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high; the ornament at the stern was fixed


that end, as the stern-post of a ship is upon her keel, and was about fourteen feet high, two feet broad, and an inch and an half thick. They both consisted of boards of carved work, of which the design was much better than the execution.

The paddles are small, light, and neatly made; the blade is of an oval shape, or rather of a shape resembling a large leaf, pointed at the bottom, broadest in the middle, and gradually losing itself in the shaft ; the whole length being about six feet, of which the shaft or loom, including the handle, is four, and the blade two. By help of these oars they push on their boats with amazing velocity.

Having called again at Tongataboo, captain Wilson proceeded on his voyage on the 7th of September. About nine o'clock on the 13th, the ship struck upon a coral rock. ‘All hands were upon deck in an instant, says the writer, 'and, as she stuck fast, became under great apprehensions of being shipwrecked ; a misfortune which presented itself with a thousand frightful ideas. We knew that the Feejees were cannibals of a fierce disposition, and who had never had the least intercourse with any voyagers ; consequently we could expect no favour from such. Imagination, quick and fertile on such occasions, figured them dancing round us, while we were roasting on large fires. However, it was no time to indulge thoughts of this kind, but to try what could be done to save the ship. Judging it to be a weather reef we were on, the moment she struck the sails were hove aback, and in five or six minutes we beheld with joy that she came astern, and shortly after was quite afloat; when we were again delivered from our fears, and found the ship, which had kept upright the whole time, seemed to have received no injury.

On the 25th they discovered several islands which were called Duff's group. The natives appeared stout and well made, and their houses built close, which indicated some degree of civilization. On the 29th they passed near New Georgia, where a few canoes came alongside from a small island, and Tucker and Connelly were discovered swimming near the stem with a view of escaping, which the captain per

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