Healing and Spirit: Medicine, Politics, Civilization and the Making of an Extraordinary Physician

Trafford Publishing, 2000 - 222 sider
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In the book Healing and Spirit by Gershon Lesser MD and Mitchell Harding, you will experience the bared soul of an extraordinary MD. He is warm, humorous, loving, and rich with mindfulness, spiritual light, and hope in these dark days of HIV and AIDS; cancer; heart, artery and sexual diseases; arthritis; gut troubles; depression and exhaustion and unbearable assaults on our immune systems.

You will experience three outrageous and amusing Lesser Arcana "dramatic" productions, learn how to pick your doctor, read stories from Lesser's life and medical career, see the appropriate place for television and sex, and experience an extraordinary, terrifying, and uplifting "dark night of the soul" which may not have been equaled since St. John of the Cross wrote 400 years ago!

Healing and Spirit is an inspired polemic rich with 30 years of medical practice. In places it is savage, mysterious, and complex; in others utterly magnificent, horrifying, and beautiful. This is a book you can use. It faces who you are and what needs to be done.

In Healing and Spirit, a well-known physician, teacher, and early author of the wellness movement indignantly describes the spiritual and political crisis of healthcare today; the crisis of so-called "modern medicine," with special fury reserved for the accountants who play a derelict role in some HMO denials, who view you as an encumbrance, a cost, as a pain in their "equity appreciation". Dr. Gershon Lesser fearlessly exposes the malignancy of government corruption, and of a conspiracy to destroy medical care.

Old and new, accepted and controversial, allopathic and alternative, all the richness of multicultural health concepts come together on these pages, as Complementary Medicine. Dr. Lesser dares to bring God into the healing equation as well.

Within this book, you will witness the ignition of thought in yourself, and your own healing power. Here is fear, joy, laughter, moral and religious bedrock, and the gentle mix of compromises which can make life worth living.

Health in its broadest sense, is indistinguishable from citizenship, a healthy ecology, and civilization; and ultimately is a measure of our physical and mental freedom. Whether either of you know it or not, your doctor is inviting you to be free!

For far too long there has been no book like this; a book of courage, depth, love, and awareness. Healing and Spirit goes far beyond herbs and pills and vitamins, beyond the trappings of New Age thinking, to profound physical and moral healing.

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