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of the church of England were read to them, and they heard a sermon on their relative duties to God and man.

Nor did I wonder then at the prosperity I saw around me, or at the good feeling which existed between the labourers and their masters. Whilst the labourer makes use of his own good right arm and his honest industry, he feels that he has always a true friend in his master, and his master finds his own benefit, and I may

add happiness, in the well being and moral improvement of his labourers. That the blessing of Almighty

. God has been bestowed on the excellent persons I have referred to, and on their father before them, I could not for a moment doubt. When I saw this happy and prosperous family, I was reminded of the words of the Psalmist :

Their sons grew up as the young plants, and their daughters as the polished corners of the temple.

Their garners were full and plenteous with all manner of store.

Their oxen were strong to labour, there was no decay and no complaining in the streets.

Happy are the people that are in such a case ; yea, blessed are the people who have the Lord for their God.

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Here was that charter seal'd, wherein the crown
All marks of arbitrary pow'r lays down :
Tyrant and slave, those names of hate and fear,
The happier style of king and subject bear.


NEAR to the Magna Charta Island and Runnemede, on the Buckinghamshire side of the river Thames, and close to that river, is the pretty little village of Wrasbury, as it is commonly pronounced, or of Wyrardisbury, as it is generally spelt and painted on the finger-posts in the neighbourhood. Flat as the country is around it, still the village is pretty. A clear and sparkling river runs through it. There is also a very neat bridge. The cottages are in nice order, and have their flourishing gardens, with bunches of lavender and rosemary, and climbing honeysuckles, with beds of onions and cabbages, and the pig-stye in the corner, and all betokening some degree of prosperity and comfort. There is, also, a maypole opposite the village ale-house, with a peacock on the top for a vane, 66 blown with all winds," and the white spire of the church towering above the adjoining trees. On the outskirts of the village there are houses of a better description, built with much good taste, and betokening the easy circumstances of their inhabitants. Then there is the gate leading to the mansion of the lord of the manor, with the orchards and plantations near, all shewing that his fostering hand has improved the condition of his neighbourhood. This is as it should be, and far remote may the time be when the tie which should unite the landlord and his cottagers shall be broken. Their interests are indeed inseparable; nor can I conceive a happier person than a gentleman who resides on his property, and employs his means, his time, and his influence in bettering the condition and improving the morals of his poor neighbours. The smiles that greet him-- the love and affection which will be shewn him-the blessings which will be poured upon him-are surely ample recompenses for any sacrifices he may have made.

On the right-hand side of the road in going from Datchet to Wrasbury, and about a mile from it, some high trees may be seen across two fields, and a farm house near, or rather amongst them. This is called King John's hunting lodge. The lands around the neighbourhood are rich and well cultivated, and the meadows smile with beautiful verdure; but in former times I cannot imagine a country better suited for the purposes of the chase. Here the hawk might be followed as it pursued the heron or bittern, when started from the reeds of

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