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Libet jacere modo sub antiquâ ilice,

Modo in tenaci gramine:
Labuntur altis interim rivis aquæ;

Queruntur in silvis aves;
Fontesque lymphis obstrepunt manantibus,
Somnos quod invitet leves.


My motto well expresses my fondness for the Country, and which advancing age has never for a moment diminished. When away

from it I do not hear the autumnal song of the robin, or see the congregation of the swallows, the silvery moon shining over the vapoury grass, and those tints of the setting

, sun, which, at this period of the year, (October) are so striking. To be sure they afford us hints that winter is approaching, but then Winter has its charms, and with the new year every day serves to remind us that we are advancing rapidly to the joyous spring; and with the spring the flowers burst forth, the birds sing, all nature smiles with its fresh verdure, and my walks and rides are renewed to those spots to which some interest is attached or from which some yiew is to be admired.

There are, indeed, few neighbourhoods, around


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