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S.ct. X. Christ's discourse on viewing the fig-trec

withered which he had cursed.

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Sect. XI. Part of the prophecy of Isaiah, relating to the



Sect, XI. Some Greeks make enquiries concerning Christ.

He is declared to be the Son of God by a voice from

leaven. He propliesies of his crucifixion.


Sect. XIII. Christ discourses concerning the baptism of

John. The parables of the man who had two sons,

and of the householder,


Sect. XIV. The parable of the marriage of the king's son.

Sect, XV. The Pharisees question Christ concerning pay-

ing tribute to Cæsar'; and the Sadducees concerning

the resurrection. He contounds them both. He is

questioned by a Scribe concerning the great com-

mandiment. He questions the Pharisees concerning

the Son of David.


Sect. XVI. Christ denounces woes against the Scrites

and Pharisees, and against Jerusalem.


Sect. XVII, The widow's mite.


Sect. XVIII. Christ foretells the total overthrow of

Jerusalem, and prophesies concerning the end of

the world.


Sect. xix. Christ admonishes his disciples to be cona

stantly watchful, that they may be prepared for the

day of judgment.


Sect. XX. The parables of the ten virgins, and the ta-

lents. A description of the last judgment. 77

Sect. XXI. Judas agrees with the chief-priest to betray

his Lord. The apostles make preparation for the


Sect. XXII. A dispute amongst the Apostles concerning

pre-eminence in the kingdom of heaven. Christ

reproves them, and gives them an example of hu-

mility" by wishing their feet.




Sect. XXXVIII. Christ's crucifixion. He prays for

his enemies. Two thieves crucified with him. He

yields up the Ghost.

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Sect. XXXIX. Part of the xxjid Psalm. Prophetic of

our Saviour's reflections on the cross
Sect. XL. Christ's body taken from the cross. Joseph

of Arimathea inters it in his own tomb. The
Jewish priests seal the sepulchre.


Sect. XLI. Judas Iscariot repenting, returns the inoney

to the High Priest, and hangs himself.


Sect. XLII. Part of the prophecy of Isaiah, relating to

Christ's safserings, death, and burial.

Sect. XLIII. Christ's resurrection. He appears to

Mary Magdalene. Peter and John visit the sepul.



Sect. XLIV. Christ appears to two of his disciples in



to Damascus.


Sect. XLV. Christ appears to the eleven apostles. 223

Sect. XLVI. The incredulity of Thomas. Christ ap-


Sest. XLVIK Christ appears to Peter and other disci.

ples at the sea of Tiberius,


Sect. XLVIII. Christ questions Peter concerning his.

love for him, and commands him to feed his flock.

Soet. XLIX. Christ meets all his apostles on a moun.

tain in Galilee.


Sect. L. Christ commands his disciples to baptize all

nations. He pron ises the aid of the Holy Spirit,

He ascends visibly up to heaven,


Seçt: LI: Two angels discourse with the apostles after

the ascension of Christ.


Sect. III. Extracts from the ancients prophets concern-

ing the glorious appearance of the Lord God in their



Sect. LIII. Extracts from the Revelation of St. John con:

cerning the appearance of the Son of God in his




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Sect. LIV. The disciples elect another apostle in the room of Judas.

age 265 Sect. LV. Extracts from the ancient prophets concerning the Holy Spirit.

269 Sect. LVI. Christ's assertions and predictions, concern

ing the Holy Ghost while he was upon earth. 271 Sect. LVII. The Holy Spirit descends upon the apostles.

The gift of tongues. Peter preaches the Gospel. 275 Sect. LVIII. A lame man cured by Peter.

286 Sect. LIX. Peter and Tohn seized, and examined by the

Sanhedrim. The first Christians sell their pos-

291 Sect. LX. The sin and punishment of Ananias and Sapphira.

298 Sect. LXI. The Christian church increases. The apostles

imprisoned, and miraculously delivered. They are

examined by the Sanhedrim. Gamaliel's counsel. 301 Sect. LXH, Seven deacons appointed to assist the apos

tles in the distribution of the public charity. The
trial and martyrdom of Stephen.

305 Sect, LXIII. The burial of Stephen. A persecution of the church. The disciples dispersed.

311 Sect. LXIV, Philip baptizes an Ethiopian nobleman.

314 Sect. LXV. The conversion of Saul. Sect. LXVI. Peter cures Eneas of the palsy, and restores Tabitha to life.

324 Sect. LXVII. Cornelius's vision. Peter's vision. Cor.

nelius and his friends converted to Christianity,
and baptized by Peter.

326 Sect. LXVIII. Peter gives an account of his interview

with Cornelius. The Gospel preached atAntioch, 335 Sect. LXIX. Herod causes James to be put to death.

He imprisons Peter, who is delivered by an angel. 337 Sect. LXX. Barnabas and Paul preach the Gospel to the

Gentiles. Elymas the sorcerer struck with blind.
ness. Paul and Barnabas pursue their journey,
propagating the Gospel

342 Sect.

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Sect. LXXI. Paul-and! Barnabas go to Lystra. A lame man cured.

page 346 Sect. LXXII. Paul and Barnabas go to Jerusalem. They disagree and separate.

35° Sect. LXXIII. Paul with Silas continues his journey.

They are cast into prison, and miraculously deli-

35% Sect. LXXIV, Paul and Silas preach at Thessalonica and Athens,

,355 Sect. LXXV. Paul visits Corinth and Ephesus, and other cities.

361 Sect. LXXVI. Paul sails towards Judea. He is met by

Agabus. He is seized in the temple at Jerusalem,

He is rescued by Lysias, and sent to Cesarea. 366 Sect. LXXVII. Paul accused by Tertullus the orator, before Felix. Makes his defence.

372 Sect. LXXVIII. Paul accused before Festus, by the

High Priest. Justifies himself, and appeals to

Sect. LXXIX. Paul makes his defence before Festus the

Roman governor, King Agrippa, and his queen

Berenice Sect. LXXX. An account of the death of Paul, and the other apostles.

387 Sect. LXXXI. Concerning the operations of the Holy Spirit.

394 Sect. LXXXII. Christ's predictions concerning the

punishment of the Jews, and the destruction of

402 Sect. LXXXIII. The fulfilment of Christ's predictions concerning Jerusalem and the Jews.

411 Sect. LXXXIV. Visions which were understood to be

predictive of the end of the world, and the future
state of good and bad people.

4.28 Sect. LXXXY. The Conclusion,




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