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'The Table of Contents and the Index are the work of Mr. William Stuart Messer, Barnard College,

Columbia University.



Post, Edwin: Selected Epigrams of Martial (McDaniel), 5-7; Way, Arthur S.: Euripides with an Eng-

lish Translation (Van Hook), 12-13; Evans, Alvin E.: Roman Law Studies in Livy (Radin), 22-

23; Butler, H. E.: Post-Augustan Poetry from Seneca to Juvenal (Rolfe), 30-31; Trimble, Helen

Bell: Juvenal and the Roman Emperors (Ferguson), 31-32; Craig, Virginia Judith: Martial's Wit

and Humor (Nixon), 32; Cooper, Lane: Aristotle on the Art of Poetry (Wheeler), 40; Webster,

Hutton: Ancient History: Readings in Ancient History (Ferguson), 46-47; Friedländer, Ludwig:

Roman Life and Manners under the Empire (Rolfe), 47; Tod, Marcus Niebuhr: International Ar-

bitration amongst the Greeks (Westermann), 64; Bennett, Florence Mary: Religious Cults As-

sociated with the Amazons (Heidel), 78-79; Humphreys, Milton W.: Demosthenes on the Crown

(Smith), 79; Harrison, Jane Ellen: A Study of the Social Origins of Greek Religion (Hewitt),

86-88; Ferguson, William Scott: Greek Imperialism (Johnson), 102-103; Hirt, Hermann: Hand-

buch der griechischen Laut- und Formenlehre: Brugmann, Karl: Griechische Grammatik (Sturte-

vant), 103-104; Glass, Meta: The Fusion of Stylistic Elements in Vergil's Georgics (Mustard),

104; Scott, Harry F. and Van Tuyl, Charles H.: A Cicero Composition Book (Tibbetts), 110-

III; Murray, Gilbert: Four Stages of Greek Religion (Heidel), 118-120; Ball, Allan P.: Selected

Essays of Seneca: Summers, W. C.: Select Letters of Seneca: Waltz, R.: Vie de Sénèque: Pichon,

R.: Un Philosophe Ministre: Clark, John and Geikie, Archibald: Seneca. Physical Science (Gum-

mere), 125-128; Sonnenschein, Edward A.: The Unity of the Latin Subjunctive (Bennett), 132-

134; Cornford, Francis M.: From Religion to Philosophy (Hewitt), 134-136; Butler, H. E.: Pro-

pertius with an English Translation: Phillimore, J. S.: Propertius Translated (Ullman), 142-

143; Taylor, Lily Ross: The Cults of Ostia (Barret), 143-144; Kleist, James A.: Aids to Latin

Prose Composition: Hints on Latin Style (Messer), 150-151; McCartney, Eugene Stock: Figurative

Uses of Animal Names in Latin and their Application to Military Devices (Van Hook), 151;

Plessis, Frédéric: Virgile: Les Bucoliques (Mustard), 151; Hicks, R. D.: Stoic and Epicurean

(Hadzsits), 157-159; Smith, Charles Forster: Thucydides, Book VI (Bolling), 159-160; Duff, J.

Wight: A Literary History of Rome (McCartney), 164-168; Seaton, R. C.: Apollonius Rhodius,

the Argonautica: Mooney, George W.: The Argonautica of Apollonius (Robinson), 172-176; Leo,

Friedrich Geschichte der Römischen Literatur (Ingersoll), 189-190; Swindler, Mary Hamilton:

Cretan Elements in the Cults and Ritual of Apollo (Barret), 190-191; Smith, Barry C.: Elements

of Latin (Lee), 191-192; Niedermann, Max: 'Historische Lautlehre des Lateinischen: Ernout, Al-

fred: Historische Formenlehre des Lateinischen (199-200); Stewart, Manson A.: A Study in Latin

Abstract Substantives (Kent), 206-208; Brown, Calvin L.: Latin Songs (Cleasby), 208; Smith,

Kirby F.: The Elegies of Albius Tibullus (Ullman), 212-214; Durham, Donald B.: The Vocabu-

lary of Menander in its Relation to the Koh (Sturtevant), 214-215; Weller, Charles H.: Athens

and its Monuments (Bates), 222-223; A Selection of Latin Verse (Knapp), 224.

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