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as to tack them together : the other piece is wrapped round the waist, and reaches nearly to the ground: the lower part, however, is worn by the men only upon particular occasions; but they wear a belt, to which a string is fastened, for a very singular use. Over this garment some of them wear mats, which reach from the shoulders to near the heels. But the most common covering is a quantity of a sedgy plant badly dressed, which they fasten on a string of considerable length, and throwing it about the shoulders, let it fall down on all sides, as far as the middle of the thighs. When they sit down, with these upon them, either in their boats or upon the shore, it would be difficult to distinguish them from large grey stones, if their black heads, projecting beyond their coverings, did not engage a stricter attention. When they have only their upper garment on, and sit upon their hams, they bear some resemblance to a thatched house ; but this covering, though it is ugly, is well adapted to the use of those who frequently sleep in the open air, without any other shelter from the rain. We have here given the representation of a family of Dusky bay.

The ingenuity of these people appears most remarkable in their canoes. They are long and narrow, and in shape very much resemble a New England whale boat: the larger sort seem to be built chiefly for war, and will carry from forty to eighty or an hundred armed men.-One was measured which lay ashore at Tolaga: she was sixty-eight feet and an half long, five feet broad, and three feet and an balf deep: the bottom was sharp, with strait sides like a wedge, and consisted of three lengths, hollowed out to about two inches, or an inch and an half thick, and well fastened together with strong plaiting: each side consisted of one entire plank, sixty-three feet long, ten or twelve inches broad, and about an inch and a quarter thick, and these were fitted and lashed to the bottom part with great dexterity and strength. A considerable number of thwarts were laid from gunwale to gunwale, to which they were securely lashed on each side, as a strengthening to the boat. The ornament at the head projected five or six feet beyond the body, and was about four feet and an half

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mitted, being desirous to get clear of them. After this they sailed past the Carolinas, and on the 5th of November, approached the Pelew islands. Many of the islanders came on board and were clamorous for the ship to come to an anchor; but as no safe anchorage could be discovered, the ship was kept under way. The natives, says our author, "are in our opinion, inferior in external appearance to the Marquesans, the Society or Friendly islanders ; they have not the stature and symmetry of the two first, and fall far short of the muscular, bold, and manly look of the latter. They approach the nearest to their neighbours, the Carolinians; for, like them, they are neither a stout nor handsome race. Among some customs which they seem to have in common at both places, is that of slitting the ear, through which some of them put vegetable ornaments, at least an inch thick. In tatooing at Pelew, their legs and thighs appear as if they had been dipped in a dye of blueish black, the same as at the Carolinas; but they mark their bodies also with figures, like fingers, or gloves. They appeared before us quite naked, without seeming conscious of shame, and shewed their kindness and hospitality by the earnest invitations they gave us to visit their habitations.' Captain Wilson on leaving this group, steered north-west to the Bashees, leaving the Philippine islands on the west.

Of this interesting group, the isle of Luzon, or Luconia, is the chief. The capital is Manilla, which is built upon the shore of the bay which bears its name, and which is more than twenty-five leagues in circumference, lies at the mouth of a river that is navigable as far as the lake from which it derives its source, and is as delightfully situated as any place in the world. All the necessaries of life are to be procured there in the greatest abundance, and at an excellent market; but the cloths, manufactures, and furniture of Europe bear an excessive price. The want of emulation, together with prohibitions, and every species of restraint put upon commerce, render the productions and merchandise of China and India in general as dear as in Europe ; and this colony, notwithstanding its receipts from the customs amounts to near 800,000

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