Representing Race: Racisms, Ethnicity and the Media

SAGE, 16. feb. 2005 - 241 sider
Well-informed, thoughtful and transnational in its perspectives, Downing and Husbands work is likely to become the key text in the field. The book is essential reading for anyone interested in the politics of race and representation - Professor Daya K. Thussu, University of Westminster, UK

The Media play a diverse and significant role in the practical expression of racism and in the everyday politics of ethnicity. Written by two veterans of research on media and 'race', this book offers a fresh comparative analyses of the issues and sets out the key agendas for future study.

Representing 'Race': racisms, ethnicities and media

- Introduces and evaluates key conceptual issues

- Provides a conceptual framework for understanding the role of the media

- Addresses a number of pressing political concerns including 'racial'justice and the drift to the Right

- Includes a wide range of contemporary examples from Britain,

the USA, Europe, Australia.

- Analyzes the growth of indigenous people's media

- Compares media representations of 'race', 'religion', 'tribe',

and 'nationality'

- Assesses current strategies for reforming professional media

practice in this sphere.

Drawing on years of research, this book provides both a major intervention in the debate, as well as a comprehensive introduction to the area. As such, it will be required reading for anyone interested in 'race', representation and the media.

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Research on Racism Ethnicity and Media
Racism and the Media of the Extremist Right
Comparative Perspectives
The Distinctive Challenge of Indigeneity
Media Monitoring and Codes of Practice
Communities of Practice and
Cultures of Media Production

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