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President, Dr. Anita Newcomb McGee, 1620 P
Street, Washington, D. C.; President, Mrs. Henry
Hunt Ludlow, Fort Hamilton, N. Y.; Vice-Presi-
dents: Mrs. Hollis Clark, 2126 N St., N. W.,
Washington, D. C.; Miss Adelaide Mackereth,
Ancon Hill Hospital, Canal Zone, Panama; Miss
Ida Forsythe, 2235 Post St., San Francisco; Miss
Hannah Waddell, Hospitale Las Animas, Habana,
Cuba; Miss Elizabeth Denning, Shore Road and
82d St., Brooklyn, N. Y.; Miss Ida V. Parkes,
1246 Ridge Ave., Evanston, Ill.; Miss Mary
Quinn, 78 Broad St., Providence, R. I.; Mrs. G.
O. Switzer, Ludington-on-the-Lake, Mich.; Miss
Florence Kelly, 245 W. 14th St., New York City;
Miss M. J. Harroun, Toledo Hospital, Toledo,
Ohio; Treasurer, Miss Rebecca Jackson, Over-
brook, Pa.; Recording Secretary, Mrs. Robert H.
Kneil, Westfield, Mass.

Next meeting in New York City, September, 1909.

New England Association for the Education of Nurses.-President, Dr. Richard C. Cabot, 190 Marlboro St., Boston, Mass.; Treasurer, Miss Annette Fiske, 1564 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Mass.; Secretary, Miss Emma A. Anderson, Parker Hill Ave., Boston, Mass.



California State Nurses Association (Incorporated).-President, Dr. Helen P. Criswell, 350 Post St., San Francisco; 1st Vice-President, Miss Mary I. Hall, 2534 Piedmont Ave., Berkeley; 2d Vice-President, Miss Gertrude Montfort, Elmhurst, Alameda Co.; Secretary and Treasurer, Miss S. Gotea Dozier, 5303 Telegraph Ave., Oakland; Councilors: Mrs. W. E. Downing

(Chairman), Suisun, Solano Co.; Miss Theresa Earles McCarthy, 1325 Green St., San Francisco; Miss E. M. Courrier, 5 Watson Ave., East Oakland; Miss Katherine Fitch, R. N., Fabiola Hospital, Oakland; Miss Teresa Corti, 1905 Truxtun Ave., Bakersfield; Mrs. Chas. D. Lockwood, 295 Markham St., Pasadena. Councilors-at-Large: Miss Margaret A. Pepoon, 4440 Maryland St., San Diego; Miss Genevieve Cooke, 324 Grand Ave., Oakland; Miss Katharine Brown, 3821 Sacramento St., San Francisco.

Next meeting in San Diego, August, 1909. Colorado State Board of Nurse Examiners.President, Miss Louie Croft Boyd, Denver; Secretary, Miss Mary B. Eyre, 642 Grant Ave., Denver.

Colorado State Trained Nurses' Association.President, Miss L. A. Beecroft, Minnequa Hospital, Pueblo; 1st Vice-President, Miss C. Follmer, Colorado Springs; 2d Vice-President, Mrs. C. L. Chamberlain, Boulder; Treasurer, Miss L. M. Fowler, Denver; Secretary, Miss F. J. Davenport, Boulder.

Connecticut State Board of Examination and Registration of Nurses.-President, Miss Emma L. Stowe, Connecticut Training School for Nurses, New Haven; Secretary and Treasurer, Miss R. Inde Albaugh, Grace Hospital, New Haven.

Graduate Nurses Association of Connecticut.— President, Miss Martha J. Wilkinson, 50 Spring St., Hartford; 1st Vice-President, Mrs. I. A. Wilcox, Pine Meadow; 2d Vice-President, Miss E. A. Somers, Waterbury; Treasurer, Miss Rose M. Heavren, 345 Ellsworth Ave., New Haven; Recording Secretary, Miss Elizabeth Gallagher, Danbury; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. E. Baldwin Lockwood, R.N., Granby. Executive Committee: Miss Mary L. Bolton, 1175 Park Ave., Bridgeport; Miss R. Inde Albaugh, Grace Hospital, New Haven; Miss Winifred Ahn, Bridgeport.

Connecticut Association of Visiting Nurses.St., Hartford; 1st Vice-President, Miss Mary President, Miss Martha J. Wilkinson, 50 Spring Baird, Waterbury; 2d Vice-President, Miss Harriet B. Ball, Middletown; Secretary and Treasurer, Miss Mary Grace Hills, 200 Orange St., New Haven.

Nurses' Examining Board of the District of Columbia.-President, Miss Lily Kanely; Secretary and Treasurer, Miss Katherine Douglass, 320 East Capitol St., Washington, D. C.

Graduate Nurses' Association of the District of Columbia.-President, Miss Lily Kanely, R.N., 1723 G St., Washington; Ist Vice-President, Miss Bertha Orlo Smith, 1723 G St., Washington; 2d Vice-President, Miss Louisa C. Lippitt, 2803 P St., Washington; Treasurer, Miss Peron E. Jennings, Children's Hospital, Washington; Secretary, Miss W. A. Cox, 1500 Columbia Road, Washington; Councillors: Miss G. M. Nevins, Garfield Hospital, Washington; Miss F. K. Vincent, The Victoria, Washington; Miss E. M. Hewitt, The Victoria, Washington; Miss Helen W. Gardner, The Portner, Washington; Miss Myra L. Drake, The Plymouth, Washington; Miss Cora Kibler, The Carolina, Washington.

Georgia State Board of Nurse Examiners.— Secretary, Mrs. A. C. Hartridge, 16 Washington St., Atlanta,

Georgia State Association of Graduate Nurses (Incorporated.)-President, Miss M. B. Wilson, R.N., Savannah Hospital, Savannah; 1st VicePresident, Mrs. Theodosia Wardell, R.N., Grady Hospital, Atlanta; 2d Vice-President, Miss Alberta Dozier, R.N., Wesley Memorial Hospital, Atlanta; Treasurer, Miss M. A. Owens, R.N., 106 E. 31st St., Savannah; Recording Secretary, Miss Jessie M. Candlish, R.N., Elkin Goldsmith Sanitorium, Atlanta; Corresponding Secretary, Miss Eliza Clay, R.N., 28 Taylor St., E., Savannah.

Please report promptly all inaccuracies that you may detect on this page. Do not fail to use the letters R. N. wherever they apply.

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'HE dietetic value of Scott's Emulsion
rests on the remarkable properties of cod
liver oil as a producer of energy in the body.

Prof. Frankland, of London, by exhaustive
experiments with the various articles used as food
proved that cod liver oil exceeds all other food
stuffs as a generator of force or energy. His results
represented the actual force evolved by complete
oxidation under the form of heat measured by the
calorimeter. Experiments by others have corrob
orated the results of Prof. Frankland's great work.

The highest grade of pure cod liver oil is admirably combined with hypophosphites of lime and soda and glycerine in Scott's Emulsion.

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ALL DRUGGISTS; 50c. AND $1.00.

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Illinois State Association of Graduate Nurses (Incorporated).-President, Miss Caroline D. Seidensticker, 419 E. 45th St., Chicago; 1st Vice-President, Miss M. Ahrens, Provident Hospital, Chicago; 2d Vice-President, Miss Ellen Stewart, Galesburg Hospital, Galesburg; Treasurer, Miss Jessie Scott, 79 Dearborn St., Chicago; Corresponding Secretary, Miss B. Henderson, Chilaren's Hospital Society, Chicago; Recording Secretary, Miss M. Hoffman, West Side Hospital, Chicago.

Chicago Society of Superintendents of Training Schools for Nurses.-President, Miss Lila Pickhardt, Augustana Hospital, Lincoln and Cleveland Aves., Chicago; Secretary and Treasurer, Miss Grace G. Watson, Children's Memorial Hospital, 606 Fullerton Ave., Chicago.

Meetings in Field's Tea Room, Chicago, the first Saturday in each month.

Indiana State Board of Registration and Examination of Nurses.-Secretary, Miss Edna Humphrey, R.N., Crawfordsville.

Indiana State Nurses' Association.-President, Miss Edna Humphrey, R.N., Crawfordsville; Ist Vice-President, Miss Mary B. Sollers, R.N., Home Hospital, Lafayette; 2d Vice-President, Miss Cora M. Birdsell, R. N., South Bend; Treasurer, Miss Anna Rein, R.N., 902 N. Alabama St., Indianapolis; Secretary, Miss Mae D. Currie, R.N., 39 The Meridian, Indianapolis.

Iowa State Board of Examiners of Nurses.-F. W. Powers, M.D., Waterloo; B. L. Eiker, M.D., Leon; Miss Clara L. Craine, 1327 Arlington Ave., Davenport; Sister Mectilda, Des Moines; Louis A. Thomas, Secretary State Board of Health, Des Moines.

Iowa State Association of Registered Nurses.— President, Miss Jane Garrod, St. Mary's Home, Davenport; 1st Vice-President, Anna Goodale, Cedar Rapids; 2d Vice-President, Abbie Tabor, Sioux City; Treasurer, Anna Killeen, Dubuque ; Recording Secretary, Mrs. Ida C. Neff, 720 Wellington St., Waterloo; Corresponding Secretary, Miss Wilhelmina Blim, Waterloo; Auditor Blanche Bowker, Ottumwa.

Maryland State Board of Examiners of Nurses. Room 610, Professional Building, Baltimore.— President, Miss Georgina C. Ross; Secretary and Treasurer, Miss Mary C. Packard; Miss Emma J. Daly, Miss Nannie J. Lackland, and Miss Marie Gorter.

Maryland State Association of Graduate Nurses. -Honorary President, Miss M. Adelaide Nutting,

Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore; President, Miss Sara E. Parsons; Vice-Presidents, Miss G. C. Ross and Miss S. F. Martin; Treasurer, Miss Nannie J. Lackland; Secretary, Miss Amy P. Miller, R.N., Room 610, Professional Building, Baltimore.

Board of Examiners of Nurses for the State of Minnesota.-President, Miss Edith P. Rommel, R. N., Minneapolis; Treasurer, Miss Bertha Johnson, R.N., St. Paul; Secretary, Miss Helen M. Wadsworth, R.N., St. Paul; Miss Grace Watson, R. N., Minneapolis; Dr. Jeanette M. MacLaren, St. Paul.

Minnesota State Nurses' Association.-President, Mrs. Alexander R. Colvin, 623 Grand Ave., St. Paul; 1st Vice-President, Miss Mary Wood, Associated Charities, St. Paul; 2d Vice-President, Miss Adda Knox, St. Luke's Hospital, Duluth; Treasurer, Miss Grace Holmes, 235 Prescott Ave., St. Paul; Secretary, Miss Marie R. Jamme, 2133 Kenwood Parkway, Minneapolis; Assistant Secretary, Miss Edith Rommel, Minneapolis.

New Hampshire State Board of Nurse Examiners.-Chairman, Miss Blanche M. Truesdell, R.N., 88 Pleasant St., Concord; Secretary, Miss Augusta C. Robertson, R.N., Elliot Hospital Manchester.

Graduate Nurses' Association of New Hampshire.-President, Grace P. Haskell, R.N., The Wentworth Hospital, Dover; 1st Vice-President, Nancy V. Curtice, R.N., Concord; 2d Vice-President, Ada Van Vrankin, State Hospital, Concord; Recording Secretary and Treasurer, Winifred Shears, R.N., Concord; Corresponding Secretary, Ida A. Nutter, R.N., Laconia Hospital, Laconia; Members of Board: Blanche Montross Truesdell, R.N., Ida F. Shepard, R.N., Mabel Potter, R.N., and Selina O. Rittenhouse, R.N.

New York State Board of Nurse Examiners.President, Miss Annie Damer, Yorktown Heights, New York; Inspector, Miss Anna L. Alline, 132 Lancaster St., Albany; Secretary, Miss Jane E Hitchcock, R.N., 265 Henry St., New York City. Examination at New York, Albany, Syracuse and Buffalo, February 2-5, 1909.

New York State Nurses' Association.-Presi dent, Mrs. Harvey D. Burrell, R.N., Syracuse; Ist Vice-President, Miss Frances Black, Homeopathic Hospital, Buffalo; 2d Vice-President, Miss F. L. Lurkins, Laura Franklin Hospital, New York; Treasurer, Miss Lina Lightbourne, R.N., Superintendent of the Hospital of the Good Shepherd,

Please report promptly all inaccuracies that you may detect on this page. letters R. N. wherever they apply.

Do not fail to use the

Ordinary Brushing

with ordinary dentifrices does not
properly clean the teeth, because no
dentifrice has hitherto been made
that would destroy the germs of
decay and free the teeth from fer-
menting food particles.


The OXYGEN Tooth Powder

is a new product of science which
liberates active oxygen in the
mouth, destroying all germs of de-
cay harmlessly bleaching the
teeth and preventing formation
of tartar.

Of all druggists 25 cents. Sample and booklet on request Guaranteed pure under Food and Drugs.Act McKESSON & ROBBINS, 91-97 Futoa St., New York



A Scientific Blending of. True Santal and Saw Palmetto with Soothing Demulcents in a Pleasant Aromatic Vehicle

A Vitalizing Tonic to the Reproductive System.



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