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Come, chase that starting tear away my i

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Beauty and Song, 307.

Fables for the Holy Alliance, 427. On Cloë and Susan, 233.
Beauty, of, 124. 194. 209. 211. 225. 237. his auto-biography, 445. His “ Heaven Cloë, to, imitated from Martial, 90.
256. 278. 317. &c.

and Earth," li.

Cloris and Fanny, 57.
Beckford, To Miss Susan (now Duchess By that lake whose gloomy shore, 185. Clouds, summer, 475.
of Hamilton), 95.

Cocker on Church Reform, 552.
Bee, ne, 187. 235.

College Exercises, Fragments of, 51.

Behold the sun, how bright, 247.
Behold the young, the rosy Spring (Ode Cage, the Love, 233.

Come hither, come hither, by night and
XLVI. Anacreon), 32.
Call the Loves around, 261.

by day, 394.
Believe me, if all those endearing young | Cambridge Election, Ballad for the, Come not, O Lord, in the dread robe of
charms, 179.

splendour, 245.
Bell, the silver, 236.
Canadian Boat-song, 127.

Come o'er the sea, maiden, with me, 192
Benab Hasche, or daughters of God, 467. Candahar, 393.

Come, play me that simple air agua.
Benshee, or Banshe, superstition of the, Canonization of the Saint, 504.


Canova, his Venere Vincitrice, xlvii. Come, pray with me, my seraph love,
Bermuda, Farewell to, 115. Some ac- Calm as, beneath its mother's eyes,

count of that island, 118. n.


Come, rest in this bosom, my own
Big Ben, epistle from Tom Crib to, Calm be thy sleep as infants' slumbers,

stricken deer, 195.


Come, send round the sine, 178.
Bigotry, Triumph of, 544.
Cara, to, 76.

Come, take my advice, 515.
Bird, let loose in eastern skies, The, Care, 196.

Come, take the harp ; 'uis vain to muse,
Case, a sad, 536.

Birthday, my, 459.

Cashmere, nuptials of Lalla Rookh at, Come, ye disconsolate, where'er you
Birthday, the, 84.

317. “Cashmere, the Vale of," sung

languish, 248.
Bishops, the dance of, a dream, 540. by Feramorz, 386. The lake of, and Comet, poetically described. 472. The
Blackmore, Sir Richard, 440.

islets, 387. n. Mountain portal to the mad Tory and the, 542.
Blue Love Song, a, 534.

lake, 387. n. Roses of, 386. The Un- Common Sense and Genius. 9.
Blue Stocking, the, 600_602.

equalled Valley, 397. Superstitions of, Condolence, Epistle of:- From a Slave-
Boat glee, 601.

397. n. A holy land, 397. n. The Lord to a Cotton-Lord, 10,
Bohlen, Professor Von, his translation fountain Tirnagh, 397, n. “Though Connor, Phelim, his patriotic Poetical

into German of the “Little Man and sunny the lake of cool Cashmere," 350. Letters, 408. 414. 424.
Little Soul," xxviii.
Castalia, the fountain, 281. n.

Consultation, the, 548.
Bowl, the, 174. 178. 189. 196. iv. 207. Castlereagh, Lord, satirized, 399. 402. et Cookery, art of domestie ; to the Rete-

211. 214. 234, 235, 237. 279. 287. &c. seq. (See The Fudge Family, 402, et rend 527.
Bride of the Vale, the, 243.

passim His departure for the Conti- Coolburga, or Koolburga, city of the
Brien the Brave, 173.

nent, 555, 556. See Satirical Poems, Deccan, 398.
Boston Frigate, To the: On leaving &c.

Corn Question, the, 494. 507. lii.
Halifax for England, 131.

Catholic Question, the, 522. 524. &c. Correspondence between a Lady and
Boy of the Alps, the, 300.
Catholics, the Roman, 507. 596.

Gentleman respecting Lar, 1**
Boy sitting on the lotus flower, 212, 625. Catullus, 82. 460.

Corruption, an Epistle, by an Irishman.
Boy statesman. the, 560.

Caubul, or Caboul, gardens of, 394. 132–138.
Boy with a watch, to a, 51.
Cecilia, Saint, 538.

Corry, Mr., his merit as an ar#*pat
Boyle Farm, the seat of Lord Henry Cephalus and Procris, 282.

comedian, xlviii, 456. To Jar.
Fitzgerald, Summer Fête at, xxxviii. Ceres, Ode to the Goddess, by Sir Corry, esq., on the present of 3 siis
Thomas L., 494.

strainer, 486.
Boyne, river, 208.
Chabuk, the, 398.

Cotton and Corn, a dialogue, 53.
Box, the song of the, 558.

Chaldæans, astronomical notions of the Count me, on the summer trees (Ode
Bright be thy dreams, 230.

ancient, 471. n.

XIV. Anacreon), 14.
Bright moon, that high in heaven art Chantrey, Sir Francis. His admiration Country Dance and Quadrille, 4s.
shining, 316.

of Canova, xlvii.

Court Journal, the, 594.
Brighton, the Pavilion at, 399.
Character, a, 563.

Cousins, Country, News for, 51
Bring hither, bring thy lute, 259. Charity, Angel of, 246. (Handel.)

Crabbe, the Poet, Verses on the 1:
Bring me the slumbering souls of flowers, Charles X., king of France, xlv.

stand of, 461.

Chatsworth, the Derbyshire ducal man- Crib, Tom, Epistle from, to Big Ben,
Bring the bright garlands hither, 237. sion of, xxxiv.

Brougham, Lord, 434.

Cherries, a conserve in the East, 394. Critias om Athens, bis verses on As-
Bruce, James, esq., the traveller, 445. Cherries, the, 521.

creon, 48. n.
Brummel, Beau, 162.
Cherubim, 482.

Criticism, the genius of, 19.
Brunswick Club, the, 537.

Child's song: I have a garden of my Cross, the, an emblern of future in
Brunswickers," Incantation from the

own, 305.

Egyptian hieroglyphics, G19.64.15
Tragedy of “ The, 529.
China, butterfly of, 393.

Bucharia, Abdalla, king of (in Lalla Chindara's warbling fount, 392.

Crowe, Rev. William, his porto vet,
Rookh), 317. 385. 396, 397. &c.

Chinese, peculiar porcelain painting of Xxxvi. xxxix.
Buds of roses, virgin flowers (Ode xliv. the, 396.

Crown of virgin martyrs, poisoned,
Anacreon), 31.

Chinese Bird of Royalty, the, or Fum,' n.
Bull, John, 489. A pastoral ballad by, 399.

Crystal Hunters, the, 231.

Christ, the Saviour, 245, 247, 248. 250. Cupid arm'd, 308.
Bunting, Mr. Christianity, and the Fathers, 612. Cupid once upon a bed (Ode XX1
Burns, Robert, xxxvii. 216.
Church and State, 433.

Anacreon), 27.
But who shall see the glorious day, 245. Church extension, 575. Songs of the Cupid, whose lamp has lent the te

(Anacreontic), 45.
Butterflies denominated flying leaves in Circassian slaves, the, 255.

Cupid, poetical allusions to. 45. $42
China, 393.
Clare, Earl of, xxxii.

224. 297.312. 314. Mode Love
Byron, Lord, his love of music,xxxvi. Is Cleopatra of Alexandria, 638.

Cupid, Sale of, by Meleager, 310.
visited by Mr. Moore at Venice, xlvi. Clergy, the numbering of the, a Parody, Cupid's Lottery, 601.
Dedication to him of Mr. Moore's 535.

Curious Fact, a, 528.

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Curran, John Philpot, his pleasantry, Dream of Home, the, 302.

Eve, the second Angel describes her,

Dream of the Two Sisters, from Dante, 471. Alluded to by the third Angel,
Curran, Miss, xxx.

Dream of those days, the, 215.

Eveleen's bower, 177.
Dream of Turtle, by Sir W. Curtis, 505. Evenings in Greece. - First Evening,
Dream, Sir Andrew's, 533.

262. Second Evening, 270.
Dacro, Lady, Epilogue to her Tragedy
Dream, the Limbo, &c., 519.

Ex-t-r, Henry of, to John of Tuam, 567.
of Ina, 602.

Dreaming for ever, vainly dreaming, 316. Exeter Hall, the Reverends of, 596. 599.
Damascus, the Green Mosque at, 386. n.

Dreams, poetical mention of, 58. 230. Exquisites, 252. 357.
Dan, some account of the late dinner

235. 237. 540.

Exile, the, 303.
to, 571.

Drinking Songs, &c., 174, 177, 178. 189. Extinguishers, the, 436.
Dandies, 252, 255.

207. 211. 214. &c.
Danes, the, 178. 211. 214. The Scandi-

Drink of this cup, 202.
navian poetry, 440.

Drink of this cup, Osiris sips, 625.
Dante, his Inferno, imitation of, 520.
Drink to her, who long, 180.

Fables for the Holy Alliance, 428.
The Dream of the Two Sisters, 605.

Druids, and Druidical superstitions, 212, Fadladeen, great Nazir of the Haram
His contrition of mind, liii.

(in Lalla Rookh), his vanity, 319. et
David, the harp of, 248.
Duigenan, Doctor, xxxiii.

seq. 385, 386.

His criticisms, 347.
Davidson, Lucretia, xxxiv.

Duke is the lad to frighten a lass, The, 356. 396. His recantation, 398.

Davy, Sir Humphrey, his lamp, 457.

Fairest ! put on awhile, 206.
Dawn is breaking o'er us, 309.


Fairy boat, the, 276.
Day, 242, 254.

Faith, 247. 249.
Day-dream, the, 603.

East, poetical romances of the (Lalla Fall'n is thy throne, O Israel! 242.
Deadman's Isie: - Romance, 130.

Rookh), 319. 385-398.

Family-way, All in the; a pastoral, 496.
Dear Fanny, 292.
Eblis, the evil spirit, 322. 469.

Fancy, 459.
Dear harp of my country! in darkness 1 Echo, 204. 226. 259. 323. 485.

Fancy, prismatic dyes of, 443.
found thee, 196.
Echoes, New-fashioned, 528.

Fancy, various allusions to, 95. 108. 256.
Dear? Yes, tho' mine no more, 313. Eden, some allusions to, 213, 214. 336. Fancy Fair, the, 303.
Death, emblem of, 619. Opening of the

466. 471.

Fanny, dearest ! 459.
Gates of Oblivion, 620. The upright
Egerton, Lord Francis, 252.

Farce, the triumphs of, 576.
bodies in catacombs, 621.

Egypt's dark sea, 244. The desolation Fare thee well, thou lovely one, 225.
Death and the dead, allusions to, 243.

of, 245.

Fare thee well, pertidious maid (Ode
247. 480. 628.

Egyptians, the ancient; of the counte. LXXII. Anacreon), 44.
Debt, National, 544.

nance of the women, 612. n. Their Farewell ! - but whenever you welcome
Decius Prætorian prefect, Orcus, high hieroglyphics, 525.

the hour, 191.
priest of Memphis, to, 678.

Eldon, Lord Chancellor, conservative Farewell, Theresa, 234.
Delatorian Cohort, the, 402.

tears of, 498. 516. Nightcap of, 501. Fear not that, while around thee, 239.
Delhi, visit of Abdalla to Aurungzebe A wizard, 502. His hat and wig, 510. Feramorz and the Princess, 319.349.357.

at, 317. Splendours of the court and His Lordship on the Umbrella Ques- 359. 385. His song, 386. Dénoue.
city, 318. Mogul emperors of, 393. tion, 513. His conscientious conserv. ment of the fiction of his disguise, 398.

atism (after Horace, Ode xxii. lib. I.), Ferdinand VII., Ode to King, 510.
Delphi, transport of laurel to, 62. The 166. His wig, 165.

Fête, the, at Boyle Farm, 252. See
shrine, 307. To a virgin of, 80. Eloquence, 401.

Summer Fete.
Deluge, tablets saved by Seth from the, Emmett, Robert ; his eloquence, xxix. Fill, me, boy, as deep a draught (Ode
48 2.

His enthusiasm, xxx. His offence, LXII. Anacreon), 41.
Deluge, the, Whiston's notion of its xxxii.

Fill the bumper fair, 196.
being caused by a comet, 657.
Emmett, Thomas Addis, xxx.

Fin M'Cumhal, the Finians, and Fingal,
Dens, Doctor, 596, 599.
Enchanted tree, the, 650.

Derbyshire, Moore's residence in Enigma, 515.

Fionnuala, the Song 178.
Epicure's dream, 400.

Fire-fly, To the, 119.
Desmond's Song, and tradition relating | Epicurean, the, 606.

Fire-flies, 1(9. 214. 401. 480.
to that chieftain, 208.

Epicureans, busts of the most celebrated Fire-worship of Persia and the East,
Destiny, the Island of, 212.

philosophers of their sect at Athens, 359. The persecuted Ghebers, 359.
Devil among the Scholars, the, 101. 608.

Story, “The Fire-worshippers,"359_-
Dewan Khafs, built by Shah Allum, its Epicurus, 98. J14. 608. &c.

385. Vide Lalla Rookh.
inscription, 394. n.

Epigrams, by Mr. Moore, 83. 164, 165. Fitzgerald, the late Lord Henry, 252.
Dialogue, a recent, 562.

171. 486.

Fleetly o'er the moonlight snows, 317.
Dick -, a character, 540.

Epigrams of the Anthologia in praise of Flow on, thou shining river, 224.
Dictionary, Revolution in the, headed Anacreon, 46_48.

Flowers, the language of, 309.
by Mr. Galt, 532.

Epilogue, occasional, spoken by Mr. Fly and the bullock, the, 432.
Did not, 54.

Corry in the character of Vapid, after Fly from the world, O Bessy! to me, 69.
Dissolution of the Holy Alliance ; a the play of the Dramatist, at the Kilo | Fly not thus, my brow of snow (Ode Li.
Dream, 428.

kenny theatre, 456. To the tragedy Anacreon), 34.
Doctors, the Three, 499.

of Ina, 602.

Fly not yet, 'tis just the hour, 174.
Dodsworth, Mr. Roger (anno 1826), 497. Erasmus on earth, to Cicero in the Fly swift, my light gazelle, 309.
Donegall, Marchioness of, Letter to, shades; an Epistle, 554.

Fly to the desert, fly with me, 395.
217. Poetical Epistle from Bermuda Erin, oh Erin, 179.

Flying fish, to the, 107.
to her Ladyship, 109. Dedication to, Erin! the tear and the smile in thine Follies, the book of, - an album, 68.

Fontenelle, M., consistency of, 459.
Donkey and Panniers, 506.

Erin, poetical allusions to, 194, 195. 208. Fool's Paradise: Dream the First, 550.
Dost thou remember, 226.

211. 215.

For thee alone I brave the boundless
Dove, the, 246.

Erin, some political allusions to, 513. deep, 300.
Dove of Mahomet, the, 479. 504.

Sce Ireland, et passim.

Forbes, Lady Adelaide, portrait of, 92.
Drama, Sketch of the First Act of a new Essex, the late Earl of, xxxviii.

Romantic, 357.

Eternal life, ancient belief of an, 619. Forbes, to Lord ; from the city of
Dream of Hindoston, a, 536.

623. 627.

Washington, 119.

eyes, 173.

Forget not the field where they perished, Gondolas and gondoliers, 226. 231. 233. Heathcote, to Lady:-on a ring found at

Tunbridge Wells, 100,
Formosa, island of, 444.
Goose of the river Nile, 637.

Hebe, The Fall of :-a dithyrambic ode,
Fortune-Teller, the, 203.
Government, financial, 492.

Fox, Right Hon. Charles James, 166. Grammont, Count de, 100.

Henley, Lord, and St. Cecilia, 538.
Fragment, a, 81. 9).
Grattan, on the death of, 204.

Henry to Lady Emma, 343.
Fragment of a Character, 487.

Grecian girl's dream of the Blessed Her last words at parting, how can I
Freedom, 256. 293, 294.

Islands; to her lover, 88.

forget ? 300.
Friend, on the death of a, 486.490. Grecian Maiden, the — Song, 271. Hercules to his daughter, song of, 301.
Friends, on leaving some, 95.
Grecian Youth, the, 278. et seq.

Here, take my heart, 290.
Friendship, a temple to, 223.

Greece, isles of, 256. 263. Zean maids, Here recline you, gentle maid (Ode II.
Friendship and Love, 249.

3. et seq. Allusions to Greece in Lal- Anacreon), 19.
From dread Leucadia's frowning steep la Rookh, 321, et seq. Evenings in Here sleeps Anacreon, in this ivied
(Anacreontic), 46.

Greece; - First Evening, Zea, 263. shade (Anthologia), 47.
From the land beyond the sea, 128.

Second Evening, 270.

Here sleeps the Bard, 236.
From this hour the pledge is given, 215. Greek Ode, prefixed to the Translation Here, while the moonlight dim, 209.
Fruit, varieties of eastern, 393.

of Anacreon, 2. Corrections of this Here's the bower she lov'd so much,
Fudge Family in Paris, the, 402.

Ode by an eminent Scholar, 3.

Fudges, the, in England, being a Sequel Greeks, The group that late in garb of, Hero and Leander, 281.
to the “ Fudge Family in Paris," 581. 259. Sce 256.

High-born Ladye, the, 23.
Fudge, Phil., esq., his political conduct Grenada, the young muleteers of, 291. Hinda, the Arabian maid. See the

and penchant, 402—427. His Poetical Guess, guess; - the lady of my love, Story of the Fire-worshippers, 350. et
Letter to Lord C_1_r-gh, 404. To 314.

Tim. Fudge, esq., 411. To Viscount Guidi, sonnet by, with a translation, 19. Hither, gentle Muse of mine (Ode
C-st-r-gh, 418. His Journal, ad- n., 20. Ode by Guidi on the Arca. LXXVI. Anacreon), 45.
dressed to Lord C., 419.
dians, xlvii.

Holland, Lord, regret for the death of,
Fudge, Mr. Bob, his Letters to Richard Guitar of India, the Syrinda, 394.

liii. Translations by, lili.
- esg., 406. 416. To the Rev. Gull language, translation from the, 544. Holland, to Lady, on a legacy by Sapo-
Mortimer O'Mulligan, 594.
Gulliver, Captain Lemuel, 491.

leon, 602
Fudge, Miss Biddy, her Poetical Letters Gun, The Evening, 289.

Holy Alliance, Fables for the, 427.
from Paris to Miss Dorothy


Gynæocracy, proposals for a, 537. Hooker, Bishop, one and , 513.
Clonkilty in Ireland, 402. 409. Sec

Hope comes again, to this heart long a
also 422. 425, 581, 582.

stranger, 238.

Fudge, Miss Fanny's Epistles, 585. 593.

Hope, poetical allusions to, 27. 334
Her uncle's bequest, 600.
Hafiz, the poet, 396. n.

251. 600.
See Connor, O'Branigan, and Halcyon hangs o'er ocean, The, 305. Horace, free translations of some Odes
O'Mulligan, in this Index.

Haram, Jehanghir's, 387. The Light of: - Come, Yarmouth, my bog, Deter
Fum and Hum, the two Birds of Roy- of the Haram, 388.

trouble your brains (Ode xi. lib. 2.).
alty, 399.

Hark! the vesper hymn is stealing, 226. 165. The man who keeps a

Hark! 'tis the breeze of twilight call. science pure (Ode xxii, lib. 1.). 16.
ing, 250.

I hate thee, oh Mob, as my Lady ;
Gaily sounds the castanet, 229.
Harmony, the genius of, 77.

hates delf (Ode i. lib. 3.), 171. By |
Galt, Mr., and the Dictionary, 532. Haroun-al-Rashid the Caliph, 386.

tell the cook that I hate all nick-back
Galaxy, or Milky Way, 100.

Harp, certain of the poetical allusions to eries (Ode xxxviii. lib. 1.), 171. Pa-
Ganges, blue current of the, 394.

that instrument, 69. 196. 204. 211. 213. rody of Donec gratus erat tibi,' or
Garden, the dream of the, 607. 609.622. 227. 248.

Horace's return to Lydia, 258.
Festival of the, 608.

Harp of my country! in darkness I Horn, the, 237.
Gazel and Maami, 189.

found thee, 196.

How am I to punish thee (Ode x. Ana-
Gazel, by Abdallah, 155.
Harp, the origin of the, 183.

creon), 12.
Gazelle, the, 236.
Harp, Farewell to the, xxxiv.

How dear to me the hour, 176.
Genius, poetical allusions to, 228. Harp that once through Tara's halls, How happy once, tho' wing d with sighs,
Genius and Criticism, 491.

The, 174.

George III., King, 161. et passim. Harut and Marut, the Angels, 468. How I love the festive boy (Ode XXX.
George IV.(Prince Regent, and King). Has sorrow thy young days shaded, 192. Anacreon), 31.

See Intercepted Letters, 149. 160. Pa- Hassan, Al, the Prophet Chief of Ara- How liglitly mounts the Mase's ving,
rody of a celebrated Letter, 161. The bia, 361. 370. 372. See Story of the 250.
Prince's Plume, 163. Ich Dien, 163. Fire-worshippers, 359. et seq.

How shall I woo? 240.
The Old Yellow Chariot, 163. The Haste thee, nymph, whose well-aimed How sweetly does the moonbeam srde,
Privy Purse, 164. King Crack and spear (Ode lxiv. Anacreon), 42.

his Idols, 164. Prince of Wales's Fea- Hastings, Marquis of (Earl Moira), and Hudson, Edward, recollections of tim
thers, 161. 401. The Prince's Day, visit to his mansion at Donington, and of his musical taste, xxi. WILT.
184. Bird of Royalty, liii. 399.

xlv. 128. His library, xlv. Dedi- Hume, David, History of England 15.
Georgian Maid, the, 395.

cation to Francis Earl of Moira, 104. 146.
Geramb, Baron, and mustachios, 163. Hat, Ode to a, 500.

Hume, Joseph, esq., 494. 495. Apare
Gheber, the, 364. et seq.
Hat versus Wig, 510.

Ghost Story, a, 564.

Have you not seen the timid tear, 53. Hume, to Thomas, Esq., M. D.; vrt.
Give me the harp of epic song (Ode ji. He who instructs the youthful crew. ten at Washington, 12.
Anacreon), 9.

(Ode Lvi. Anacreon), 37.

Humorous and Satirical Poerns. -
Glees, set of, 287–289.

Headfort, Marchioness of, Dedication 580.
Gnomes, doctrine of, 476.

to, 222.

Hunt, Henry, esq., his spurious case
Go forth to the mount, 251.

Hear me but once, while o'er the grave, 494,
Go, let me weep, there's bliss in tears, 230.

Hunter boy, the, 229. 237.
Heard, Sir Isaac, and the Peerage, Hush, hush!-a Glee; 87.
Go now, and dream, 234.


Hush, sweet lute, 315.
Go, then! 'tis vain to hover, 231. Heart and lute, My, 298.

Hussun Abdaul, valley of, J. Ragaa
Go where glory waits thee, 172.
Heart to rest, No, leave my, 236.

gardens Dear, 386.


Hymen, poetical allusions to, 232. Intolerance, a Satire: Account of " Cor- Juvenile Poems, 49--103. Preface by
Hymn of a Virgin of Delphi, at the ruption and " Intolerance." See “the late Thomas Little,"49. Dedi.
Tomb of her Mother, 62.

xxv. Preface to Intolerance and Cor- cation to Joseph Atkinson, Esq., 50.
Hyperborean, song of a, 307.

ruption, 132, 133. The Satire, 142.
Invisible Girl, the, 71.

Invitation to dinner; addressed to Lord
Lansdowne, 461.

Kathleen, 186.
I care not for the idle state (Ode viii. Iran, Land of, 394. See Lalla Rookh,

Keder Khan of Turkistan, 318.

Kenmare, Earl of, 206.
Anacreon), 11.

I dreamt that in the Paphian groves, 59.

Kevin, Saint, tradition, 186.
Ireland, and her national music, xxix.
I had, last night, a dream of thee, 478. xxxiv,

Khorassan, the Veiled Prophet of, 320

I fear that love disturbs my rest (Ana-Ireland; certain traditions and romances
creontic), 45.

respecting, 173. 178. 185. 187, 188. 190.

Kilkenny amateur actors, talent of the,

xlviii. 353. Extract from a Pro-
I found her not — the chamber seem'd, 203. 208, 209. 211, 212, 213, 214.
Ireland, politics and political sensibility

logue, &c., 356.
I know that heaven hath sent me here of the kingdom of (sce the Fudge Fa- Killarney, lakes and traditions of, 203.

(Ode XL. Anacreon), 30.

mily), 402—427. 583. The penal code
I know thou lov'st a brimming measure 498. The outbreak of 1798, xxi. et King, Lord, an Expostulation to, 493.
(Anacreontie), 45.

seq. Romanism in, 573. Thoughts Kishma, wine of, 394.
I often wish this languid lyre (Ode xxiii.

on the present government of (1828), Kiss, the, 81. 111.

Kublai Khan, 394.
Anacreon), 21.

I pray thee, by the gods above! (Ode Irish antiquities, 527.
IX. Anacreon), 11.
Irish bed of roses, an, 171. n.

I pray you, let us roam no more, 113. Irishman, Satires, &c., addressed to an Labyrinth, in Egypt, 634. n.
I saw, from yonder silent cave, 267. Englishman by an, 133-142.

Lahore, description of the city of, and
I saw from the beach, when the morning Irish Melodies, 172. Dedication to the the midland districts of India, 358, &c.
was shining, 195.

Marchiones Dowager of Donegall, Lake of the Dismal Swamp, 108.
I saw the moon rise clear, 293.

172. Preface, 172. The Melodies, 172. Lake of the Temples, 608.
I saw the smiling bard of pleasure, 222. Advertisements to the first and Lalla Rookh, an Eastern Romance ;
(Ode 1. Anacreon), 8.

second Nos., 216.; to the third, 216. history of this poem, xxxix. et seq.
I saw thy form in youthful prime, 185. Letter on Irish music, 217. Adver-

Representation of it as a dramatic
I stole along the flowery bank, 116. tisements to the fourth, fifth, sixth, pageant of the Chateau Royal, Ber-
I thought this heart enkindled lay, 62. and seventh Nos., 220_222. Dedica- lin, in 1822, when the emperor and
I've a secret to tell thee, 212.

tion to the Marchioness of Headsort,

empress of Russia personated Aliris
I will, I will, the conflict's past (Ode
222. See National Airs, 223. et seq. and Lalla Rookh, xliii.

" The
XII. Anacreon), 13.
Irish Peasant to his Mistress, 182.

veiled prophet of Khorassan," 320-
I wish I was by that dim lake, 209. Irish Slave, the, 509.

347. The criticisms by Fadladeen
länthe, 252. Before her glass, 253. Irving, Washington, I. 208.

on this story, 347. Paradise and the
I'd mourn the hopes that leave me, Is it not sweet to think, hereafter, Peri, 350, Fadladeen renews his cri-
251. (Haydn.)

ticism, 356. The Fire-worshippers,
Idols in the house of Azor, 396. of Is not thy mind a gentle mind ? 54. 359-385. The Light of the Haram,

King Crack, 164. Or Jaghernaut, 319. Israfil, the angel of Music, 395. 465. 386. Design of this poetic under-
If boarded gold possess'd the power

It is not the tear at this moment shed, taking related, xxi. I.
(Ode XXXVI. Anacreon), 28.

Lama, the Little Grand, 434.
If I swear by that eye, you'll allow, 51.


Lansdowne, Lord, invitation, to dinner,

If I were yonder wave, my dear, 115.

addressed to, 461.
If in loving, singing, night and day, 238. Jeffrey, Francis Lord, the author's visit Lawrence, Dr., friend of Edmund
If thou'lt be mine, 199.

to Craig Crook, xxxvii.

Burke; his letter to Dr. Hume re-
If thou wouldst have me sing and play, Jehan Gheer, or Jehanguire, Emperor specting the version of Anacreon by

of Delhi and Hindostan, 387. His Mr. Moore, xx.
If to see thee be to love thee, 261.

palace, 393. n. His early name of Lay his sword by his side, 214.
Ill omens: – Young Kitty, &c., 181. Selim, 390. His bride, 393, 396. Leaf and the Fountain, a ballad, 281.
Imagination, 256.

Jerome's love (St.), 242. St. Jerome's Learning, 88.
Imitation, from the French, 461. See first visit on earth, 546. His second Lebanon, Mount, 249.
also Anthologia, Horace, &c.

visit, 547

Legacy, the, 176.
Immortality, stars the beacons of, 640. Jerusalem, the holy city of, 242.

Leila's lute, 601.
Impromptu, 61. 95. 130. 171.
Jessica, young, 297.

Les hommes automates, 553.
In myrtle wreaths my votive sword, 312. Johnson, Dr. Samuel. on Mallet, 598. n. Lesbía, to, 460.
In the morning of life, 197.

Joy alone be remembered now, 298. Lesbia hath a beaming eye, 185.
In wedlock a species of lottery lies, 61. Joys of youth, how fieeting ! 229. Let Erin remember the days of old,
Ina, by Lady Dacre, 602.
Juan, Don, 166.

Incantation, an, 505.
Jubal's shell, alluded to, 254.

Let me resign this wretched breath
Inconstancy, 60.

Judgment Day, and a supposed wind (Anacreontic), 45.
India, poetical allusions to, 317. 385. from Syria Damascena to announce

Let's take this world as some wide
393, 394. et seq.
it, 397. n.

scene, 301.
Indian boat, the, 284.
Jurigment, the day of, 247.

Let us drain the nectar'd bowl (Ode
Indian maid, the young, 302.

Julia, to, in allusion to some illiberal XXXVIII. Anacreon), 29.
Indian tree, the, 463.

criticisms, 55. Mock me no

Leucadia, legends of, 264.
Inkstand, the poet's, 461.

with Love's beguiling dream, 55. Levée and couchée, the, 261.
Innisfail, Song of, 212.

Though Fate, my girl, may bid us Libel, a Case of, 507.
Innisfallen, isle of, 206.

part, 56. On her Birth-day, 57. To Liberty, 179. 195. 214, 215. 235. 262. 267.
Insurrection of the Papers; a Dream, Julia, weeping, 58. Inconstancy, 60. 602.

Elegiac Stanzas, supposed to be writ- | Liberty, the Torch of, 431.
Intercepted Despatch, Diabolo's, 498. ten by Julia, on the death of her bro- Life is waning, Do not say that, 236.
Intercepted Letters, the, of the Two- ther, 61. I saw the peasant's hand Life is all chequer'd with pleasures and
penny Post-bag, 149, &c.
unkind, 62. Sympathy, 63.

Woes, 187.


322. et seq.

[ocr errors]

Life for me hath joy, &c., 299.
Love's young dream, 184.

Minerva's thimble, 297.
Life without freedom, 293.

Lover, the, 240. 254, 268, 281. n. ; 473. Ministers, the new costume of the, 167.
Light sounds the harp when the combat 475.

The Sale of the Tools, 169.
is over, 69.
Lover, the Persian, 155.

Ministers, wreaths for the, 165.
Like morning, when her early breeze, Lover, the Russian, 317.

Minstrel Boy, the, 190.

Lores of the angels, li. Preface to the Miriam's Song, 244.
Like one who doom'd o'er distant seas, poems, 464. The poem, 465. First Miscellaneous Poems, 456, 486. 602.

Angel's story, 466. Second Angel's Mischief, thoughts on, by Lord St-O-
Like some wanton filly sporting (Ode Story, 471. Third Angel's Story, 482. |y, his first attempt, 578.
LXV. Anacreon), 42.
Loves, the sale of, 59.

Missing, Lord de ..., 535.
Like the bright lamp that shone in Lowe, Sir Hudson, to. 491.

Mix me, child, a cup divine (Anacreon-
Kildare's holy fane, 179.
Lusitanian war-song, 296.

tic), 46.
Lilis, 479.
Lute, the, 393. 60).

Mæris, island of the lake, 635.
Lily of the Nile, the white, 616.
Lying, 65.

Mohawk River, lines written at the
Limbo of lost reputations, 518.
Lyre, the poet's, 239.

Cohos or Falls of the, 124.
Lion, dead, and the living dog, 517. Lyre, the tell-tale, 85.

Mokanna, the prophet-chief of Kbo
Lionardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, 259.

rassan, 320, 321. et seq.
Listen to the Muse's lyre (Ode III.

Monarch Love, resistless boy (Ode

Anacreon), 9.

LXXIV. Anacreon), 14.
Literary advertisement, to authors, 508. Machiavelian policy, condemned, 444. Monopoly, present spirit of, 495.
Literati, sick, 572.

Macrianus, prætorian prefect, 663. Mont-Blanc, sublime prospec: of 442.
Literature, speed of, 570.

Magan, Patrick, Esq., his Epistles to Montaigne quoted, 410.
Little Grand Lama, the, 434.

a Curate in Ireland, 581. 587. 599. Montpensier, Duke of, to the, 92.
Little Man and Little Soul, a ballad, Magic Mirror, the, 283.

Moon, poetical mention of tbe, 59, 90.
particulars respecting it, xxvii. The Magnet, woman a, 476.

277. et passim.
poem, 170.

Mahomet, religion of (sce Lalla Rookh), Moon, that high in heav'n art shinin,
Lizard (Stellio), account of the, 386. n.

Long years have passed, old friend, Mahomet, the Seal of preceding pro- Moore, Mrs., xxxi. Tomy motber, 493.
since we, 316.

phecy, 477. The familiar dove of, Moore, to Miss, from Norfolk in Vir.
Looking-glasses, the, 430.

479. 505.

ginia, 107.
Lord, who shall bear that day, 247. Mahometans, belief of the, 465, 467.470. Moral positions, a dream, 542.
Lotus wreath, 394.

478. 482. The chief angels, 465, 466. Morality, an epistle, 84.
Lotus branch, and the bird taking light, 470, 471. 478.

Morgan, George, Esq.(of Norfolk, Vir.
mythos of the, 620.

Mahommed Shaw, feast and throne of, ginía), epistle to, from Bermuda, 110
Lotus flower, 94. Statue of the winged 398. n2

Morning, 195. 248.
boy seated on a, 625. The spell, 625. Maiden, the sleeping, 237.

Morning Herald, the, 499.
An emblem of beauty, 361. n.
Maidens of Zea, 269. et passim.

Morning Post, the, 594.
Louis Philippe, King, account of, when Malthus, allusions to, 489. 492. 516. Morris, Capt., his song, My Muse, too,
at Donington Park, xlv.

March ! nor heed those arms that hold when ber wings are dry," *xxviii.
Louis the Fourteenth's Wig, 437.

thee, 278.

Moschus, his first Idyl, quoted, 20. ..
Love, a tutor, 641.

Martyrs, the, 250. 664, 665., et seq.; the Moses, 248.
Love alone, 211.

crown of martyrdom, 666, 667. Mountain Sprite, the, 208
Love, all-defying Love, 361.
Mary, 185.

“Murn" to the editor of the Morning
Love and Hope, 227. (Swiss Air.) Mary, star of the sea, 270.

Chronicle, 399.
Love and marriage, 64.
Mary, I believ'd thee true, 84.

Murray, Mr.; his contemplated Mail.
Love came by, 282.
Mathews, Mr. Charles, 560.

coach edition of Rokeby, 153.
Love resting his wings, 394.

Matriculation, scene from a play acted Muse, the, 261.
Love and the vine, 279.

at Oxford, called, 549.

Music, Angel of, 315. a.
Love a sentinel : Glee - Hush, Hush, Mauri-ga-Sima, or the sunken island,

Music and Melodies, an account of sone

of our modern poets who had a taste
Love, one summer eve, was straying, May moon, the young, 189.


for, and a knowledge of, xxxvi. rt s.

Melanius, the hermit, 655—658.661. 666. | Music, the Prefatory Letter ca Irish
Love and the Novice, 187.

Meleager :- Here at thy tomb these 217.
Love and Hymen, 463.

tears I shed, 310. Various imitations Music, on:- Song, 183. 309.
Love is a hunter boy, 229.

from, 69. 310. 312.

Music, poetical allusions to, 110.95
Love-knots, who'll buy my, 232.

Melodies, Irish, 172-222. Succeeded 236, 237. 485.
Love, a few allusions to, 42. 44. 115, by the National Airs, 223. et seq. Music, a Melologue upon National, NS

119. 182. 188, 189. 209, 210. 225. 227. Memorabilia of last week (March 13. -287.
230. 232. 235, 236. 239. 250, 251. 255. 1826), 496.

Music of the spheres, 472.
261. 265. 271. 290. 296. 311. 313. 468. Memory, poetical allusions to, 226. 466.

Musical Box, the : - Rose and the Poet
472. 476. 483. 486.

Love, mythological hymn to, 91. Memphis, on the Nile, 615. ; sacred col- | My gentle harp, 197.
Love and Learning, 88.

lege of, 628.

My harp has one unchanging thras
Love and Reason, 87.

Menage, Anacreontic in Greek by, with 227.
Love and Time, 293.

a translation, 24. n.

Mythology, Egyptian and Green
Love and the Sun-dial, 293.

Merou, city of Khorassan, 320. 343. et passim.
Love wandering thro' the golden maze. Methinks the pictur'd bull we see (Ode
Liv. Anacreon), 36.

Love, unbind thee, 313.

Miguel, Don, Ode to, 517.
Love, who ruled as admiral o'er, 314. Milesius and the Milesians, 212.

Nama, 482, 484.
Love thee ? - 80 well, so tenderly, 295. Millennium, the, -- and the Rev. Mr. Namouna, the enchantress, 350 CM
Love thee, dearest ? 298.

Irving, 199.

down sleep on Nourmahal, scel.
Love but thee, I, 297.
Miltiades, the Ghost of, 531.

Naples, lines on the entry of the As
Love's day, 296.

Minaret, chants from an illuminated, trians into, in 1821, 43.
Love's light summer cloud, 294.


Napoleon, the Emperor, consigned
Love's victory, 301.

Minerva, or Pallas, and Love, 275. the rock of St. Helena, 6.


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