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The large new incubator recently installed in the Department of Bacteriology, greatly facilitates the growth of cultures. Dr. Robertson is constantly ready to make cultures of diphtheria baccilli, etc., for physicians over the state, who desire it.

Dr. Cattermole gave a very interesting demonstration before the University Scientific Society January 29th, on "Diseases of the Heart and Blood Vessels." Many interesting pathological specimens were shown and an instrument for determining the blood pressure was exhibited.

The work that is being done in the pathological and bacteriological laboratories under Dr. Johnston and Dr. Dessie Robertson this year, is deserving of special mention. High grade work is being done there, and the Department may justly take pride in the work of its laboratories.

It is gratifying to see so many of our faculty members taking promient places on the programs of the University Scientific Society, and also to see so many of our students among its audiences. The work of this organization is of the highest order of scientific investigation. If its transactions and papers could be preserved in book form, it would be a valuable addition to the literature.

Alumni Register.


Alger, Chas. J., M. D., '96, Leigh, Neb.

Allen, Chas. B., M. D., '05, Van Wyck, Idaho.

*Blake, Gustave B., M. D., 1886.

*Bragdon, Hollis I, M. D., 1886.

Bennett, Irvin E., M. D., 1889.

Bryant, Clara S., M. D., 1894, Pinon, Colorado..

Bles, Victor A., M. D., '95, St. Louis, Mo.

Baldwin, Eliphelet C., M. D., '97, West Cliffe, Colo.

Barton, Arthur L., M. D., '97, Los Angeles, Cal.

Bennett, Albert L., M. D., '97, Denver, Colo.

Bradford, Joel P., M. D., 1900, Auchnut, Massachusetts.

Boeck, John, M. D., 'or, Boise, Idaho.

Boeck, Edna L., 'or, Boise, Idaho.

Bell, Miles, Amy L., M. D., '02, Boulder, Colo.

Bingham, W. J., M. D., '04, Boulder, Colo.

Blachly, A. F., M. D., '04, Klamath Agency, Oregon.

Campbell, Jacob, M. D., '87, Boulder, Colo.

*Cummings, Elmer E., M. D., '88.

Chase, Shreve, Mary N., M. D., '93, Fort Reno, O. T.


Chase, Alpha M., M. D., '94, Fort Reno, O. T.

Clark, Leonard H., M. D., '94, Mancos, Colo.

*Craig, Stuart, M. D., 1900.

Clements, Annie J., M. D., '95.

Cummings, Benj. F., M. D., '95, Lake City, Colo.

Chapman, Walter S., M. D., '96, Rouse, Colo.

Cline, John W., M. D., '96, Florence, Colo.

Cummings, Geo. D., M. D., '96, Florence, Colo.

*Coffman, Melville W., M. D., 1900.

Carlson, John C., M. D., '02, Eaton, Colo.

Carver, Wallace Henry, M. D., '02, North Yakima, Wash.

Colburn, John A., M. D., '03.

Delehanty, Edward, M. D., '95, Denver, Colo.

Depeyre, Louis N., M. D., '97, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Dutton, Chesney L., M. D., Meridian, Idaho.

Davis, Phil., M. D., '05, N. Y. Maternity Hospital, New York..

*Evans, Henry C., M. D., '85.

Edmunson, Chas. L., M. D., '91, Bisbee, Arizona.

Espinosa, Tobias, M. D., 1900, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Emery, G. E., M. D., '04, Preston, Idaho.

Fischer, Peter W., M. D., '91, Walden, Colo.

*Fearing, Sarah J., M. D.

Farnsworth, John A., M. D., '97, Hagerman, N. M.

Gardiner, Mary L., M. D., '05, Calhan, Colo.

*Gardiner, Mathew H., M. D., '95.

Guthrie, Alice C., M. D., '97, Denver, Colo.

Gill, Arthur E., M. D., '01, C. F. & I. Co. Hospital, Pueblo, Colo. *Gregerson, Regwald J., M. D., 'oI.

Gillaspie, Carbon, M. D., '04, Nederland, Colo.

Hosford, William J., M. D., '90, Alameda, Cal.
Hayes, Andrew, M. D., '91, Cripple Creek, Colo.
Halley, Jas. M., M. D., '94, Victor, Colo.

Harvey, Asa, M. D., Boone, Colo.

Hayden, Catharine P. M. D. '94, Raleigh, N. C.

Hunter, Alexander, M. D., '94, Kendricks, Idaho.
Hayes, Alfred I., M. D., '96, Goldfield, Nev.
*Harrik, Selden F., M. D., '96.

Hosford, Sara Day, M. D., '97, Chicago, Ill.
Hopkins, Millicent B., M. D., '02, Leroy, N. Y.
Haruff, Oscar A. T., M. D., '03, Pueblo, Colo.

Hunter, P. S., M. D., '04, Denver, Colo.
Irwin, Harry, M. D., '04, Encampment, Wyo.

Johnson, Geo. S., M. D., '04, Johannesburg, South Africa.


James, Homer E., M. D., Estes Park, Colo.
Jones, John F., M. D., '95, Neodosha, Kan.

Jones, John A., M. D., '97, Granada, Colo.

*Keables, Alonzo M., M. D., '91.

Kaveny, Mary, M. D., '96, Denver, Colo.

*Keyser, Philip H., M. D., '02.

King, Walter W., M. D., '02, Cripple Creek, Colo.

Kellogg, Geo. O. A., M. D., '03, Nampa, Idaho.

Lake, Mary A., M. D., '96, Pueblo, Colo.

*Logan, Levin P., M. D., 1890.

*Loustano, Andrew J., M. D., '95.

*Lindenkohl, Geo. C. F., M. D., 1900.

Lane, Lura A., M. D., '04, Paint Creek, W. Va.

Mayo, Nellie F., M. D., '91.

Muir, Hannah L. Taylor, M. D., '93, Colorado Springs, Colo. Muir, Jas. T., M. D., '94, Colorado Springs, Colo.

McClanahan, Zenas H., M. D., '94, Colorado Springs, Colo. *McPherson, E. Melville, M. D., '94.

McDonald, William C., M. D., '95, Malden, Mass.

Moore, William A., M. D., '95, Hindsville, Ark.

Medill, David W., M. D., '96, New York City.
Maxwell, Jas. G., M. D., '97, Canon City, Colo.
McGill, Earl D., M. D., '97, Wray, Colo.
Mitchell, Elsie R., M. D., '97, Guntur, India.

Moore, Clara M., M. D., '97, Ouray, Colo.

Miles, Martin E., M. D., 'oi, Boulder, Colo.

Morris, Ralph E., M. D., '02, Cripple Creek, Colo.
Marshall, Robert M., M. D., '03, Pueblo, Colo.
Meilicke, Wilhelm A., M. D., '03, Fredonia, Wis.
McCain, A. C., M. D., '04, Ault, Colo.

Nicholl, Wm. R., M. D., 'or, Vackerville, Cal.

O'Brien, Geo. G., M. D., '97, Chicago, Ill.

Pennock, Vivian R., M. D., '94, Longmont, Colo.

*Pullman, John D., M. D., '96.

Patterson, John S., M. D., '02, Gold Hill, Colo.
Pope, Ernest F., M. D., '02, Spokane, Washington.
Patterson, John C., M. D., '03.

Reed, Walter W., M. D., '93, Boulder, Colo.
Roberts, Leonidas B., M. D., '96, La Veta, Colo.
Robison, Martin A., M. D., '96, Victor, Colo.
Root, Matt R., '97, Denver, Colo.

Reckly, Mary D., M. D., '02, Fort Collins, Colo.
Robertson, Dessie B., M. D., '04, Boulder, Colo.


Rogers, Joseph S., M. D., 1900, Kiowa, Colo.

Stroud, Harrison E., M. D., '85, Phoenix, Arizona.
Sigman, Horace G., M. D., '95, Rocky Ford Colo.

Sheldon Daniel W., M. D., '97, Manzanola, Colo.
1900, Douglas, Wyo.

Safely, Grant, M. D.,

Snair, Walter S., M. D., 'o1, Walden, Colo.

Shute, Fred V., M. D., '03, Bellingham, Wash.

States, G. W., M. D., '04, Franklin, Idaho.

Stetson, D. D., M. D., '04, St. Joseph's Hospital, Denver, Colo..

Teele, May Balfour Roberts, M. D., '97, Denver, Colo.

Telling, Oscar L., M. D., '97, Denver, Colo.

Turrell, Herbert C., M. D., '02, Durango, Colo.

Thompson, William E., M. D., '03, Victoria, Mich.
Vose, William H., M. D., '97, Arleta, Oregon.
Wolfer, Carl F., M. D., 1890, Louisville, Colo.
Wigglesworth, Albert M., M. D., '96, Breen, Colo.
Wilcox, Sara S., M. D.., '97, Denver, Colo.
Wilcox, Henry W., M. D., '97, Denver, Colo.
Weaver, Chas. D., M. D., '97, McPherson, Kan.
Weaver, John A., M. D., '97, Greeley, Colo.
West, Paul Leroy, M. D., '02, Vancouver, Wash.
Whittaker, D. L., M. D., '05, Johnston, Colo.
Weiland, J. F. E., M. D., '04, Fremont, Neb.
West, T. J., M. D., '04.

Wing, A. E., M. D., '05, Denver, Colo.

Yates, Absalom N., M. D., 1900, Lyons, Colo.
Zillman, Otto, M. D., '04, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Book Notices

It is the purpose of the editors of The Bulletin to select for notice in its columns, the best of the new publications, that may come under their observation. In particularly meritorious cases careful reviews will be given.

HANDBOOK OF ANATOMY. Being a Complete Compend of Anatomy, including the Anatomy of the Viscera and Numerous Tables, by James K. Young, M.D., Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Philadelphia Polyclinic; Clinical Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania; Instructor in Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Pennsylvania; Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia; Fellow of the Philadelphia Academy of Sugery; Fellow of the American Orthopaedic Association; member of the American Medical

Association, etc. Second edition, revised and enlarged. With 171 engravings, some in colors. Crown Octavo, 404 pages, extra flexible cloth, rounded corners, $1.50 net. F. A. Davis Company, Publishers, 1914-16 Cherry Street, Philadelphia.

CHRISTIANITY AND SEX PROBLEMS. By Hugh Northcote, M. A. Crown Octavo, 257 pages. Bound in extra cloth. Price $2.00 net. F. A. Davis Company, Publishers. 1914-16 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

THE PHYSICAL EXAMINATION OF INFANTS AND YOUNG CHILDREN. By Theron Wendell Kilmer, M.D., Adjunct Attending Pediatrist to the Sydenham Hospital; Instructor in Pediatrics in the New York Polyclinic Medical School and Hospital, New York; Attending Physician to the Summer Home of St. Giles, Garden City, New York. Illustrated with 59 half-tone engravings. 12mo., 86 pages. Bound in extra cloth. Price 75 cents net. F. A. Davis Company, Publishers, 1914-16 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

In this day of rapid book-making, where of the making of books. there seems to be no end, we are often bewildered completely in our efforts to select wisely and well from the great numbers that constantly compete for a share of our attention and patronage. Dr. Kilmer has in this little manual given us a book among so many, so full of points of practical interest that no physician who is called upon to examine and treat children should fail to read. The writer has seldom read a book from which he has gotten more good. When once the book is taken up it will scarcely be laid down until read through.

The author makes no pretense at a systematic outline of physical diagnosis, in fact he claims that the usual methods of physical diagnosis in the adult will not apply to the successful examination of children. The aim of the book is to tell the student and physician "How to Examine a Baby," and to be convinced that he has succeeded admirably, it is only necessary to read the book.

We all appreciate the difficulties in the way of success in the treatment of Diseases of Children and the importance of getting upon the good side of the child as an essential to a thorough and satisfactory examination.

He divides the babies that we are called upon to treat into three classes:

1. The baby that you can do anything with that you wish.
The nervous, excitable, timid baby.

3. The spoiled baby, the vicious child.

And his suggestions for dealing with the representatives of the different classes, in making all sorts of various examinations, are worth while to physicians practicing this line of medicine. The book cannot be too highly commended.

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