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Ix. 1059.

xi, 730.


tan's army

Adam and Eve, after their fall to the Americans, as first fech

by Columbus, ix. 1115. Their repentance-to Deucalion and

Pyrrha's address to restore the haman race after their food, xi. 8.
Adam careling Evento Jupiter with Juno, (May-Mowers,) iv.

499. His address to her feeping- to Zephyrus breathing
on Flora, v. 15. Bower---to Pomona's arbour, v. 377. De
fires to know the lory of the creation, prior to his own to
thirft unallayed, increasing, vii. 60. A waked after carnal ftui-
tion, the first effe&t of his fall- to Samson shorn by Dalilah,

Scrrow on the vision of Noah's Picoll - to a fa-
ther's mourning his children all destroyed in his view at once,
Angels (celestial) the spears (of the guardiıns of Paradise)
ears of corn ripe for reaping, iv. 980. 'Their march againfi Sa-

--- to that of the birds in Paradise to receive their
names from Adam, vi. 72. Their hallelujuhs- to the found
of seas, x. 642. Appointed to expel Adam, &c. from Para-
difentheir faces to a donble Janos, (four,) xi. 128. Their
eyes- to those of Argus, ix. 129. Their appearance there-
to the angels appearing to Jacob in Mahanaim, xi. 213.-
To those in Dothan against the King of Affyria, xi. 216. Their

motion to an evening. min, . 028.
Angels (fallen or infernal), to autumnal leaves, i. 302.-To

Routing sea-fedge after a storm, i. 304. Roufing at Satan's com-
mand to centinels waking from seep on duty, i. 331. Im-
battling against the ángels celestial to the Egyptian plague
of locusts, i. 338. - To the irruptions of the northern bar.
barians, i: 351. Their disposition to engage into that of the
heroes, of antiquity, i. 549. With them the greatest armies
in all ages since the creation--pigmies, i. 573. Thenitelves

to oaks or pines blafted, i. 612. Their searching, &c. for
the mazeri.ils of Panda monjunto pioneers intrenching, &c.
er one to

Their manner of railing it to the wind of an or-
pigmies, 78.7.---To fairies, i. 781. Their applaufc of Main-
inon's speech in council to the hollow wind after a storm,

fi. 285. Their rising from council-to thunder afar off, ii.
17476. Their pleafure on the ruíult- to the evening fun after

a fowl day, ii. 488. Their after various pursuits, passions, &c.
to the Olympic or Pythian games, ii. 530.-

To the
phænomena of armies in the clouds, ji. 533.To Hercules
on Oeta, ii. 543. Their numbers compofing Satan's army a
gainst the celestials to the stars, v. 745.To the dewe
drops, v. 746. Their applause of Satan's repły to Abdicinin
to the found of deep waters, V. $72. Thronged together after
their entire defeat ly God the Son-ma-to a herd of goats, vi.
*$56. Their retreat to Pandæmonium from the frontiers of
h«!! during Satair's expedition to the workmanto the Tartar's


ix. 393.

fight before the Rols-and the Persian from the Turk
walling the intermediate country, x: 431, Transformation to
ferpegis-to those fprung from the Gorgon's blood, &c. X.
520.- Their appearance on the tree illusive of the forbidden
fruit to the Inaky hair of Megara, (one of the furies, i X.

558. The fruit- to the apples of Sodom, *.561.
Chaos, atoms, their motion- to the Lihyan, quicksands, if.
200. Confusion there-to fforming a town, ii. 930.-

beaven and earth (supposed) falling, &c. ii. 924.
Beath, and þin, theis making a bridge over Chaos to the world

to polar winds, driving ice together in the (fuppofed)
north-east passage, x. 289. The work--to Neptune's fixing
the isle of Delos, 293.- To Xerxes making a bridge over

the Hellespont, X. 306.
Death's instinct of Adam's fall- to the flight of birds of prey

to a field of battle, x, 273. His and Satan's frowns on each

other to two thunder-clouds meeting, ii. 214.
Eye her hair to the yine's tendrils, iv. 305. Her looks

to the first blush of morning, v. 122. Herself-a-to Pan-
dora, iv, 713, Toa wood-nymph, or Venus, y: 379:

a Dryad, or Delia, (Diana,) ix. 387.-To Pales or Pomona,

---To Ceres, ix. 395. Her texnptation by Satan
alluded to by the story of Ophion and Eurynome, ix. 578..
Flaming sworsi in Paradise, on Adam and Eve's expulsion tħience

to a comet, xii. 632. Its heat, &c.- to the Libyan air,

- to mount Etna, (in Sicily,) i. 130.- To the bog os
lake Serbonis, (in Palestine,) ii. 592.
Knowledge, the defire of it to a thirst unallayed, iecreasing,

vii. 66.
Michael, his combat with Satan- to two planets (the framc of.

nature supposed dislolved,) rushing in opposition to each other,
vi. 310. Appearance to expel Adam, &c. from Paradise

to a man in a military velt, &c. xi. 239.
Pandæmonium, or the court of hell, its suddcp riscato an.

crbalation, i. 710.
Paradise, the air of it- to the effiuvia from Arabia Felix at
fea, iv. 159. Itself to the field of Etna, (in Sicily,) iv.-268.
-To the grove of Daphne, &c. (in 'Tleffaly,) iv, 272

To the ifle of Nysa, where Bacchus was brought up, iv. 175.
-To mount Amara, (in Ethiopia,) iv. 280.

To the garo
dens of Adonis, ix. 439.- Of Akinous, ix. 440.- Of So-

lomon, ix. 442.
Raphael, his view of the world in his descent from heaven to Pa-
fadife to that of the moon throngh an optic glass, v. 261..

Of Dclos, or Samos, from the Cyclades, (illes,) v. 264.
Himself to a phenix, v. 271.--To Mercury, v. 285.
Satan- --to Briarcos, Typhon, and the Leviathar, i. 199, 201..

-To the fun siling in a niilt, i. 594.---- In eclipse, i. 596..

vii. 634.

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To the longest train of a comet, ii. goy.To the mount
Teneriff, or Atlas, iv. 985. His Thield- to the moon, i. 284.
His spear-to a mast, i. 292. His standard to a meteor, i.

337. The phænomenon of his afcent to hell-gates-to a fleet
in the offing, ii. 636. His, and Death's frowns on each other

to two thunder-clouds meeting, i. 714. Flight to the
court of Chaosato a gryphon's in the wilderness, ii

. 943. To-
wards leaven- to the thip) Argo through the Thracian Bor-
phorus, i. 1016.To Ulysses's voyage between Scylla and Cha-
rybdis, ii. 1019. Arrival at light, &c.- to a weather-beaten
veffel towards port, ü. 1043.- On the convex of the world's
uttermoft orbato à vulture seeking his prey, iii. 431. First
view of the world to a scout's casual prospect, after a danger-
ous journey, of a new country or city, iii. 543. - -Of the lars
orbs to the Hesperian gardens, &c. iii. 568. Appearance
in the sun's orb- to a spot in it differing from all altronomi-
cal observations, iii. 688. Meditation on his intended attempt
on the world to a gun recoiling, iv. 14. In Paradise

a wolf preying on a feld, iv. 183.- -- To a thief breaking in at
a houfe-cop, &c. iv. 188.To a tyger in view of a brace of
fawns, iv. 403. Detected by Ithuriel there-

to gun-pow.
der taking fire, iv. 814. Reprehended by Zephon- to a fteed
'seined, in a fret, iv. 857. His army against the celestials in
number to the dars, v. 745. -To the dew-drops, v. 746.
Theis applause of his reply to Abdiel- to the sound of deep
waters, vi, 872. Himself recoiling on a blow received from
Michach-to a mountain finking by an earthquake, vi. 193.
His combat with Michaela to two planets (the frame of nature
fupposed disolved) rushing in opposition to each other, vi. 310.
View (in the serpént) of Paradise and Eve there to a citi-
zen's taking the air in the country from his home' confinement,
ix. 445. Shape (transformed to a serpent) on his return to helf
after the temptation to the serpent Python, x. 519. His
tempting Eve-alladed to by the story of Ophion and Euryo

nome, X. 578.
Serpent, that entered by Satanto those Hermione and Cadmus

were transformed to, ix. $04.- To that affumed by Æfcula-
pius, ix. 500.- -To those by Jupiter Ammon, and Capitoli.
nus, ix. 508. His motion, wreathings, &c.- to the working
of a ship in lifting winds, &c. ix. 513: His creft (preceding
Eve to the forbidden tree) to an exhalation Haming, (Wili
j'th' Wifp) ix. 034. His addrefs introducing the temptatios

to that of an orator of the Athenian or Roman common.
wealths, ix. 670.
Sin, her middle parts- to the supposed dogs of Scylla, ji. 659.

of the night-hag, ii. 662.
Spears to ears of corn ripe for reaping, iv. 980.
Stars, their orbs to the Hefperian gardens, &c. iii. 568.
suo, his course turned at Adai:'s, &c. eating the forbidden fruit
was at the banquet of 'Thyctes, *. 688.

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iv. 555.

ix. 1942.

Uric, his lessent from the sun on Paradietto a hooting star,
Waters, their Aux into feas, &c. on the creation- to drops on

dult, vii. 200. -To armics forming themselves on found of
trumpet, vii. 294
Sin and Death. See Death and Sin.
Sin described, ü. 650. Her speech to Satan, and Death, at hell.

gates, ii, 727. Reply to Satan, ii. 747. Her birth, ii. 752. Res
ply to his answer, ii. 850. Opens hell-gates to him, i. 871.
Speech to Death on Adam's fall, X. 235, To Satan, (meeting
him returning to hell,) on her and Death's journey to the world
after it, X. 354. To Death on their arrival at Paradise, X. 591.

Reply to Death's answer, x. 602. See Similies.
Sin original, luft carnal the forft effect of it, ix, 1911. Its folace,
Slavery, original of it the inordinacy of the passions, xii. 86. The

justice of it, as consequential on deviating from virtae, &c. xii. 97.
Soul, its faculties, v. 100. Its immortality diicussed, x. 732,
Spirits, their effence and power, i. 423-789 Their invisible exist-

ence on carth, iv. 677. . The elect, their hymn to God the Fa.
ther, and Son, iii. 372. Materiál, &c. faculties in fpiries, V, 404.
423. Vital, animal, and intellectual spirits progressive from ma-
terial nutrition, v. 482. Their existence in life, intellect, shape,

&c. defined, vi. 344.
Spring perpetual within the tropics, but for Adam's fall, x. 678.
Stars, their places, appearances, &c. t. 5os: Fed by the air, 1

419. Purt of the fourth day's creation, vii. 357. Receive their
light from the sun, vii

. 304 See Similies..
Scars, and moon, their courses, influences, &c. iv. 661.
Storms, &c. an effect of Adam's fall, xj. 595.
Styx, a river of hell, äi. 577.
sun, its appearance, place, and power, iii. 571. Brightaess descri-
bed, iii. 591.

" Orb fed by exhalations from the groffer, v. 423.
Part of the fourth day's creation, vii. 354. The fountain of light,
vii. 364. Setting described, iv: 352. 539.590. viii. 830 . 22.
Its annual course, producing intense heat and cold, an effet of
Adam's fall, x osi. Its oblique motion from the equinoctial,
from the fame cause. 4. 671. See Similies.

Teachers, false, of the Christian religion described, xii. $08.
Temperance, the effect of it long life, xi. 530.
Thammuz, or Adonis, a fallen angel, i. 446.
Thunder, an effect of Adam's fall, x. 666.
Time, respecting eternity, defined, v; $80.
Titan, a fallen angel, i. 510.
Tradition censured, xil: 511.
Tree of life. See Life. Of knowledge. See Knowledge.
Truth, suffering for it, fortitude, &c. xii. 569.!
Tyranny, Nimrod's, described and cenfured, xii

. 24. Origin of it,


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the inordinacy of the paflions, xii. 86. No excuse of the tyrant

(though just in consequence on the subject,) xii. 95.
Tyrants, their plea for conqueft, &c. compared with Satan's firft

attempt on man, iv. 390.
Twilight described, iv. 508.

Vacnity, God's onnipresence an argument against it, vii. 168.
Valour, or heroic virtue, the common notion of it censured, xi. 688.
Virtue, &c. with loss of freedom degenerates, xi. 797. Realon and

virtue the same, xii. 28.
Union conjugal. See Conjugal union.
Uriel (the angel of the fun,) iii. 622. His answer to Satan, iii. 694.

Directs him to the world, iii. 724. And Paradise, iii. 733. De-
scends thither himself, and informs Gabriel of Satan's predescent,
iv. 555. 561. Encounters Adramelech, (a fallen angel,) wounds,

and puts him to Aight, vi. 363. · Sec Similies.
Uzziel, (a guardian angel of Paradise,) iv. 782.

War, property the original of it, xi. 638. The corruptions of peace

equal to its wastes, xi. 783.
Waters separated from the earth, part of the third day's creation,

vii. 282. See Similies.
Wife, her duty in danger, distress, &c. ix. 267. xi. 290.
Wind, the tempestuous power of it, an effect of Adam's fall, x,-

Wisdom, the sum of it, the love, &c. of God, xii. 575.
Wolves, (or false teachers,) the apostles fucceffors, described, xii,

Woman, conjugal obedience her happiness, &c. iv. 635. Man's loves

towards her, how consistent with his superiority, viii. 567. I'wo
of her lovelielt qualities, ix. 232. The effect of leaving her to her
own will, ix. 1182. His superiority over her given him by God,
*. 145. 195. A novelty, defect of nature, &c. (sarcastically,) s.
888. The advantage of her social over her artificial accomplish-
ments, xi. 614. Every way the cause of man's milery, (farcasti-

cally,) xi. 632.
Works, with faith in Chrift; eternal-life, xii. 420.
World, the convex of its outermoltorb described, iii. 418. By whom

possessed, (sarcastically,) iii. 444. 463. The creation of the world
committed by God the Father to God the Son, vii. 103, De-
fcribed, vii. 218. Situation of it, respecting heaven and hell, x.
See Earth.

Zephon, (a guardian angel of Paradife,) iv. 788. Reprehends Satan's

first attempt on Eve there, iv. 823. Reply to his answer, iv. 834.
Zophiel, (a chaub,) vi. 535. Alarms the celestial army, on the

approach of Satan's to renew the battle, vi. $37.


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