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The American Homeopathist.




'OME few of the medical colleges still follow 'HERE is something in the workings of the

the old and many times unjust practice of world that brings out the good or the bad offering a prize for unusual excellence in one or that is in mankind. A competitive examination, the other departments of the college. A man after a study of three or four years, brings out grown who, having entered upon the serious only ihe readiness of memory and the imitative task of fitting himself for the medical profession, faculty. The race is not always to the swift nor yet needs the spur of a glittering bauble to incite the battle to the strong. The prize scholar, like him to do his fullest endeavor in his life work, is the class essayist, may live to find the special not very much entitled to the medical honors he excellence for which he was crowned with the solicits. School children and others of immature laurel wreath was about the only thing which judgment, whose parents or guardians "pay the has proved inutile to him." There is also the freight," may be hothoused by the promise of a constant menace of injustice being done ; that picture in four colors, a reward-of-merit card, a human nature being human nature, even in the red-edged, gaudily bound, goody-goody book, medical fraternity, a pet scholar or one's own and the like ; but this motive ought not to gov- student may be selected for the wearing of the ern in a professional school.

twenty-dollar gold piece artistically decorated

and suitably engraved, or the forceps, or the (F it were always possible to confer the blue surgical set. The writer of this editorial con

ribbon or the twenty-dollar gold piece, suita- fesses to a sense of soreness on this point ; albly inscribed with the donor's name, upon the though himself the recipient of a prize, he yet most meritorious party, who would, in truth, feels that others in his class were as justly enbear the palm of victory in future days, and not titled to the same, all things being considered, as upon the tar-bucket memory party, who has himself; he also remembers that the giving of neither practical knowledge nor inclination, this and other prizes caused unpleasantness not then there might be the less objection to the con- alone among the contestants, but among his tinuance of the much-abused custom. (It may faculty, so that to this day some of these membe possible, indeed, that the giver of the medal bers have never again been friendly, and in all is not by any means a loser by his generosity. human probability never again will be. It is an advertisement in the catalogue, a prominent item of the commencement exercises, and a T is better, it is cheaper, it is more just and long-lasting advertisement in the mind of the complimentary to medical students to treat recipient after the alma mater has been deserted them simply as ladies and gentlemen engaged upon and the cold world attempted. It is really a a life work, who need no moneyed or medaled invery cheap way to become locally famous.) centive to do better than their own common But, on the other hand, it is a well-known fact sense teaches them they should do. The gift in all ages that the prize boy or girl was not the enterprise department might safely be removed one who knocked the persimmons in after life. from the medical college curriculum and relAmerican history especially is vocal with the egated to oblivion with other of the peculiar trasuccess of the other boy or girl.

ditions of the earlier teaching methods.


Materia Medica Miscellany. beris has cured the pain in the right ureter, and

the pain in the left ureter has been produced by Arsenicum, THE “LIQUID Catheter.”- the remedy. Berberis is a great remedy for Mrs. C. W. D. was taken with a severe pain in passages of stone or sand through the ureters. the left side, accompanied by chilliness and

Her appetite is better since she began taking the short, hacking cough, says the Chicago Homeo- remedy ; her cough continues same, but in every path. Thinking it nothing but a cold, she “ doc. other respect she is better. On the third return tored " it in accordance with the usual domestic of the patient the berberis was discontinued and methods. The pain persisted, dyspnea came sac. lac. substituted. Progressed to complete on, grew worse, and was followed by orthopnça.

recovery.- From Private Notes. Forty-eight hours after the inception of the Iodine IN CHRONIC OVARITIS.-Anna P., attack the writer was summoned. At that time aged forty-two, has pain in abdomen and in the respirations were rapid, shallow, and labored, bowels, more on left side ; has been suffering in pulse fast and weak. Dyspnoea was intense, and

Dyspnea was intense, and this way for twenty-six years, with relief at times. patient was unable to either eat or sleep. Per- On lifting the arms there is a tearing pain in the cussion disclosed fatness over the entire left left groin. Wakes up at 3 A, M., and can't sleep thorax below the clavicle. The apex beat of the any more. Aggravation from walking too much ; heart was to the right of the sternum.

The case

better from moderate exercise. Pains come on looked critical, and paracentesis appeared a at 3 A. M. She can lie on either side, but not necessity. Not having an aspirator at hand, the very long. Relief after eating. Pains come on operation was postponed. Patient was given

Patient was given just about meal times. Can't eat sour things. arsenicum alb., 3x trit., 2 grains once an hour. Tenderness on pressure in left ovary. Pain in Returned the next morning with aspirator, but left ovary during stool, a little before stool, and found patient markedly better. Continued treat- also after stool. Has leucorrhea, aggravated on ment, and the next day she showed still further passing stool. Giddiness, with sensation as if improvement. Progress toward recovery com- she would fall, on exercise. Faint, sick spell, menced and continued from the first hour. with nausea, on getting up in the morning. Nothing but arsenicum was given from the first Fresh fish gives nausea.

Has to lie propped up till the patient was discharged, recovered. The on account of difficult breathing. Leucorrhea effusion disappeared with a rapidity that bor- white and thick ; burns and smarts. Menses dered on the marvelous, and the cure was appa- twice per month, but natural in quantity. Bowrently complete. This was in 1889, and the els move twice, sometimes three times a day. patient has had no similar trouble since. A Has trouble in urinating, a little at a time, red remarkable feature of this case was that the color, with aggravation in night. The pains in patient came from a phthisical family, had lost a the ovarian region are worse at 3 P. M. The daughter with phthisis shortly before this attack, urine intermits, as it does in conium. Iodine and in view of these facts was practically given was given because of the pain just before eating up as doomed ; but she recovered, to the surprise and the relief upon eating, the early morning of doctor and discomfiture of undertaker.— sleeplessness, the left side trouble, and because Harvey Dale, M. D.

the menses come, and stop, and go on again. Berberis Vulg. FOR PAIN IN Right URETER. Improvement was marked from the first dose, -Mrs. N., aged forty-two years, has had leu- and was progressive for several weeks, when sac. corrhæa for several months. She has pain in lac. was substituted. Entire recovery.-From the right kidney, following the course of the Private Notes. ureter. Has had cough since she was a little Stramonium IN LAMENESS KNEE.— girl. Berberis was given, thinking that these Julia, aged five years, has pain in left knee, which pains came from sand passing through the may be the beginning of hip-joint disease. On ureter. After the pains she passed large quan- rotating the leg in socket no pain is experienced, tities of muddy urine. The curative effect of a nor on suddenly striking the leg below the knee drug is on the reverse side of the provings. Ber- are the patellar reflexes absent.

She has spon


taneous limping, with occasional pains in inner prominent symptom was burning between the part of left knee. Colocynth and stramonium scapulæ (like coals of fire). This also she used are the two specific remedies for this disease. to feel in the night after lying down and when Stramonium acts well where there is an inflam- the back was in contact with the bed. mation arising from syphilitic origin. Stra- All these symptoms closely resembled lycomonium 1000 was given her one week ago, and podium symptoms, and it was prescribed in the to-day she reports getting better every day : she 30th potency thrice daily. After taking six has had no screaming spells; her limping is doses she felt almost cured. No more medicine almost gone. She was, therefore, put upon sac. was given. She has been enjoying good health lac.–From Private Notes.

since the last six months. Conium in DYSMENORRHEA.-Miss G., aged Calcarea Carb. IN RHEUMATISM.— Dr. twenty-five, has always had dysmenorrhea, says

Chaudhuri in Calcutta Med. Jour.- A lady, aged Dr. Goodno in Hoyne's Clinical Therapeutics, about thirty-four, was suffering from acute shiftthe flow scanty, almost stopped ; epistaxis, ing rheumatic pains in the left arm from the cough, stitches through the left lung at times. shoulder to the elbow joint. The pain was of a Two years ago, after unusual exertion had very agonizing character, which she described as bearing-down pains, etc. Bry., sepia, sulph., and aching and throbbing. There was aggravation graph. relieved dysmenorrhea somewhat, but from cold and during the periods of full and the prolapsus pains increased. Examination new moon. There was no decided swelling or showed uterus prolapsed and anteverted ; bear tenderness. She came under my treatment on ing down as though the womb would be forced the 4th of May, 1893. Puls., bryo., rhus tox., from the vulva, aggravated when standing and mez., were given, but without effect. It at last walking, before and during the menses; inter- became less under calc. c. 12. On the 13th of mittent flow of the urine, with cutting after mic- June, the day of new moon, notwithstanding turition ; obstinate constipation, absence of that calc. c. was being continued, the pain again stools for seven days (long standing) ; stools returned in an aggravated form, though not as large, hard, and followed by tremulous weak- bad as before, but it was less the next day. By ness ; she must lie down ; dull pain below left the further persistent administration of the same mamma (one year); conium 1000, with prompt medicine the pain disappeared altogether, and relief and speedy cure.

did not return. Lycopodium in SCIATICA AND LUMBAGO Cuprum in CHOLERA.—The old school is OF TWENTY YEARS' STANDING.-Dr. Banerjee awaking to the fact that the microbic doctrine of in Calcutta Med. Jour.-An old lady, aged sev- cholera has not been able to introduce a successenty years, was suffering from very painful sci- ful therapeutics of the disease. And accordingly atica and lumbago for the last twenty years.

we find a French physician, M. Mouricourt, Since the last five years she was confined to bed. drawing attention to a mode of treatment which She never suffered from rheumatism nor gout. was found efficacious before the doctrine of miShe was subject to acidity only.

crobes had come into existence. He refers to Present condition: Very irritable, abuses servo the practice of Dr. Burq, who, in 1849, is said to ants and relatives needlessly, and then weeps ; have succeeded in arresting the cramps of cholvery obstinate ; always afraid of being left alone; era by copper bars in the majority of cases, and this dread of solitude is noticeable both in the who, in 1866, by the internal use of sulphate of day and at night ; is drowsy during the day, but copper, effected sixteen cures in eighteen most wakeful at night; starting on falling asleep at severe cases, in which there was no heat, no night ; continued oppression of the chest, and pulse, and no urine. dyspnea from the least exertion ; complains of Need we remind our colleagues of the dompainful Aatulence every night; cough day and inant school that so far back as 1831 Hahnemann night with copious purulent expectoration which recommended the use of copper in cholera on tasted salty ; frequent copious urination at night the only rational principle on which drugs ought and wetting of the bed every night. Another to be administered in any disease, and that ever

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