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Lesson 56.—Learn for Monday Morning.
PSALM XIV., Verses 1, 2, and 3 ; OR ELSE LEARN-

Let us gath-er up the sun-beams, Let us find our sweet-est com-fort

Ly-ing all around our path : In the bles-sings of to-day, Let us keep the wheat and roses, With a pa-tient hand remov-ing Cast-ing out the thorns and All the briars from the way. chaff :

Then scat-terseeds of kind-ness

For our reap-ing by and by. Or Write and Learn (Difficult words). friend. grief.

naught. dough. friend-ly. griev-ous. caught.

breez-y. siege. griev-ed.


sheaves. Lesson 57.–Tuesday Morn. Write and Learn. Geography.

PARTS OF THE SEA. There is three times more water than land on the earth's surface. An O'-cean is one of the larg-est por-tions of salt water.*

The water of the ocean is always salt, and it is therefore not good to drink. There are five oceans

The At-lan'-tic, the Pa-cif'-ic, the In-di-an, the Arc'-tic, and the An-tarc'-tic.+

These oceans are all really one piece of water, and there is nothing to tell where one begins and the other ends.

The British Islands are in the ATLANTIC Ocean.

The INDIAN Ocean is hot and often stormy. The ARCTIC and ANTARCTIC Oceans are very cold, and mostly covered with ice.

The Pacific Ocean is larger than all the land in the world.

Or write 25 spellings out of any book, each word having six or more

letters in it, and learn the first 10.
Lesson 58.-Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) Add 38,647 ; 27,906 ; 276; 9; 3,864 ; 60,706.
(2) Subtract 7,623 from 81,639.

(3) Multiply 87,656 by 9. (5) Write out eleven times table.
Write each word twice and Learn.



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* Compare Continent and Ocean.
† Mind the pronunciation, not ar-tic but ark-tic, an-tark-tic.


Lesson 59.—Thursday Morn. Grammar. Write & Learn.

A VERB is a word which tells something about a NOUN or PRONOUN.* A VERB makes an AS-SER-TION, telling what a thing

a does, or what it has done to it. Birds fly.

Here “fly" tells what the birds do. The fire burns.

Here “burns" tells what the fire does. The sheep is killed.

Here “is killed " tells what is done to the sheop. Every sentence must contain a Noun and a Verb, or a Pronoun and a Verb.*

EXERCISE.Pick out the VERBS.—Cats catch mice. My pony trots. The donkey kicked me. The knife cut my finger. John and James ran a race. Mary tore her dress, and her mother mended the torn place. Run quickly, it rains very fast. Fanny, come and read to me. Light the candle, and go to bed. Look at that animal.


Lesson 60.-Friday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) Multiply two thousand seven hundred and fifty-eight by 12.
(2) Multiply fifty thousand six hundred and seventy-eight by seven.

(3) Multiply 876,592 by 8. (4) Write out twelve times tables.
Write each word twice and Learn.



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THIRTEENTH WEEK. Lesson 61.-Learn for Monday Morning. PSALM IX., verses 1 and 2; OR ELSE LEARN

SCATTER SEEDS OF KINDNESS—(continued). Strange, we nev-er praise the Strange, that bum-mer skies and music,

sun-shine Till the sweet-voiced bird has Ne-ver seem one-half so fair, down!

As when win-ter's snow-y pin-i-ons Strange, that we should slight the Shake the white down in the air. vi-o-lets,

Then scat-ter seeds of kind-ness Till the love-ly flow-ers are gone ! For our reap-ing by and by.

* Though the Pronoun is not included in the work for Standard II. (Schedule II.) it properly belongs to it, and the class will not make satisfactory progress unless the Personal Pronouns, at least, are fairly well known. The list in Lesson 49 should be got by heart thoroughly.

LESSON 61—(continued). Or Write and Learn (Difficult words). naugh-ty. dai-ly.

e-nough. taught. yel-low. cough. daugh-ter.


col-umn. au-tumn. con-demn.



Lesson 62.–Tuesday Morn. Write and Learn. Geography.

A Sea is a small-er portion of salt water than an ocean.

The IRISH SEA and the NORTH SEA are on opposite sides of our own country of England. They both form part of the Atlantic Ocean.

There are many seas in different parts of the world, all of them connected with the oceans.

The largest sea is the ME-DI-TER-RA'-NE-AN SEA, between Europe and Africa.

The water of the seas is sometimes not so salt as that of the ocean,

because so many rivers, with fresh water, run into them. Or write 30 spellings out of any book, each word having six or more

letters in it, and learn the first 12.

Lesson 63.-Wednesday Morning. Work

the Sums. (1) Add nine, seventy-six,three hundred and fifteen, seven thousand six hundred and seventy, twenty-eight, and nine hundred and six.

(2) 38,647 – 9,876. (3) 976,241 x 7. Write each word twice and Learn. Con-science.



Write and

Learn. Pence s. d. 12 are

1 0 13

1 1 14

1 2 15 i 3 16 1 4 17 1 5 18 1 6


Lesson 61.-Thursday Morn. Grammar. Write and Learn.

EXERCISE. Pick out the VERBS.—I have a parrot, it talks to me. I spilt the ink and made a blot on my copy-book. The cock flapped his wings and gave a loud crow. The clock strikes twelve; it is time to go home and eat our dinner. Run and tell your teacher to come here, I want him. The horse ran away and broke its leg.

DICTATION.-LEARN TO SPELL ALL THE WORDS.-The stag is found in Scot-land. At one time there were wild beasts in this coun-try as well as in Eng-land, such us wolves, wild bulls, and bears. The fierce boar used to run at large in the forests, as it does yet in some parts of Ger-many. Nu-mer-ous birds of prey, too, such as the ea-gle and vul-ture a-bound-ed in all parts.

* Compare Sea, a part of an Ocean, and Country, a part of a Continent.

Lesson 65.-Friday Morning. Work these

Sums. (1) 67,854 x 5 and 7. (2) 39,862 x 11.

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Write each word twice and Learn.

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Lesson 66.-Learn for Monday Morning.
PSALM XXIV., Verses 1 and 2 ; OR ELSE LEARN-

If we knew the ba-by fin-gers, Would the bright eyes of our
Pres-sed against the win-dow dar-ling

Catch the frown up-onour brow, Would be cold and stiff to- Would the print of rosy fingers mor-row,

Vex us then as they do now? Never trou-ble us a-gain,

Then scat-ter seeds of kind-ness

For our reap-ing by and by. Or Write and Learn (Difficult words).

as-cend. sci-ence. la-zy.


proud. de-scent. de-sign.

la-zi-ness. proud-ly.



Lesson 67.–Tuesday Morn. Write and Learn. Geography.

A Gulf* is a piece of water run-ning up a great way into the land.

The GULF OF VEN'-ICE, between Italy, Austria, and Turkey, is a celebrated gulf in Europe. There are no large gulfs in the British Islands. THE WASH is a small gulf. A Bay is a piece of water with a wi-der 0-pen-ing than a gulf.t

BRIL'-LING-TON BAY, MOUNT'S BAY, ST. BRIDE's Bay, and MORE'-CAMBE Bay (mõr'-kăm) are the largest bays in England. There are a great number of small bays round our coast, in many of which ships can shelter from storms.

Or write 30 spellings out of any book, each word having six or more

letters in it, and learn the first 12. * Compare Peninsula in the land with Gulf in water.

† The terms gulf and bay are often improperly used, hence no definition will include all such parts of the sea as we find them named on maps.

Lesson 68.—Wednesday Morning. Work these Write and Sums.

Learn. (1) 5,893+7,461 + 279+8+36,264 +8,592.

Pence 8. d. (2) Sixty-five thousand, four hundred and seventy 25 are 2 1 eight minus forty thousand, six hundred and two. 26 2 2 (3) 7,864 x 11.

27 2 3

28 2 4 Write each word twice, and Learn.

29 2 5 Bris-tle. Shut-tle. Gris-tle. Whis-tle. 30 2 6

can sew

Lesson 69.—Thursday Morn. Grammar. Write and Learn.

Two verbs are often used together in order to make sense. The first helps to make the meaning of the second plainer.

have learnt

my lesson.
We shall have a holiday.
The cat has killed the mouse.

neatly. Sometimes more than two verbs are used together

John will have finished before me.

He was to have gone home. When two or more verbs are used together to make sense they are called a COMPOUND VĚRB.

EXERCISE.Pick out the COMPOUND VERBS. The little dog has left its mother. I shall have eaten my dinner before you will be able to come and see me. My watch is not going.* I shall miss the post if I am not quick. Have you learnt your spellings ?* Show me your copy-book. It is well written.* God sees me; I cannot hide anything from him. Have you not told a falsehood ?*




Lesson 70.-Friday Morning. Work these Write and Sums.


Pence s. d. (1) 2)62,824

(2) 3)39,426

36 are 3 0 (3) Multiply 87,536 by 7.

40 3 4 Write each word twice, and Learn.


50 4 2 An-gle. Stran-gle. Strug-gle. Smug-gle.

60 5 0 children will require much practice in selecting compound verbs when the several words are separated by other parts of speech, as in these sentences.

* The

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