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Flatulent Dyspepsia, Some Points in the Hospitals of South America, Some..... 54, 116 Causation of and Its Treatment..

183, 251, 311, 373, 566, 633 Flavoring Tastes.... 487 Hot Water Bottle, The Deadly.....

379 Flesh Eating and Disease..

218 Hourly Nursing, The Care of Patients of Flies as Carriers of Typhoid Fever, A San

Moderate Means....

43 Francisco Experience in Relation to...... 115 House-Fly, Exterminate the.

281 Florence Nightingale Honored by Two Sov- How to Live....

284 ereigns. 106 Hydrocarbons, Action of the.

22 Florence Nightingale's Influence on Modern Hydrochloric Acid Treatment of Gout...... 97 Nursing......

555 Hydrochloric Acid of Gastric Contents, AbFood Adulterations in Relation to Health... 329 sence and Marked Diminution of, in Cancer Foot Ball Again.....

669 Involving Organs Other Than the Stomach. 32 Foot, Proper Care and Hygiene of.... 270 Hygiene of the Nervous System in ChildForeign Bodies Beneath the Nails.

hood, The.... Free Sister of the City of London, The.


Hyperemia in the Treatment of Internal DisFriendly Hand, A (Poetry).. 37 eases...

420 Friendliness, An Appeal to..

304 Hypnotism..... Fruit Juice in Typhoid Fever. 487 Hypodermic Alimentation.

489 Hysterics (Poetry)....

617 G

Hysterical Amblyopia Gallstone Disease, Has It a Treatment?.... 518

I Game of Make-Believe.

168 Gastric Cancer...


Ice Cream, Bacterial Contamination of, ReGastric Crisis.


sponsible for Much Enteric Affection..... 30 Gazette Directory, The..


Ice Water...... Geography of Medical Greatness, Some

Icterus Neonatorum, Pathology of.

224 Thoughts cn..

.... 673
Ideal Life, The....

481 Georgia State Association of Graduate

Idiots, The Management and Education of.. 164 Nurses...

Imbibition or Drinking of Water....

717 Germs Killed by Colors..

Immunity, Natural and Acquired.

85 Germ Proof Qualities of Tiling.

Impacted Cerumen.

443 Good in the World, There Is.....

Imperial Drink......

443 Graduate Nurses' Association of Connecticut. 382

Incipient Cases of Tuberculosis in Sanatoria Grand Legion of the Red Cross, The.. 124

and Dispensaries, Public Provision for.... 34 Grip, The After Effects of the.

Incubation Period, The......

726 Grippe Epidemic, This Season's.

Indiana State Nurses' Association..

700 Gynecological Primer, A..


Indiana State Board of Registration and ExH amination of Nurses....

62 Infantile Atrophy, Cause of.

32 Hands Across the Sea....

Infection, Carriage of by Flies.

149 Happy New Year, A (Poetry) 39 Infant's Binder, The.....

442 Hay-Fever....

Infant Feeding.....

398 Health Defined..

7 Insane, The Rational Treatment of the. 621 Hennepin County Graduate Nurses' Associa


489 tion....

702 International Congress Tuberculosis, Heredity and Environment.

325 Washington, D. C., Sept. 21-Oct. 12, 1908. . 571 Hiccough......

.100, IOI
Internaticnal Congress on Tuberculosis...

356 Highest Vow, The..


Intestinal Dyspepsia.. Hippocratic Oath, Suggested Revision of to

Intestinal Occlusion, An Early Symptom of. 284 Conform With Present-Day Standards and

Iron, Percentages of in Food..

489 Conditions.....

678 Home and Sanatorium Treatment.


J Hopeless Cases : Hopeless Nurses... 298 Hospital Car for Tuberculous Passengers... 123 Jewish Hospital, Philadelphia, Rejoicings at Hospital Economics Course in Columbia Uni


573 versity. ......

623 Judicial Decision of Interest to Maternity Hospital Interne, The.





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Mental Incompetent, A Word for the... 747

Mental Treatment of the Dipsomaniac, The. 279 Ky. State Association of Graduate Nurses.. 507

Mental Symptoms from Retention of ProKy. State Association of Graduate Nurses,

ducts of Metabolism....

422 First Annual Meeting of......

Mice Still Disseminate Pneumonia..

Michigan State Nurses' Association....702,

191, 572, 381 Lactic Acid Ferments in Tropical Diseases.. 229. Michigan State Nurses' Association, The Laryngismus Stridulus... 100 Fourth Annual Meeting of.......

319 Lassoing, On......

Milk and Infection. Legal Liability of Physicians for Nurses... 250 Milk, Clean..

454 “Leisure Hour,” Department of, Introduc

Milk Diet.....

751 tory Address...

... 611
Milk, Humanized....

.487, 489 "Les Aliments Usuels," A Critical Review of. 25 Milk, On the Proper Employment of, EspeLife........


cially in Certain Diseases of the Skin..... 257 Life and Death of Diet, The. .129, 199, 404, 458 Milk, Preservation of..

32 594, 708 Milk Problem, The.

471 Life Down South (Poetry)..... 741 Minneapolis Notes.

381 Lion and the Mouse (Poetry).

27 Miss Nightingale and Her Crimean Problem. 315 Literature as a Medicine. ...

547 Missionary Work for the Betterment of PubLiver Douche, The..... 163 lic Hygiene, The Need for...

15 Lobar Pneumonia, Etiology and Clinical Mistuh Skeeter (Poetry).

24 Course of... 691 Mongolian Blue Patches.

145 Longevity, Concerning. 484 Mosaic Sanitation.....

577 Louisville, Ky....... 508 Mouth and Teeth, Care of.....

625 Lower Eyelids, Synchronous Movements of Mouth Breathing, Diseased Conditions With the Tongue and Lower Jaw...... 99 Caused by, Prevention.

590 Loyalty of the Nurse to the Physician. ..... 413

Mushrooms, Wild.....

463 Mustard in the Treatment of Scarlet Fever. 683 M

N Malarial Typhoid....

534 Malassimilation, The Relation of to Urinary Nation of Dyspeptics, A.. Calculus.... 658 Nervous Children, About..

712 Male Nurses, The Supply of Them in Eng- Nervous Hyperacidity and Its Relation to land. .... 574 Congenital Atony.

229 Malnutrition, Tardy.

31 Neuralgia, Injection of Air in the TreatMammary Cysts.

ment of....

598 Marked......

New Fields for the New Nurse.

40 Massachusetts State Nurses' Association. 191, 382 News Item....

613 Maternal Health and Nourishment, Influence New Mexican Trip.

483 of on the Unborn Child.

442 N. Y. State Nurses' Assoc., Program of AnMaternal Impressions....

687 nual Meeting in Buffalo, Oct. 20-21, 1908.. 639 eat, Why It Is Tough... 24 Nocturnal Therapeutics. ....

34 Medical Book Reviews, A Form Suggested North Carolina State Nurses' Association.. 509 to Avoid Offence to Authors..

678 Not According to Hoyle (Poetry)... 154 Medical Fable, A......

Nurse, What Constitutes a Good One....

730 Medical Incomes from the Standpoint of In- Nurses' Examining Board of District of vestment...... 603 Columbia....

702 Medical Inspection of Public Schools.. 529 Nurses' Examination Univ. of State of N. Y. 188 Medical Treatment of School Children in Nurse Rides Home, She Must Pay.

59 Populous Districts, Centres for. 90 Nurse as an Anesthetist, The.....

40 Medical Work in Turkey..

179 Nurses and Public Health Problems.. Medicine in the Future. 665 Nurse or Preceptress?....

491 Medicated Soaps....

161 Nurse Training Problem, A Simple and Easy Medicines. A Propaganda Against. 280 Solution of....

231 Medicine Glass.

422 Nursing of Children... .106, 246, 369, 424, 425 Mental Case, The.. 744 Nursing of Diphtheria..

.177, 235



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Nursing in the Fog.

703 Nursing the Insane.

45 Nursing and Nicotine..

497 Nursing of People of Moderate Means...... 370 Nursing of People of Moderate Means, From the Standpoint of the Physician.

176 Nursing in a Turkish Hospital.

698 Nurses' Examining Board of the District of Columbia......

439 Ninth Nurses' Examination, Univ. of the State of N. Y......

255 Nurses' Registry Association of Colorado Springs....

255 Nurses' Service, The Charge for...

301 Nurses for Those in Moderate Circum

stances, One Method of Trying to Provide Them.....

304 Nurses, The Club System of Securing Them for the Poor...

551 Nurse in the School, The..

552 Nurse, The Public School.

554 Nurses, How Can Skilled Ones be Secured

in the Homes of the Workingman?.. 562 Nut Diet, The Value of a....


:5, 138

Physical Endurance..
Physics and Chemistry.

727 Physiological Albuminuria.

247 Pirquet's Skin Tuberculin Reaction.

283 Placentophagia......

346 Post-Election Thoughts..

733 "Presence of Mind," The Value of in the Profession of Nursing...

238 Present Status of the Trained Nurse, Some

Thoughts on and How the Poor May be
Benefited by Improving..

50 Preventive Medicine. Prickly Heat.....

488 Private Nurse and the Family.

377 Prolonging Active and Useful Life, Maxims for..

379 "Prolongation of Life," Elie Metchnikoff, Review of....

156 Prophylaxis and Hygiene.

150 Proteids of Milk.....

36 Protozoa in the Water Supply the Cause of an Epidemic of Bowel Trouble..

470 Psoriasis, The Treatment of....

19 Psycho-Therapy, A Warning..

602 Public Health and Marine Hospital Service,

478, 484 Pure Water....

218 Purgative Crime in Chronic Constipation.... 531

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Quinine in Graves Disease. Quinine in Leucorrhea... Quiz, A....





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O Oatmeal for Children..

205 Ode to Dr. Hahnemann, Founder of Homeopathy (Poetry)....

678 Ohio State Association of Graduate Nurses, Fourth Annual Meeting of......

42 Oil Rub, The.... Old Age (Poetry).. Open-Air Treatment, The.. Open the Door..

219 Oral Cavity, The Relation of to the “Great

White Plague" and Other Preventable Diseases.....

644 Organic Chemicals, Some Remarkable Differ

ences in, Owing to the Substitution Taking Place at Various Points in the Molecule Isomerism...

87 Out-Door Recreation of the Physician.. Overtrained, Are Nurses Being?.. Overweight and Underweight, Influence of on Vitality....

... 617 Ozone, The Supposed Beneficial Effects of a Popular Medical Fallacy....




Rectal Feeding as a Cause of Gastric Hypersecretion.....

154 Red Cross, The.....

362 Red Cross, Affiliation With the.

499 Red Cross, Help the....

492 Red Cross Items....

571 Red Cross Society, New Head for.

570 Red Cross Tuberculosis Camps.

637 Reform, A New Channel for.

135 Registration, What It Has Done for Indiana Nurses..

237 Relief From the Cares of Medical Practice,

A Way to Obtain. Renal Typhoid....

87 Reviving Children Born Apparently Dead, Method for...

08 Resistance..

3 Respiratory Gymnastics..

422 Rest......

474 Rest as an Important Factor in the Non

Operative Treatment of Gynecological Disorders......



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Suicide. .....

548 Suicide Among School Children..

24 Summer School of Hospital Methods....... 167 Summer Time Song (Poetry)....... 357 Sunshine, What It Does for Us......

160 Superheated Air in After Treatment of Laparotomies.....

228 Super-Sensitiveness of the Skin in Gynecologic Affections....

08 Surgical Cases, Proper Care of... Surgical Operation, Description of a Famous One and What Followed.

351 Surgeons' Rubber Gloves, The Permeability of to Bacteria.....

63 Surgery as a Specialty, Is It Increasing in Our Cities ?....

282 Syllabus for the School Nurse....

752 Syphilis in Children....

99 Syphilis, Serodiagnostic Reaction in.. 216 Syphilis, The Serotherapy of....




Salicylates in Rheumatism.

229 Saline Infusion..

443 Samaritan Hospital, Sioux City, Address to the Graduating Class of......

631 Sane Living....

728 Sarcomata, Treatment of by Injections of

Streptococcus Erysipelatus and Bacillus

Prodigiosus.. Scalded in the Bath..

575 School for Nurses Connected With Small Hospitals.....

49 School Life, The Strenuous in Relation to Future Health....

721 School Nurse, What It Means to be a......

564 Sciatica..

489 Science and Spiritualism..

730 Scotch Rub, The......

162 Sea Water as a Therapeutic Agent.

345 Serotherapy in Typhoid Fever..

345 Serum-Diagnosis by the Eye in Typhoid Fever......

413 Serum Therapy in Typhoid Fever.

153 Sick Room, The...

410 Six Little Feet on the Fender (Poetry)..... 220 Skin Transplantation, Improved Technic for. 229 Sleep in the Open Air, How to With Safety

and Benefit. ... Sleep, Causation of.

153 Smell of Paint, The....

22 Sneezing in Public Places.

217 So-Called Incurables, Treatment of..

35 Sodium Chloride and Gastric Secretion. 321 Solitude (Poetry)...

741 Sour Milk Question, The.

391 Spanish-American War Nurses.

573 “Sphere of the Trained Nurse," Dr. Dorland on.

492 Spices, Effect of on Digestion..

599 Starvation or Dundas Dyspepsia.

618 Stewart, Miss Isla A., Quarter Century of

Leadership in the Nursing Profession..... 500 St. Francis Hospital Training School for

Nurses, Hartford, Ct., Address to Graduating Class of.

109 St. Francis Hospital Training School for

Nurses, Hartford, Ct., Commencement. ... 126 Stomach Juice, The Digestive Power of at Different Temperatures..

227 St. Peter at the Gate (Poetry)..

93 Suction Hyperemia in Treatment of Painful Aural Affections.

421 Sudden Drowning of Swimmers, Cause of... 99 Sugar...



-540, 608

Tannin in Toothache....

684 Technicalities. .64, 128, 192, 256, 320, 383, 446,

511, 575, 639, 703, 757 Teddy Bears and Birth Marks..

535 Temperature in Pneumonia.

161 Temperature in Rectum and Axilla, Clinical Importance of Difference Between..

421 Tests for Immunizing Against Syphilis.. 413 Therapeutic Advances, Some Recent.

80 Therapeutics and Common Sense.

35 Therniometer, The First.

319 Three Questions of Life. Thyroid Insufficiency and Nocturnal Enuresis in Children and Adults..

164 Thyroid Treatment of Chronic Rheumatism. 422 Time to Arise After Sleep..

282 Tissue Changes Induced by Alcohol.... 284 Toxic Dermatitis in Children Treated With Buttermilk. .....

225 Toxicology, Instantaneous..

753 Trained Nurse at One Quarter Off for People of Moderate Means.

359 Trained Nursing in Japan.

127 Trained Service, The Highest Test of.... 39 Treatment of Patients Prepartory to and

After Operation for Removal of Adenoids and Tonsils....

205 Treatment of Tuberculosis Based Upon Antitoxic Action of the Liver.....

421 Trip to New Mexico and Incidentally the History of a “Terrible Experience".

414 Try Again, Doctor...

441 Tuberculosis and the Opsonic Index.

684 Tuberculosis Camps......


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.261, 449

516 466

.18, 750

77 436

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Tuberculosis, Can This Mean the Crusade


616 Tubercular Cattle in New York.


Aikens, Miss Charlotte A., Detroit, Mich.... 112

Anderson, Dr. W. G., New Haven, Conn.. 193, 264 Tuberculosis Congress, The....

552 Tubercular Immigrant, The Community and. 71

Anderson, Miss Emma A., Boston, Mass.... 437

Baff, Dr. Max, Worcester, Mass.. Tuberculin, Ophthalmo Reaction to.....

349 151 Tuberculosis, Modes of Preventing It in the

Bailey, Dr. G. C., Hartford, Conn.


Baird, Dr. Addison W., New York, N. Y... 454 Schools.......


Baker, Dr. L. K., Cleveland, Ohio. Tuberculosis “Show” at the County Fairs. 570

Barbour, Dr. L. P., Rocky Ford, Col. Tuberculin, Skin Inoculation of... 152

525 Tuberculosis, Early Diagnosis in.


Bardes, Dr. Albert, New York, N. Y....206, 585

Bassler, Dr. Anthony, New York, N. Y.... 531 Tuberculosis, The Fight Against.


Bell, Dr. Robert, London, Eng.. Tuberculous, The Clothing of the.


Bemus, Dr. William M., Jamestown, N. Y.. 497 Two Antivivisectionists (Poetry)...

680 Typhoid Carrier, The....


Bochroch, Dr. M. H., Philadelphia, Pa... 555

Bogue, Dr. E. A., New York, N. Y.. Typhoid Infection, On the Proper Disposal of the Excreta of....


Brower, Dr. D. R., Chicago, Ill.

Brown, Dr. E. L., Washington, D. C.... 16 U

Brown, Dr. J. N., Toronto, Ont., Can. 370

Buck, Dr. H. C., Friars Point, Miss.. Ulcers of the Leg, How to Cure Them

Bulkley, Dr. L. Duncan, New York, N. Y.... Quickly.....

257 Unemployed, The Peril of the.

Burke, Dr. Jas., Manitowoc, Wis.

533 Unreasonableness of Reasoning, The.

Cannon, Dr. Walter D., Washington, D. C.. 68 423

Coburn, Dr. Edward B., New York, N. Y... Upper Air Tract, Jaws, Teeth and Face, The

205 162

Condon, Dr. A. P., Omaha, Neb. Mutual Development of........

598 Crothers, Dr. T. D., Hartford, Ct...

744 Uric Acid Conditions and the Treatment. 261

Dean, Mrs. J. A. ...,
Uterine Inertia.....

Dieffenbach, Dr. W. H., New York, N. Y.... 717
Dowd, Dr. Henry, Buffalo, N. Y.....

658 Vacation, Detrimental as well as Beneficial

Downing, Bertha G., M.D., Lexington, Mass.. 747 Effects of.....


Duncan, Dr. Harry A., Philadelphia, Pa.... 650 Vaccination Facts.....

Dyer, Miss Frances J., Boston, Mass.

52 Vaginal Cesarean Section...

Eckel, Dr. Geo. J., Buffalo, N. Y...

305 Vegetables, Increase in the Consumption of.. 485

Fielding, Miss Annie M., Woburn, Mass.... 689 Vegetarian Fad, The.

87 Franze, Dr. Paul C., Bad Nauheim, Germany. 389 Venereal Diseases.


Fridenberg, Dr. Percy, New York, N. Y.... 663 Venereal Prophylaxis.


Fisher, Miss Lucy B., San Francisco, Cal.... 115 Vertigo.....

Gaines, Dr. Lewis M., Atlanta, Ga..

717 Vienna, In......


Gibson, Dr. Axel Emil, San Jose, Cal., 129, Visiting Nurses, A National Conference of... 237

199, 333, 404, 458, 594, 708 Visiting Nurse Situation in America, The.. 53

Goodnow, Miss Minnie, Denver, Colo.

106, 369, 425 W

Gordon, Dr. Alfred, Philadelphia, Pa... 641 Waltham, Give Credit to.... 686 Goss, Dr. Alfred, Adams, N. Y..

3 Wanderlust, The.....

Granet, Dr. A., New York, N. Y.

73 Wanted, The Right Sort of Probationers... 425

Haig, Dr. Alexander, London, Eng.

513 Water, Therapeutic Value of.......... 684 Hanchette, Dr. William H., Sioux City, Iowa. 632 “Weak Heart," Is There an Anatomical Ba- Hartman, Miss Frida L., New York, N. Y... 623 sis for?.......

86 Herr, Dr. A. W., Cleveland, Ohio. .7, 270 Weeds: A Medical Parable.

Hill, Dr. Edward C., Denver, Colo.

329 What's the Use? (Poetry).

Hoyt, Dr. E. F., New York, N. Y..

92 Where Nurses Are Needed....


Holt, Dr. John Milton, Astoria, Ore.. 462 Wide Gap Between, The.


Jacobson, Dr. Arthur C., Brooklyn, N. Y., Women's Adornments..


611, 613, 614 Kanoky, Dr. J. Phillip, Kansas City, Mo.... 19 Y

Klotz, Dr. J. E., Lanark, Ontario, Can..., 348 Yawning..... 489 Knopf, Dr. S. A., New York, N. Y..

50 Yohimbin, Action of on Females..... 84 Krs, Miss Mae Nathalie, Cleveland, Ohio.496, 553 Young America's Fourth of July (Poetry).. 420 Larkin, Dr. J. C., Hillsboro, Ohio...... 138


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