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ing, because even a small point will perceptibly tinge the water I have poured in; and if the water continues colored, I immediately hunt about until I have found and secured the bleeding point. After the cleansing has been satisfactorily accomplished I put a number of dry sponges down in the pelvis and over each kidney, then proceed to insert the sutures in the wound. By the time this is nearly accomplished the dry sponges have soaked up all the water, and the peritoneum is quite clean and dry." Tait often employs glass drainage tubes. These have a head or flange like a test tube, and the lower end is perforated to let fluids flow into it. The pressure of the abdominal parietes upon the enclosed viscera and fluids makes the latter flow through the glass drain. This plan of drainage was introduced into practice by Koeberle in 1867.



I have continued good results from this remedy, used in fevers and diseases showing an obscure periodicity. I do not fancy the everlasting prescription of quinine, and am always glad when I find something else.

A child will be happy when he can get his medicine like his drops of Lycopodium, in a half glass of water, with speedy relief. He will be miserable with two grains of nauseous quinine every two hours.

The Success of our Students.

It is very gratifying to record the fact that a large majority of our present year's class have located, and are doing well. The class of '85 regard themselves as prosperous citizens, and going back to '84 and '83, we have old physicians who have purchased houses, have bank accounts, and other evidences of thrift.

It makes one feel happy to get these evidences of success, and still more to know that our graduates are appreciated as men who relieve suffering, shorten the duration of disease, and save life. It is a good thing to be an Eclectic after our pattern.


SYMPTOMATIC INDICATIONS, giving the verified symptoms indicating certain remedies in diseased conditions, together with a concise description of a few of the most common affections and their treatment. By J. C. KILGOUR, M. D., New Richmond, O.

July 8th, 1886.-Dr. Scudder-Dear Sir: Please say in the JOURNAL that the little book, the title page of which I herewith inclose, will be issued as soon as applications sufficient to justify its publication are received. An edition of five hundred will be printed, and applications. filled in the order they are received. It will contain about 125 pages, and the price will be one dollar, post paid, the binding half morocco. J. C. KILGOUR.

MEDICAL AND SURGICAL DIRECTORY OF THE UNITED STATES. R. S. Polk & Co., publishers, Detroit, Michigan.

We can compliment the publishers on their work. They have made every effort to make the Directory accurate, and it has proven very interesting reading, and will be valuable for reference.

Society Meetings.

The National Society has met in Atlanta. Most State Societies have held their yearly meetings, and we will hear little from them until 1887. The society reports which have usually come to us in form for publication, this year came to us in marked daily papers. It would be a deal of labor to extract anything of value from such reports, and as I looked at them with the thermometer at 90° I said, " Dead matter, rest in peace! it would be a thankless task to try to put flesh on your bones."

I may remark that our active colaborer, Dr. L. E. Russell, of Springfield, O., was elected President of the National, and when he gets warm in his seat, we will hear about the coming meeting next June.

Tennessee Eclectic Medical Society.

This Society adjourned June 15th, to meet some time in February, 1887. The exact time and place will be selected by a committee. Every Eclectic and liberal physician will receive notice in due time.

W. H. HALBERT, Sec'y.

Died.-At his home in Danbury, Conn., June 1st, 1886, HENRY N. MALLORY, M. D., aged 47 years.

At Portland, Oregon, May 10th, 1886, F. A. JOHNSTON, M. D.

Location.-A well educated Eclectic can be directed to a first-class location by the undersigned. W. L. LEISTER, Oakland City Ind.

Wanted. A young Eclectic physician in Columbus, New Jersey.

[blocks in formation]

Receipts for Journal to July 20.

EJ Winton 1, G A Allen 2, TJ McMurtry 2, J F Hatten 2, A P Banfield 2, C Hixson 2, N E Broombaugh 2, D P Weaver 1, R K Irwin 2, D M Keith 2, D Mock 2, TJ Lord 2, W D Wellman 2, RO Loggan 2, A P Taylor 2, W L Guin 2, J A Porter 2, J M Floor 2, JP Campbell 1, Jno Sims 1, H H Norris 2, F B Brewer 2 F K Martin 2, J B Crowder 2, F E Seal 1, T Whittaker .75, C H Cook 2, J W Stout 1, D H Artherholt 2. S D Sluyter 2, TP Hudson 2, W Gaston 2 RT Wickham 1, R B Morton 2, M Rogers 2, Geo Douglass 2, W DeLay 2. Wilmot Moore 2, ESS Root 4, G M Waterhouse 2, W Tobes 2, CW Kinney 2. JD Wilkins 2, CS Kellogg 2, J M Christy 2, M C Weyburn 2. B W Pease 2, LE Parr 2, BT Thayer 2, Thomas Robinson 2, E Brinkerhoff 2. W D Snoddy 2, O T Maynard 2, J M Bishop 2, N J LaRose 1, JP Lytle 2, J M Wright 2 J A MacDonald 2. J S Ryburn 2, E A Converse 1, H Hendricks 2 G J Eblin 2, R Burns 1, R R Budges 2, F E Greene 2, D O Roberts 2, C R Bacon 2, J M Glover 1, LS Downs 2, J W Page 2, M Sauville 2 JH Silvey 2, J Cowden 2, J W Thatcher 2, D M McDonald 2, K A Montjar 1, J A Watkins 1. E Haines 2, D A Chase 2, A H Nesbit ?, C Fills 2. A G Kaufman 1, C P Devore 2, M A Kirk 2, C L Foreman 2, J N Percell, W L Moon 2 W L Snell 2, JD Curtis 2 PN Norton 2, A W Jennings 2, L A Davidson 2, O S Wood 2. J N Rally 2, W Merchant 2, B Flint 2, J D Gregory 2, F Dorman 2, R P Davis 2, D R Leister 2. J H Freeman 2, HI C Taylor 2, L H Tillotson 2, SJ Lee 2, H M Waterheuse 2, W L Leister JQ Moxley 2, H A Barber 2, T C Murphy 2, J M Butcher 2, T Brochway 2. H S Short 2, J A Akins 2. JA Hall 1, V A Baker 2, T F Oates, C H Brown 2, CW Geleneau 2, G Monsetler 2, A Slack 2, F G Spencer 2, EH Millington 2, J C Russ 2, A Van Meter 2, W Marcum 1, Rose La Monte 1. C E Singleton 2, JS Devore 5, O E Yates 2, L Pyle 2.

The reputation of this drug as a therapeutic agent was first gained, through its employment in the form of an infusion; and in the fifty years following its introduction into medical practice, a continuous effort has been made by manufacturers to perfect a preparation which would represent all the active principles of the drug, without the high price of the salts, either alone or in combi ation.

The most prejudiced writers on Materia Medica. accord to the late Wm. S. Merrell the largest share of credit in the introduction of Hydrastis preparations, and to the present organization the reputation of being the largest consumers of the drug in the world. For more than a half-century, Hydrastis has been made a study in our laboratory, and we do not think we exaggerate i's importance when we assert that, it stands pre-eminent to day as the most valuable exponent of our vegetable Materia Medic...

The following preparations in fluid form are receiving our special attention at this time: Fluid Hydrastis-MERRELL.

Is what its name implies the active, medicinal principles of the drug in natural combination and in a fluid form. It has a bright, yellow color, perfectly clear, free from sediment, and with an unmistabable odor of the fresh drug.

Fluid Hydrastis is a pure, neutral solution of all the alkaloidal constituents of the drug, rejecting the oil, gums, irritating and offensive resins, and inert extractive matters. The success attending its introduction is the best evidence of its therapeutic value.

Unsuccessful imitations and would be substitutes are met with on every hard. Preparations said to be “ju t as good" or "about the same thing," but always “a little cheaper," attest the wide spread and growing popularity of Fluid Hydrastis. All such, compared with the latter as to physical appearance or as representatives of the drug, are condemned; dispensed in prescriptions, they are readily detected; tested therapeutically, they are promptly rejected as unworthy of confidence.

Fluid Hydrastis is applicable to the treatment of all irritable, inflammatory and ulcerative conditions of the mucous tract.

This statement of a well-know medical writer and journalist has become axiomatic: "No remedy for physician's use has been received with such universal approval."

Solution Bismuth and Hydrastia-MERRell.

An invaluable and scientific combination, wherein the beneficial action of the white alkaloid is increased by association with Bismuth. This solution contains 2% grains of the double Citrate Bismuth and Hydrastia; twenty-five per cent. of which is Hydrastia Citrate.

The cordial reception accorded this preparation marks it as the most valuable combination in the market in which the white aikaloid alone represents the valuable properties of the drug. Used in diseases of the nasal passages, of the eye, of the throat, of the stomach and intestines, of the reproductive organs and bladder, it is equally beneficial.

Colorless Solution of Hydrastia-MERRELL.

This is a permanent solution of the white alkaloid, without the addition of any other medicinal agent to modify or increase its action. It is offered without special recommendation to meet the views of a limited number of physicians, with whom the color of the Fluid Hydrastis is an objection. This solution contains in one fluid pint, the same proportionate strength of white alkaloid as exists in an average quality of crude root.

See notes above on Solution Bismuth and Hydrastia.

"Merrell's Hydrastis Preparations" are for sale by Wholesale Druggists throughout the United States. Please specify "Wm. S. M. Chem. Co." in ordering or prescribing. The Wm. S. Merrell Chemical Co.




Uniform strength,

Convenience of administration,
Non-liability to deterioration by age.
Positive therapeutic efficacy.

Sold by leading Wholesale Druggists and Physicians' supply houses throughout the United States.

Physicians who have been disappointed in the use of favorite prescriptions have the remedy in their own hands.

Specify continually "Wm. S. M. Chem. Co.'s" both in ordering office supplies and in writing prescriptions.

The medical profession, not the dealer, is directly responsible for the wide distribution of so many cheap and trashy preparations. A protest should be made against their sale, injurious alike to professional and financial



Physicians should be guarded in their purchase of FLUID EXTRACTS in small packages, filled out by druggists from bulk stock.

THE WM. S. MERRELL CHEMICAL CO. will not hold themselves responsible for the identity of such Extracts or their quality, when purchased in this manner, even though the written label may read "MERRELL'S."

The custom among some wholesale dealers of filling orders for broken or small packages, from any manufacture they may have open or convenient, is too well known to need comment. We make no charges or insinuations against the integrity of the Drug Trade, but simply state that—we cannot run the risk of such methods.

To meet an urgent demand of the Profession, therefore, and enable Physicians to obtain with certainty our FLUID PREPARations from druggists in ORIGINAL UNBOKEN PACKAGES all the higher priced FLUID Extracts —including our Green Label Preparations and all the approved New Remedies-will be put up in one pound and quarter pound bottles. In ordering please specify "original packages."


(Late Wm. S. Merrell & Co.)

Manufacturing Chemists,

Every Physician should read our Monograph on “Green Drug Fluid Extracts-Their Origin, History and Rationale," sent free to any address.

Prof. Roberts Bartholow was very much surprised at the result of his recent physiological investigation of one constituent of Hydrastis canadensis. He became deeply interested in it, as his paper, in the publication, "Drugs and Medicines of North America" demonstrates.

This Alkaloid Salt [of Hydrastine] was therein shown to have properties that were previously unknown, and the eminent author predicted that Hydrastis would become important as a remedial agent. He had previously investigated the Alkaloid Hydrastine and found it inert, owing to the inferior nature of the Alkaloid that had been furnished him. He writes on this subject as follows:

"The remarkable activity of the pure Hydrastine furnished me by Prof. Lloyd necessitates caution in its administration, until its lethal power in man can be determined. It is now evident that the Hydrastine used by me formerly in the treatment of diseases was not pure." (Prof. Roberts Bartholow in Drugs and Medicines, Vol. 1, p. 161).

When Lloyd's Hydrastis was introduced, some physicians were incredulous because it was colorless, but a trial convinced all that it was a remarkable remedy. When it is remembered that one constituent of Lloyd's Hydrastis is a salt of the Alkaloid that Prof. Bartholow found so active, (when made by Prof. Lloyd), there need be no surprise at the value of Lloyd's Hydrastis, and experience demonstrates that it is both harmless and exceptionally valuable.

However, that Alkaloid is not the only colorless constituent of Hydrastis, and in Lloyd's Hydrastis we have an association of substances that can produce surprising results in diseased conditions of the mucous surfaces. Of these substances, Prof. E. M. Hale writes as follows:

"To the chemical skill of Lloyd Brothers of Cincinnati, Ohio, we owe a preparation which will doubtless supercede all others." And, speaking of its constituents, "There is one which gives an opalescent color to water, and another, perhaps anæsthetic, like cocaine, but they have never been isolated. These unnamed principles, with the Hydrastine, are all incorporated in Lloyd's Hydrastis." (Prof. E. M. Hale in Chicago, Med. Era, Nov. 1885).

To the above, it may be added, that other colorless bodies are also procured by Lloyd's process, among them, one which crystallizes in long Silky Needles, and another that refuses as yet to crystallize. They are both active medicinal agents, fully as valuable in their province as Hydrastine.

Until Prof. Lloyd's process is made public, substances produced by the usual pharmaceutical methods will be different from Lloyd's Hydrastis. A Salt of the White Alkaloid, (Hydrastine) in solution will resemble it in color, but scarcely in any other respect, and is not a medicinal imitation of Lloyd's Hydrastis.

The highest medical authorities now use and recommend Lloyd's Hydrastis.

A label giving full directions for physicians use accompanies each bottle. It is not recommended to non-professional persons, and is only to be administered by physicians. Price $1.25 per pint bottle.


Lloyd Brothers,


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