

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Om forfatteren (2004)

Henry McKenna is President of Tension Technology International which is based in the USA and UK. He has extensive experience in rope manufacturing techniques, technology of fibre materials, rope handling machinery and systems design, accident investigations and industry sales and distribution.

J. W. S. Hearle, M.A., Sc.D., Ph.D., C.Text F.T.I (Hon.), F.Inst.P, is Emeritus Professor of Textile Technology in the University of Manchester, UK.

Nick O’Hear is Technical Director of Tension Technology International. He has more than 20 years’ experience working with ropes and cables and has developed new electro-mechanical cables for defence and offshore applications and is currently working on non-destructive testing methods for ropes by means of fibre optics and Brillouin scattering.

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