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and the circular towers at the angles. I syleshire under M.Dougal, took place, It was built during the times of the in which the former was defeated, and Crusades, by a lady of the Campbell narrowly escaped being made prifamily, but is now the property of the soner. Earl of Bredalbin.

Saturday, 30th.-From hence to Glen From hence to the inn of Dalmaly, Dochart, the country is nearly similar, the views, though perpetually chang- exhibiting the same grandeur and ing, are extremely beautiful, and those wildness of outline, and the same inabove and below the bridge must strike dication of pastoral pursuits ; the lower even a common observer.

parts of the valleys here and there are The road to Tyndrum winds up a enriched with corn-fields and plantasteep ascent, and displays a continued tions of fir. scene of stupendous mountains cover- At Glen Dochart the views become ed with heath and patches of pasture, more pleasing ; the river, which takes and exhibiting in parts the variegated its rise near Loch Tay, here expands colouring of the different strata of itself into a narrow lake, in the centre rocks and earths; the outline varied of which is a small island, with the and broken into the grandest forms. ruins of a castle surrounded by birch

The sides of these abrupt eminences trees. The north side exhibits a very were in parts crowded wiih sheep, pleasing diversity of rock and wood, whose bleatings, joined with the bark- rising on tufted knolls up the steep ing of the dogs, and the loud boisterous ascent, and fringing the indented sumvoices of the shepherds, (a different mit. The castle, small as it is, once race of beings it may be presumed to withstood a siege ; but the assailants, those of Arcadia,) formed a kind of being favoured with a sudden frost, rough concert, that seemed to give were enabled to carry the place by the animation to a wild and deserted means of fascines of straw and boughs country.

of trees, which they pushed before It is pleasing to observe the conduct them on the ice to the very foot of the of these men, but more particularly walls. that of their dogs. The sagacious ani- Glen Dochart beyond this is a wild mal walks parallel with his master, but scene of mountains, rising in abrupt at a good distance above, on the side and fantastic shapes in the midst of of the hill, aiding at intervals, with his the glen, like the waves of a turbulent barking, the hallooing of his compa- ocean. nion when the flock seems to lag ; but Sunday, 31st.-From Glen Dochart, should one stray aside, he flies after the road to Loch Lomond passes him, and soon brings the wanderer through Glen Fallock, in the first part back, then resuming his former posi- exhibiting a dreary scene of heathy tion, he marches on with as much con- mountains, down which the torrents sequence, and as strict an attention to

were pouring on every side, often with the business he is upon, as the scarcely a degree of violence that carried all more rational animal whom he accom- before them. panies.

In the August of the last year, a sudThese herdsmen have a kind of teni- den thunder storm swept away fourporary residence on the hills where teen bridges in this neighbourhood, they intend to graze their sheep; these bringing down such quantities of graare called shelins; and here they re-vel and stones from the mountains, as main exposed to all the inconveniences totally to conceal the places where they of these imperfect huts, till the snows had stood. Some of them are now of winter drive them to a less exalted rebuilding. station.

The river, which runs, or more proThe situation of Tyndrum is very perly tumbles, through a very rugged high, as the road from Dalmaly is al- channel, begins to improve as it apmost a continued ascent; and as two proaches the lake; the sides become rivers take their rise near it, the one fringed with trees, which gradually running east and the other west, it has expand to woods that creep up the generally been considered as the high- sides of the hills. Near the inn, the est plain in these parts. The vicinity scene is a fine specimen of rural soliof this place is famous for being the tude, encompassed by mountains of a scene where the engagement between great height. Robert Bruce, and the forces of Ar- The first view of Loch Lomond is

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Engraved by Wallis from a Drawing by John Bird, Esq. for the Imperial Magazine,

Loch Lomondo

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