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The kind indulgence with which the Public have received my former works, has been perhaps my chief inducement in offering the present one, which may be considered as a trifling contribution towards preserving a recollection of some places of interest in my more immediate neighbourhood. It is to be regretted that this has not been more extensively and frequently carried out by others

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who have greater time and abilities for the task than myself. What I have done, however, I may, without the appearance of undue presumption, say, has had considerable pains bestowed upon it, having endeavoured to obtain the most desirable information concerning those subjects which I thought deserved notice. It is almost my first attempt in antiquarian pursuits, and as such I shall feel gratified if it escapes severe criticism.

I should mention that I was led to undertake the present notices of some of the interesting places in Buckinghamshire, and a few in Berkshire, by the following observation of the Rev. Gilbert White, in his preface to his Natural History of Selborne. He remarks that “ if stationary men would pay some attention to the districts on which they reside, and would publish their thoughts respecting the objects that surround them, from such materials might be drawn the most complete county histories.”

The rest of this work includes some tales of the country and a few facts in Natural History which may not be uninteresting.

It now only remains for me to make my acknowledgments to those friends who have kindly assisted me in my researches, and espe

. cially to the Rev. J. Mitford, of Benhall, Suffolk, my agreeable companion in all these pleasant excursions, and who is equally well known for his extensive learning, and his acute criticism. His poetical contributions to the present work will, I am sure, be read with pleasure. I must also return my thanks to an amiable clergyman in Hampshire for some interesting information.

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(See p. 18.)

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