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Lanciani, R., his map and book on ancient Rome reviewed, 106.
Leslie, Alexander, review of Mr. Terry's life of, 429—'first Bishops

war,' 430—Leslie recalled from Sweden to lead the Scots, 432
influence over Scottish nobles, 433-lament for Gustavus of
Sweden, 434-reorganises Scottish volunteer army, 135
Charles I. grants terms to Scots, 436-second bishops' war, 436
King Charles yields to Scotch demands and makes Leslie Earl of
Leven, 437-joins with English Parliamentarians in siege of
York, 437-fidelity to Protestantism, 138-opposes Prince Rupert
at Marston Moor, 419-premature flight, 451---life-work accom-

plished, 454.
Lilly, William, history of his life and times reviewed, 22.
Lockyer, Sir N., his Chemical Classification of Stars' reviewed,

Lowell, James Russell, his letters and writings reviewed, 157—early

life and surroundings, 158—at Harvard and Concord, 159_love
of literature, 159—legal studies, 160-marriage, 160-poem on
death of his daughter, 161--death of his wife, 162-anti-slavery
crusade, 162– Biglow Papers,' 163, 168, 177--visits to Europe,
163, 169, 172-professorship at Harvard, 161-second marriage,
161-appreciation of England, 165—edits “Atlantic Monthly,
165, and North American Review,' 166-Civil War, 166–
relations between England and America, 167–become a politi-
cian, 169—Minister to Spain and to England, 172--quality of
his verse, 174— 'Beaver Brook,' 175—'Essay on Wordsworth,'

179-essays on Pope, Thoreau, and Gray, 180.
Lyon-Caen, C., and Paul Delalain, their book on copyright reviewed,

Lytton, Lord, review of history of his Indian administration, 226.
(See Frontier Policy.)


McClean, F'., his books on star spectra reviewed, 1.5.).
Mackail, J. W., his life of William Morris reviewed, 356.
Maury, Antonia C., her book on star spectra reviewed, 155.
Millais, Sir John Everett, review of his life and letters, 189-

youthful studies, 185—friendship for Holman Hunt and Rossetti,
186-Pre-Raphaelitism, 168-190-Ford Madox Brown and 'The
Germ,' 187, 190-Ruskin, 188-attacked by Dickens, 188-
Morris, Burne-Jones, Watts, 190--love of children, 191--hunting
with John Leech, 192—forsakes Pre-Raphaelitism for realism,
193-marriage and settlement in Scotland, 194-portraiture,
195—landscape, 196-salmon-fishing with John Bright, 196—
death, 197—Val Prinsep's appreciation, 197-criticism of his

work, 199.
Vilman, Dean, review of his son's biographical sketch of, 510-

early years, 513-dramas and poems, 513-translations from


classics, 514-essays in Quarterly Review,' 515- History of the
Jews,' 515-opinions upon miracles, 516—misses a bishopric, 519

Rector of St. Margaret's, Westminster, and Prebendary of the
Abbey, 520-Dean of St. Paul's, 520— History of Christianity'
and of Latin Christianity,' 520-Macaulay's criticism, 523-
Newman's review, 524—friendship for Dean Stanley, 525—
* Annals of St. Paul's,' 526-literary and society honours, 526 ---

portrait, 527.
Morris, William, review of memoirs of, 356-Pre-Raphaelitism,

356_art beautifying handicraft, 360-principles of Pre-
Raphaelite movement, 361-Oxford companionships,
life, 363—love of nature, 366, 375—friendship for Burne-Jones,
366-disciple of Rossetti, 367, 371-Kelmscott, 373-marriage,
373—home life and surroundings, 374-birds, flowers, and books,
375– Earthly Paradise,' 376-versatility, 377–in Iceland, 378-
generosity, 378– ideal of beauty in human lives, 379,

Norton, C. E., his book on Lowell reviewed, 157.

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Pacific Ocean, Partition of the Western, review of books concerning,

478-christened by Magellan “El Mar Pacifico,' 478—Spanish
and English explorations, 479-Dutch discoveries, 480—voyages
of Cook and of La Pérouse, 481-Darwin's expedition in the
Beagle,' 482-atolls and sunken islands, 483–Micronesia,
Melanesia, Polynesia, 484- Australasia, 484-dispute between
England and France about Tahiti and Consul Pritchard, 485—-
British annexation of Fiji, 486—New Guinea, 486—German and
British spheres of influence, 487, 490—map, 488—Caroline
archipelago, 489–Solomon Islands, 491–Santa Cruz Islands,
492-New Hebrides, 493–Samoa, its troubles and their settle-
ment, 494--Tonga Islands, 499-intelligence of natives of Oceania,

500-New Caledonia, 501.
l'easants' Rising of 1381, review of books concerning, 76-hostility

of Commons to bishops' administration, 80-intluence of John of
Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, 81-death of Black Prince, 83-

ycliffe protected by John of Gaunt, 85-riot in City of London,
85-reign of Edward III., 86-French raids round English coasts,
87revolt of peasants in Essex and Kent, 88—Wat Tyler, 89,
100-feudal service of agricultural labourers, 90 --effects of Black
Death on labour market, 92—condition of Essex villeins and
Kentish peasants, 93-grievances of peasants and of parish
clergy, 94—Wycliffe's teaching, 95—Great Society of aggrieved
laymen, 96—London aldermen admit rioters to the City, 97—
sack of the Savoy and hospital of St. John at Clerkenwell, and
inurder of Archbishop of Canterbury in the Tower, 98-
surrender of Rochester Castle, 99—disturbances in the pro-
vinces, 101 --Yorkshire, 102–reprisals, 103--ultimate effect of
rebellion, 104,

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Phillips, Stephen, his poems reviewed, 51-Christ in Hades,' 52 –

verses on Dreyfus verdict, 54–Marpessa,'51-558,74-'Endymion,
55—“Tithonus,' 55— Woman with the Dead Soul,' 58 -"The

Wife,' 58-62 - Paolo and Francesca,' 62.
lowell, E., his books on Peasants' Rising and Lollards

viewed, 76.
Pre-Raphaelitism, see Rossetti and Jorris.
Probyn, J. W., his book on Italy reviewed, 380.
Psychical Research, review of books concerning, 2:2-black magic,

22-crystal-gazing, 23, 11-craving after the unknowable, 23—
alchemists and astrologers, 24-occultism of 16th and 17th
centuries, 25— William Lilly, 26—Simon Forman, 29, 32-
Frances Howard, 31-Dr. John Dee, 34, 42—Edward Kelly,
37—Madini,' the spirit, 38—Beccold of Leyden and Albert A
Laskie, 42—Sir E. Dyer and Sir T. Browne, 47—Bartholomew
Hinkman, 48—hypnotism and modern magic, 19.

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Radicals, The English, review of Mr. Kent's book concerning, 207–

definition of term • Radical,' 207—birth of English Radicalism in
1769, 208—theories of suffrage and of duties of Members of
Parliament, 209-213_Wilkes agitation and Bill of Rights
Society, 210--triennial Parliaments, 211-popular control of
Parliament, 212–influence of French Revolution on English
Radicalism, 213— Tom Paine and republicanism, 214–Utili-
tarians, 215--Reform Act of 1832, 216-- co-operation with
Wbigs, 216 - Manchester School, 218-past achievements and
modern ideals, 221-Liberal Imperialism and Greater Britain,
222-assimilation of Radical ideas by Liberals and Con-
servatives, 224-Ilome Rule, 224-transition period of political

parties, 225.
Religion in Greek Literature, review of Mr. Lewis's book upon,

334-gods of classical Greece not natural phenomena but divine
personalities, 334—evolution of religion caused by man's striving
after an ideal, 337—influence of Hellenic spirit on Christianity,
338—human imperfections and religious aspirations, 310-Homer
and Æschylus on man's need of the gods, 343-victory at Salamis
ascribed to the gods, 344—Themistocles and Herodotus on the
jealousy of the gods, 315--faith in the benevolence of the Unseen,
348---evil spirits not recognised by the Greeks, 349–Nemesis,
319-divine union of omnipotence and benevolence, 350-con-
nexion between religion and morality, 350-righteousness of
God, 351--conscience and belief in a future life, 352-tendeney

to monotheisin, 353--personal communion with the Unseen, 351.
Réville, 1., his book on Peasants' Rising of 1381 reviewed, 76.
Roberts, Isaac, lis Photographıs of Stars ' &c. reviewed, 455.
Rome, Ancient, in 1900, review of books concerning, 106—ten years'

excavations, 108– fresh light on history, 109-maps, 110-
Republican Rome, 111-preliistoric remains in the Forum, 113–


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Black Stone and tomb of Romulus, 113-- Imperial Rome, 115 --
Basilica Æmilia, 116-Altar to Peace, 117--Sacred Way, 118
-inscription of Secular Games, 109, 120--arches and pyramids,

121-proposed British school in Rome, 12.2.
Rossetti, 11. 11., his memoir of Dante Gabriel Rossetti reviewed,

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel, his letters and memoir reviewed, 356-

Pre-Raphaelite innovators, 356-uncompromising adherence to
nature, 358-poetic motives and naturalistic methods, 360—work
inspired by the 'soul of the age,' 362 -- family criticism, 363-
mediæval imaginations and modern actualities, 363—-early studies
in Regent's Park, 365-Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, 366–
Burne-Jones's admiration, 367—influence upon William Morris,
367-developement of ideal types, 368- love and marriage, and
love-poems, 369-leath of his wife, and burial of his manuscripts
in her grave, 370-friendships and estrangements, 371--insomnia,

and threatened blindness, 372-death, 372-Kelmscott, 373.
Rupert, Prince, review of Miss Scott's life of, 429-summoned to

help of King Charles I. against Cromwell, 437, 440- his lost
inheritance, 439--Protestant training and Catholic friendships,
139 — affection for King Charles I., 110-skill as cavalry leader
and failure as strategist, 411-loving to friends, generous to
enemies, 444-influence over the King, 415- Captain of North
Wales, 446—relief of Newark, 417-attempts to raise siege of
York, 448-disastrous battle with Roundheads under Earl of
Leven, 4-19—fight of both Rupert and Leven, 451--- Cromwell's
victory at Marston Moor, 451-retreat into Wales, 152- sadness
of his later years, 4.7.3.

Scott, Era, her book on Prince Rupert reviewed, 129.
South Africa, War in, review of documents concerning, 528-- British

Constitution a handicap in war, 528-abortive diplomacy, 530-
Boer Republics' strength underestimated, 531-invasion of Natal,
531-British preparations, 532-Boers' fighting capacity, 532-
Transvaal oligarchy,' 533-duty of English nation, 533-fair
criticism and factious opposition, 533-checks in the field and
Continental critics, 535--expeditious despatch of reinforcements,
533-experience gained, 537-Continental ill-will, 537---terms
of peace, 538—future government of the Dutch States, 539, 541

successes under Lord Roberts, 540-reconciliation of races,
542, 515--military rule, 513-colonial opinion, 543—- equal treat-
ment of whites, 514-effects of the war in cementing the Empire,
546— Imperialists' and Liberal Imperialists,' 547. (See also

under British Army.)
Stars, their Spectra and their Erolution, review of books concerning,

455--use of spectroscope, 455 ---stellar light analysis, Sir W.
Huggins’s researches, 156-spectrography, 458--improvements in
photographic methods, 459-life-changes of stars, 460-four
spectral types, 460— nebula, 161-star-spawn and embryo stars,
462-stellar eclipses and densities, 464- double stars caused by

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cleavage, 464–stellar decadence, 465–equilibrium of heat
between contraction and radiation, 466—variations of temperature
as affecting spectral diversity, 468-gravity a factor in determin-
ing stellar types, 469—double stars, 470—banded spectra, 471—
helium stars, 471-carbon stars, 472_Wolf-Rayet stars, 473—
spectrographic survey of entire heavens, 474-cosmic oxygen

475-bright-line stars, 476.
Stillman, W. J., his book on Union of Italy reviewed, 380.

Terry, C. S., his book on Alexander Leslie reviewed, 429.
Thédénat, H., his book on Roman Forum reviewed, 106.
Trade Disputes, Conciliation and Arbitration in, 1-objects and

methods of trades unions, 2-employers' benefit societies for
workmen, 2-profit sharing, 3-combination of employers, 4, 10–
government employment, 4-wages regulating prices, 6-artificial
limitation of output, 6-labour-saving machinery, 7-employment
of women, boys, and old men, 8-division of labour, 9---repudia-
tion of awards of arbitrators, 9-refusal of employers to negotiate
with trades unions, 10-collective bargains not legally binding,
10-registration and legalisation of trades unions, 11-voluntary
agreements with money deposited as guarantee, 12-allocation
of union funds, 14—conciliation boards, 15-conferences between
disputants, 18-central boards of employers and employed, 19-

blacklegs,' 20.
Trevelyan, G. M., his books on England in age of Wycliffe reviewed,

Venezuelan Arbitration, review of documents concerning, 123

Spanish possessions, 124–Dutch West India Company, 125—-
British rule, 126—Venezuelan claims and United States interfer.
ence, 126-commission of inquiry, 127—British claim, 127—
arbitration treaty of Washington, 128—Venezuelan argument,
129-payment of arbitrators, 130—British Case and Counter-
Case, 131---proposals of compromise not to prejudice claim, 132-
Schombergk line, 134, 136 - non-production of documents, 131–
Point Barima, 136-decision of Commission, 136, 138-status of

native inhabitants, 138-Hague Peace Conference, 140.
Vallance, A., his memoir of William Morris reviewed, 356.
Vogel, 11. C., and Wilsing, J., their book on star spectra reviewed,

Webb, Sidney and Beatrice, their book on Industrial Democracy

reviewed, 1.
M'hiteing, R., two of his novels reviewed, 305.


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