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This said, he again, in his usual manner, so strengt ened my visual ray, that instantly I saw the pla was filled with the heavenly hosts, who unwearie ministered to the dying woman; and she, notw standing in the embraces of Death, was so transp with holy joy, that she forgot the pains of dying fervently glowed the seraphic flame in her hear in such profusion the joys of approaching eternit poured into her soul, that all sensation of pains to be gone. By this time the lamp of natu glimmered in the socket, she lay supinely st on her bed, longing and waiting for the d moment, and so long as her voice continued a she dispensed instructions to her friends, a riches of electing, redeeming, and regener At last, perceiving that nature's sparks w extinguished, with eyes, sublimely elevate triumph smiling in her countenance, w which could scarcely be heard, she sa Father, come; Thou knowest I am command."-These were her last words, moments after she quietly departed, and soul joined in fellowship with the minist formerly her invisible attendants. N though they carried her to the blissful r nal day; where she was received with mations by all the hosts of the heave and the ever-adorable Redeemer pr blessed, saying, "Well done thou go servant, enter thou into the joy of thy I been faithful over a few things, there be a ruler over many." On which I t of righteousness was put upon her hea hand of the Redeemer; a palm of t her, and orders issued to put her in of the mansions near the jasper thi strove to out do Magdalen in praise voice even above that of Mary, t Lord. Here was emulation witho earnest contention without any Who should be least in their own e

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