Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia

Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 1873
"Publications of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia": v. 53, 1901, p. 788-794.

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Side 352 - Quercux palustrig, which, having performed their allotted function, don their brownish hue at the very period when they can be utilized. Here is evidently a change within a moderately short period, rendered necessary by external causes. This necessity may have grown out of inability to procure the favorite materials, or a desire for self-preservation.
Side 352 - ... consideration, it cannot be denied that the utter inability, without unnecessary physical effort, to procure the hair of the afore-mentioned animals, particularly in sections where they have been compelled to retreat before the advance of man, may have been one of the causes which have induced the change. I am...
Side 352 - is prettily constructed and fixed in a partially pensile manner between two twigs of a low bush, on a branch running horizontally from. the main stem, and formed externally of gray lichens, slightly put together, and lined with hair chiefly from the deer and raccoon.' My experience has been quite different. Out of the many nests which I have seen and examined, I cannot recall a single specimen that will answer to the above description. I have five nests of this species, four of which are perfectly...
Side 458 - List of the Vertebrated Animals now or lately living in the Gardens of the Zoological Society of London, 1872 Ditto.
Side 102 - ... of sucking the eggs of birds. " This adoption of another's mode of life by S. Hudsonius, he thought a discovery of some note, as usurpation of habits leading to functional and structural changes in an animal's economy is accounted an element of no mean weight in the development hypothesis, according to the testimony of able writers upon Evolution.
Side 274 - The axis of a flower was simply a branch very much retarded in ita development, and generally there were, on this arrested branch, many nodes between the series forming the calyx or corolla, and the regular stamens and carpels, which were entirely suppressed. But when a double flower was produced, sometimes these usually suppressed nodes would become developed, in which case there was a great increase in the number of petals, without any disturbance in the staminal characters. But at other times...
Side 102 - Laboring under this impression, and being desirous of securing a specimen or two, he started for the scene of slaughter, bent upon discovering the name and character of the animal ; when within a few rods of the place, the almost deafening noise that greeted his ears, from the tall trees, led him to suspect that all was not right. After reaching the spot, a few moments of anxious waiting sufficed to reveal to him the cause of the noise and the origin of the sacrifice above alluded to; for, sitting...
Side 255 - Ernest Melsheimer, MD, a correspondent of the Academy, aged nearly ninety-one years. He inherited great taste for entomology from his father, EF Melsheimer, a clergyman, who cultivated natural science with much success, and not only was a highly esteemed correspondent of Knoch and other European entomologists of the end of the past and beginning of the present century, but an active collaborator with Say, the founder of descriptive entomology in the United States. Dr. Melsheimer thus inheriting the...
Side 256 - It was the first work," says LeConte, " of bibliographical importance in the modern history of that branch of science, and gave a powerful impetus to its development in the US, and has greatly diminished the labor of those who have continued the study of that department.
Side 259 - Oidinm, and resembles that found in Aptha. Perhaps the disease in the mice is the result of feeding upon articles imbued with adherent portions of apthous matter from the mouths of children, and perhaps also the latter may become affected from diseased mice contaminating food or drink used by the children.

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