The official illustrated guide to the Lancaster and Carlisle, Edinburgh and Glasgow, and Caledonian railways

W.H. Smith and Son, 1859 - 384 sider

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Side 209 - There are twenty of Roslin's barons bold Lie buried within that proud chapelle; Each one the holy vault doth hold— But the sea holds lovely Rosabelle. And each St Clair was buried there, With candle, with book, and with knell ; But the sea-caves rung, and the wild winds sung, The dirge of lovely Rosabelle ! XXIV.
Side 209 - Tis not because the ring they ride, And Lindesay at the ring rides well, But that my sire the wine will chide If 'tis not fill'd by Rosabelle.
Side 38 - The house was originally meant for a small villa, though it has long passed into the hands of farmers, and there is, in consequence, an air of neglect about the little demesne, which does not at all approach desolation, and yet gives it something of touching interest You see...
Side 209 - Blazed battlement and pinnet high, Blazed every rose-carved buttress fair, So still they blaze, when fate is nigh The lordly line of high St. Clair.
Side 231 - ... episcopacy, the high commission, the articles of Perth, the canons, and the liturgy were abolished and declared unlawful : and the whole fabric, which James and Charles, in a long course of years, had been rearing with so much care and policy, fell at once to the ground...
Side 48 - ... connecting it with the larger Lake of Crummock ; and at the edge of this miniature domain, upon the roadside, stands a cluster of cottages, so small and few that, in the richer tracts of the islands, they would scarcely be complimented with the name of hamlet.
Side 34 - ... of Winandermere, resting among the summits of the loftiest mountains, some of which will perhaps be half or wholly hidden by clouds, or by the blaze of light which the orb diffuses around it ; and the surface of the lake will reflect before the eye correspondent colours through every variety of beauty, and through all degrees of splendour.
Side 133 - The whole country rang with the praises of the poet — crowds set off to view the scenery of Loch Katrine, till then comparatively unknown; and as the book came out just before the season for excursions, every house and inn in that neighborhood was crammed with a constant succession of visitors.
Side 48 - ... of the Cumbrian mountains, exhibits on either side few traces of human neighbourhood ; the level area, where the hills recede enough to allow of any, is of a wild pastoral character or almost savage. The waters of the lake...
Side 244 - Molendinar burn, and the auld kirk stood as crouse as a cat when the flaes are kaimed aff her, and a'body was alike pleased. And I hae heard wise folk say, that if the same had been done in ilka kirk in Scotland, the Reform wad just hae been as pure as it is e'en now, and we wad hae mair Christian-like kirks ; for I hae been sae lang in England, that naething will drived out o' my head, that the dog-kennel at Osbaldistone Hall is better than mony a house o

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