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Was it the wailing bird of the gloom,

That shrieks on the house of woe all night? TO JULIA

Or a shiv’ring fiend that flew to a tomb,

To howl and to feed till the glance of light? ON HER BIRTHDAY. Wes Time was entwining the garland of years,

'Twas not the death-bird's cry from the wood, Which to crown my beloved was given,

For shiv’ring fiend that hung on the blast; Though some of the leaves might be sullied with | 'Twas the shade of Helderic -man of blood tears,

It screams for the guilt of days that are past. Yet the flow’rs were all gather'd in heaven.

See, how the red, red lightning strays, And long may this garland be sweet to the eye, And scares the gliding ghosts of the heath! May its verdure for ever be new;

Now on the leafless yew it plays, Young Love shall enrich it with many a sigh, Where hangs the shield of this son of death. And Sympathy nurse it with dew.

That shield is blushing with murd'rous stains ;

Long has it hung from the cold yew's spray;
It is blown by storms and wash'd by rains,

But neither can take the blood away!

Oft by that yew, on the blasted field,
See how, beneath the moonbeam's smile, Demons dance to the red moon's light ;
Yon little billow heaves its breast,

While the damp boughs creak, and the swinging And foams and sparkles for awhile, –

shield Then murmuring subsides to rest.

Sings to the raving spirit of night!

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And when that heart shall cease to beat,

And when that breath at length is free, Then, Rosa, soul to soul we'll meet,

And mingle to eternity!

The learned Prue took a pert young thing,

To divert her virgin Muse with, And pluck sometimes a quill from his wing,

To indite her billet-doux with.
Poor Cloe would give for a well-fledg'd pair

Her only eye, if you'd ask it ;
And Tabitha begg'd, old toothless fair,
For the youngest Love in the basket.

Come buy my Loves, &c. &c.


The wreath you wove, the wreath you wove

Is fair— but oh, how fair,
If Pity's hand had stol'n from Love

One leaf to mingle there!
If every rose with gold were tied,

Did gems for dewdrops fall,
One faded leaf where Love had sigh'd

Were sweetly worth them all.
The wreath you wove, the wreath you wove

Our emblem well may be ;
Its bloom is yours, but hopeless Love

Must keep its tears for me.

But one was left, when Susan came,

One worth them all together ;
At sight of her dear looks of shame,

He smild, and prun'd his feather.
She wish'd the boy — 'twas more than whim—

Her looks, her sighs betray'd it ; But kisses were not enough for him, I ask'd a heart, and she paid it !

Good-by, my Loves,

Good-by, my Loves, 'Twould make you smile to've seen us

First trade for this

Sweet child of bliss,
And then nurse the boy between us.



The world had just begun to steal

Each hope that led me lightly on ; I felt not, as I us'd to feel,

And life grew dark and love was gone.

No eye to mingle sorrow's tear,

No lip to mingle pleasure's breath, No circling arms to draw me near

'Twas gloomy, and I wish'd for death.

I DREANT that, in the Paphian groves,

My nets by moonlight laying,
I caught a flight of wanton Loves,

Among the rose-beds playing.
Some just had left their silv'ry shell,

While some were full in feather; So pretty a lot of Loves to sell, Were never yet strung together.

Come buy my Loves,

Come buy my Loves,
Ye dames and rose-lipp'd misses! -

They're new and bright,

The cost is light,
For the coin of this isle is kisses.
First Cloris came, with looks sedate,

Their coin on her lips was ready;
I buy," quoth she, “my Love by weight,

* Full grown, if you please, and steady." * Let mine be light,” said Fanny,“ pray —

“ Sach lasting toys undo one ; * A light little Love that will last to-day, – * To-morrow I'll sport a new one."

Come buy my Loves,

Come buy my Loves,
Ye dames and rose-lipp'd misses !-

There's some will keep,

Some light and cheap,
At from ten to twenty kisses.

But when I saw that gentle eye,

Oh ! something seem'd to tell me then, That I was yet too young to die,

And hope and bliss might bloom again.


With every gentle smile that crost

Your kindling cheek, you lighted home Some feeling, which my heart had lost,

And peace, which far had learn'd to roam.

'Twas then indeed so sweet to live,

Hope look'd so new and Love so kind, That, though I mourn, I yet forgive

The ruin they have left behind.

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I still had hopes—for hope will stay

After the sunset of delight;
So like the star which ushers day,

We scarce can think it heralds night!

If ever, by Fortune's indulgent decree,

To me such a ticket should roll, A sixteenth, Heav'n knows! were sufficient for

me; For what could I do with the whole ?

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