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1377 “Go forth, little book! - I to others now leave thee;

Go seek among children in future thy friends ; If worthy, - the worthy will kindly receive thee ;

If worthless — neglect is thy worthy amends.

If for child the most feeble, should God ever use thee

One joy to impart, or one murmur restrain, Though others, in scorn, should all favor refuse thee,

My toil and my pleasure will not be in vain."


.JANUARY 1, 1849. My Yound FRIEND,

At the suggestion of some children, I present you with a Gift, composed of stories and poetry, similar to that of last year.

As it is undoubtedly true that there are few things we recall, in after years, with more pleasure than the recollections of the home of our childhood, most happy shall I be if the presentation of this little book shall, in any degree, add to the pleasant associations of your spiritual home, “the house of God.”

That it will be pleasant to you hereafter to remember these hymns, I cannot but believe from the fact that several children have repeated those in your former Gifts with much satisfaction, even in their last hours on earth,

as did one not long since, whose parents reside in a neighboring village. Just before he died, he took the little book and repeated a hymn, as he had often done before, to his father. It was the last book he held in his hands—the last hymn he repeated on earth. So appropriate did his father deem it, that he caused the first verse to be engraved on his dear boy's tombstone.

I cannot forget that delightful Sabbath afternoon, at the close of the last year, when I received that beautiful Bible, with which you and your kind Teachers so suddenly surprised me. Long will that day be remembered by me. It will stand out in memory as one of the brightest days of my life. That volume was beautiful to me then, it has changed only by appearing more beautiful each time that I

it. That we may be faithful to the teachings of this blessed Book, is the sincere prayer of Your affectionate Pastor,



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